Former Defense Secretary: “Hillary Would Be In Prison If She Were Military”

If Hillary Clinton were in the United States military, she’d be wearing a bright orange jumpsuit and locked up behind bars, according to former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

The 83-year-old Rumsfeld said Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have gotten away so squeaky clean for her decisions and actions, pointing directly to the classified material Clinton kept on a private server.

Clinton has come under fire for potentially exposing state secrets and potentially exposing damaging information if it fell into the wrong hands.

“I personally believe that if she were a sergeant in the Army or a yeoman in the Navy, she’d probably be indicted,” Rumsfeld said. “It’s just inexcusable. You just can’t do that!”

Rumsfeld went on to add, “other countries will be less likely to share information with us” because of her carelessness and recklessness, and that her actions will have lasting negative impact on America.

“I couldn’t support Mrs. Clinton.  What she has done with classified information I think is inexcusable and puts at risk people’s lives [and] not just ours.”

Mr. Rumsfeld also took issue with how Hillary conducted herself in regards to the families who lost loved ones in the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Hillary publicly claimed a YouTube video was responsible for the attack, while privately telling the victims’ families it was a jihadist attack.

When a mother of one of the Americans killed called her out for making contradictory statements, Hillary defended herself and went so far as to call the mother a liar.

“When Mrs. Clinton said to those people, the parents of the people killed, that it was the video, when she knew completely, certainly, that it wasn’t.   I mean, I’m very uncomfortable with someone like that.”

Rumsfeld and Hillary have a long history of exchanging blows throughout their careers.

Rumsfeld was responsible for leading U.S. involvement with the Iraq war, which Hillary originally supported and voted to fund – until she decided to reverse course and criticize the war years later.

Numerous scandals and widespread criticism of Hillary as being an unreliable leader have caused her approval ratings to plummet.

Maybe Hillary’s history of lies, cover-ups, and flip-flopping are catching up to her.

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  • Palomar Jack

    Really? Everyone who sent or received confidential emails on that server should be thrown in the can. They all knew it wasn’t secure and did it anyway just so they could have their own little back-channel without concern for for the ramifications for not just the US, but our allies, as well.

  • ladyhuckleberry

    There is no one above the law. Money has bought off many and to those who don’t have they’re thrown to the wayside as if they’re not even worth the ground they trod. Our Govt has become a joke. Rather than “for the People” it’s become for the ones it benefits the most in Washington. At no time do I believe that our officials care to remember who put them in the position they have. Life long politicians no more see Reality than a man in the moon. Neither do the puppets that are being manipulated. It appears that the name of the game is I’ll Destroy You because You Aren’t Smart Enough nor Know How to Fight. The rights they want us to have are tailored around what they think is best for us. Wrong minus ten if not more. How some can say they’re human beings is even beyond me.

    • gopache

      “Clinton Cash” by D’Souza and “Hillary’s America” by Schweizer says it all. Watch those movies if you wan the truth!

      • ladyhuckleberry

        I’ve got a sneaky feeling that it’s more of George Soros’ $$ than anybody’s.

  • driver

    Hillary has no business in dc at all..she shouldnt even have power enough to run chickens around the arkansas ozarks, much less this country..her, and the many around her, (like many in the dnc), are nothing but self serving crooks fleecing the whole country…they supposedly work for us..they need to be on the unemployment line, permanently…

  • Randy822

    Everyone knows the Clintons are above the law…well except for Democrats.

  • Fred Forehand

    She is a threat to all countries who are our allies..She has no regard for human life and acts as though everyone is expendable..She embraces the sharia law and condones the actions of the fanatics who impose terrorism throughout the world..Her actions have spoken louder than her words, which are blatant lies at that..

  • Sorry to say that Rummy is full of Sh^t… Our weak ass military won’t even jail an absolute war time criminal traitor like Bergdahl… Get Real !!!

    • keithbreedlove

      How is the current politicization of the military Rumsfeld’s fault?

