Flashback: Barack Obama Tells America Why Hillary Is Corrupt And Shouldn’t Be President

If there was ever a time when Barack Obama was 100% truthfully honest with the American people, it was during the Democrat presidential primary election in 2008.

Hillary Clinton was favored to beat Obama, until he edged her out in a bitterly fought contest.

Of course, now the tables have turned.

President Obama is finishing out his last year of his second term in office.

And he’s determined to protect his legacy by passing the presidential baton to his former challenger.

Now Obama praises Hillary and contradicts all the reasons why she would’ve made an awful President of the United States in 2008.

Apparently Obama doesn’t think Hillary is “corrupt” like he did in the 2008 Democrat primary contest.

Obama’s game plan was to expose Hillary Clinton as the fraud she is.

He argued that, “Hillary will say anything to get elected.”

Very true.

Hillary Clinton has flip-flopped on multiple issues, ranging from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) to gay marriage.

She even campaigned with her husband Bill in favor of passing NAFTA.  Later on in the 2008 primary election, Hillary Clinton campaigned on the claim that she opposed NAFTA.

Obama also claimed Hillary was “making false attacks” on him to win the election, with newspapers such as the Washington Post rating Clinton’s attacks as patently false.

Now, Hillary Clinton is doing the exact same thing to Republican nominee Donald Trump.

She lies and distorts the truth in order to tear down her opponent.

Obama even said Hillary Clinton had taken more money from lobbyists than any other candidate, Democrat or Republican, in the history of presidential politics.

Today, Hillary Clinton is that same person.

She takes money from Wall Street and then works to pass legislation that benefits her donors.

It’s the dictionary definition of cronyism.

And Hillary Clinton has mastered the art of using government to benefit herself and her fat-cat friends on Wall Street.

In fact, as a U.S. Senator, Hillary Clinton said she was voting for the Columbian trade deal, and meanwhile her top strategist was working directly for the Columbian government to get the bill passed.

Barack Obama saw right through her in 2008.

Of course, the American people know better than to believe Obama in 2016.  He’s merely helping his ally in the Democrat party.  Eight years doesn’t make that much of a difference.

Hillary is just as unfit and more corrupt than ever before.

She will still say anything to win this year’s election and set foot inside the Oval Office.

And her policies will change as the mood of the electorate changes.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t actually stand for anything other than helping herself at the American people’s expense.

If she actually had political principles, she wouldn’t flip-flop on every issue imaginable over the course of her political career.

Watch the video below of Obama in 2008 vs. Obama in 2016.

Then let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.




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