      • Keith…no one said it was…but he is responsible for his ignorant comment… and that’s what my response was in reference to…Read it slowly

        • keithbreedlove

          I think you should have read my comment slowly. The political hacks at the top of the military food chain, and I mean the generals, are the ones who are slow-rolling the Bergdahl court-martial. Notice that NO senior officers have resigned in protest against anything that they write about after they have retired.

          • Wake up Keith… The buck stops at obysmal, not the generals…obysmal has made our military weak in all aspects. That’s why we can’t get a conviction of a low life war time military traitor..he’s too busy kissing their asses in the rose garden… you think he’s gonna let killary, one of his own get convicted??…Not a chance and it’s the sole reason Crooked Killary is not in Jail …NEVER EVER HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!

          • gopache

            Yes They are following Obama ‘s will. Would you resign if you were 5 years away from retirement and then got screwed? Here is a case in point. Remember when early in his 1st term Obama fired the Inspector General (IG) that had found corruption by Sacramento Mayor who was Obama’s friend. The IG said I am an independent inspector for the government. The only way you can precent me from not doing my job is to fire me. Well Obama fired him! He lost his retirement. Think of the chilling effect that act had on all the IG’s in government. This is how Obama wields his power.

    • gopache

      The military that would have jailed Bergdahl has been fired by Obama! He has emasculated the military and the ones that are giving advice to Obama are being ignored. You can bet your ass under Rumsfeld it would have happened. Put the blame where it belongs….Obama and the people who voted for him like YOU! If Obama wanted him jailed it would have happened. So figure it out.

      Your leader is a Muslim loving person who would like all the terrorists to cross our border and has filled his administrative with Muslim appointees like Valerie Jarret.

  • Kevin M

    Lets look at the bigger picture here, everyone is blaming Killary and there is no doubt she is guilty as sin, but why are we not also attacking every single person that is allowing this to happen? That my friends is how a functional Democracy works and we are totally missing the boat if all we are going to do is accuse a small part of it for wrong doing! OUR GOVERNMENT IS BROKEN! We need to take action against ALL of government and place the whole damn thing in a deep audit. This is what I believe Trump wants to do and it is why I support him. There are those that claim he is a loose cannon and they may be right, but that is EXACTLY what this country needs right now, If Killary gets elected you can bet that the the divisions we see among our people will widen and it will be the END of democracy and THAT IS A FACT!!!!

    • keithbreedlove

      You are absolutely to ask why no one is pursuing her co-conspirators in this. ALL of her aides who held clearances were legally required to say something when they knew she wss mishandling classified info. A conspiracy investigation would involve and affect EVERY undersecretary and their aides.
      And now, how can we trust the FBI when they say that they are certain the Russians hacked the DNC, but not Hillary?

    • wfg3rd

      I agree it runs much deeper than hitlery. She sent and received thousands of emails to numerous people. Including Barack Hussein O. If the FBI would have recommended prosecution Barack would have been asked that question. So he was not going to let it go that far. They are all crooked. I’ll agree sometimes Trump sounds like a loose cannon. But desperate times calls for desperate measures. That’s why I think Trump is the right person for the job at this time in history. Some people say he has no track record how do u know he’s gonna do what he says. My reply is sometimes the unknown is better than the known. We definitely know what we will get if hitlery is elected.

      • Ted for President

        Only a TOTAL IDOT!! would think that Donald would not follow through on what he says .. You don’t get to be a Billionaire by not doing what you say you are going to do.. NUFF SAID !!!

    • Patriotic American

      FINALLY!!!! Some one has said what really needs to be done, the entire government needs a complete audit by We the People, to insure the Fox isn’t counting the sheep.. GOOD THINKING KEVIN.

  • Wcgraybill

    Hillary Clinton is a flip flopper for sure says one thing today then changes it the next day. She needs out of politics now not the presidency. Jail time only. With her hired queer obama

  • Bob Taylor

    Just remember…when the government is the criminal who can you get to enforce the law? Obviously it is not those “upstanding and honest FBI agents”. Our Congress has the power and authority to enforce the law. So, as I see it the problem starts there because they are complicit in the acts by not doing anything. Lets see if we can find an honest person who puts the country first to replace those in Congress. It will be very difficult to find one but we certainly must try.

  • Wcgraybill

    All public offices should not have more than four years with out new faces in office. No careers piss on lazy bastards.

  • Dick

    Hillary is making many firsts. She is the first female candidate for a major party for the presidency. If elected, she will be the first female president, the Clintons will be the first husband and wife who are/were presidents, and if she is elected she and Bill (I HOPE) will be the first husband and wife presidents to be IMPEACHED. Vote for Trump. God help America.

    • LOL… One of the Clinton’s has already been impeached…means nothing apparently…however a second Clinton impeachment would be something… NEVER EVER HILLARY!!!!!…. Vote for Trump…He’s our only hope

    • gopache

      Amen Why is the race so close? Trump should be way ahead. Oh yes, I forgot about the 47%. The word has to get out that the Democrats are the racists and opposed freeing the slaves and they are the party of being against women voting rights and they are the party tha is keeping the blacks on the plantation. Repubs not doing a good job getting the info out there like D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America” Maybe if everyone wer told that they could see the movie for “free” it would get the unknowing to see it!

  • arnapuck

    The (puke) bitch is not (puke) worth discussing. (puke)

  • John Finity

    No one has mentioned, that I have seen: Where does she keep her email NOW? She’s getting updates on security matters as a potential candidate. Does she have the same homegrown server? Whats on her email servers now that she’s not on government tab?

  • unique201

    The only reason Hillary Clinton got off is because Director Comey wanted to live out his life. Forty Nine that knew or worked for the Clintons have died already. The man that was going to testify against Hillary was found dead a few weeks ago in a gym he used to frequent when a “bar bell” fell on his throat. The Clintons are trouble.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    what’s the big deal if she gets elected ,she will be selling the info to the highest bidder, the only thing she needs to keep secrite is her dirty dealings

  • Phil Esposito

    I hope Trump wins so he can prosecute her.

  • crockett

    Is not the sec of defense a part of the military family ? But really if you thought you were too stupid to have a private server then lie about not having one until you got caught with it in your basement . Stupid , then to concoct a lousy ass excuse that the killings in Benghazi was a freaking movie that you and Potus were watching was what it was and not an actual thing happening . Then to beat all you told everyone to F off that they couldn’t put her as away was wrong , you are a POS for that . Then to tell the mother of one of those murdered to F off was very much a wrong thing to do . What would you do if someone did that to Chelsea ? would you feel the same ? Come on teflon bitch ,got an answer?

  • Ted for President

    Why is this woman still in the running ? In the past just a hint of impropriety would be enough to get any one removed MAN OR WOMAN!!! I mean look at all the People that have been taken out of consideration for the running for example Supreme court Judges,. local govt ect it should be the same for president , I mean a Cum stain on a dress Bounced Bill from office ..What makes his crooked wife an exception .. NUFF SAID!!

    • BILL

      No it didn’t. He finished his term and is getting millions of dollars in speaking engagements. No wonder they think they can do as they please.

  • ken becht

    Hillary continues to lie at the expense of the American people and our brave men and women defending our nation. She even lied about her name. She has stated she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary who was the first to summit Mt. Everest. The problem is she was born in 1947, four years before he summited in 1951. She was watching exactly what was happening in Benghazi and did NOTHING about it. She is as responsible for the deaths of those brave men who went to save the Ambassador and others. She continually lies about that and then lies to the families of those Americans killed telling them it was an attack based on a utube video. I couldn’t care less if she is a man or woman. Her husband was a pathological liar but this woman’s lies are about our soldiers dying. Her lies are about illegal private email accounts with Top Secret information accessible to myriad of enemies of our nation. Information that would surely imperil men and women defending our nation. I would hope women would not vote for her just because she is a woman. My dog has a vagina, does that qualify her?

  • Jim Crumpton

    Remember the FBI who is suppose to be equal for all, would not recommend prosecution nor would the AG Lynch , but it it were someone else besides a Clinton, like Rumfelt stated, they would be in jail. Now how can a country exchange classified info with her if she is a security risk. And none of the Demo followers think it’s big problem, our country is in big trouble with attitudes like that, because all she will say if she screws up, is Oh I made a mistake.