Former Obama Aide Suspected of Betraying Americans In The Worst Way

Scandals are still being revealed from former President Barack Obama’s time in the White House.

While Obama has been at the center of many misconducts, members of his administration have been found guilty of unethical behavior as well.

Now, a former Obama aide is the subject of an investigation into a major unmasking scheme—one that betrayed the American citizens involved in the worst way.

Former Obama White House Security Advisor Ben Rhodes is emerging as a person of interest in the House Intelligence Committee’s unmasking investigation.

Breitbart writes:

Unmasking refers to the practice of having the identity of an American caught up in surveillance of a foreign target revealed. Their names are hidden — or masked — because U.S. intelligence agencies are prohibited from spying on Americans.


An intelligence consumer, however, can request that an American’s name be unmasked, or revealed, through a formal process. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes recently said in a letter to Director for National Intelligence Dan Coats that Obama aides made “hundreds” of requests in their final year in office.

In a letter obtained by Circa, the House Intelligence Committee is attempting to discover just how many American citizens Ben Rhodes requested to have unmasked during his time in the Obama administration.

While unmasking is not inherently illegal in and of itself, there were substantial leaks to the press as a result of the unmaskings—putting American lives in jeopardy.

Breitbart writes:

Nunes has been conducting an investigation to see whether Americans — including Trump campaign associates — were improperly unmasked before and after the election.


Nunes said in the letter to Coats that the committee has “found evidence that current and former government officials had easy access to U.S. person information and that it is possible that they used this information to achieve partisan political purposes, including the selective, anonymous leaking of such information.”


U.S. officials told Circa on condition of anonymity that the intelligence reports included some intercepts of Americans talking to foreigners and many more involving foreign leaders talking about the future president, his campaign associates, or his transition team.


They noted that most of the intercepts had little to do with the Russian election interference scandal, and some appeared to have nothing to do with national security.


An intelligence source, with direct knowledge of the type of requests made by the Obama aides, told Circa:


It’s like hell and high water to fill out and gain approval for these types of unmaskings. It’s something analysts take seriously and could entail filling out 80 pages of paperwork to prove there is a need to unmask. If top officials were unmasking without oversight it’s something everyone should be concerned about and it puts our intelligence community in a very bad place.

The former President allowed misconduct to occur in every sector of the government, due to his lack of regulation as President.

But misconduct of this scale could have lasting effects that jeopardize the safety of American citizens.

Ben Rhodes was just one of many who manipulated their power in the government to benefit themselves. In this case, Rhodes is being accused of unmasking several individuals for political purposes, but potentially leaked information about Trump’s campaign during the 2016 election could prove incredibly damaging to those involved as well.

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  • SouthernPatriot

    Rhodes, Rice, et al from Obama on down were part of the most corrupt and secretive presidency in history. Obama lied all the time, but one of his many lies was that he would have the most “transparent administration in history.” Just like you could keep your doctor and your medical plan. Lies and deception.

    This is being uncovered now in the anti-Obama administration of President Donald J. Trump. Meanwhile, the panty-waist Graham and RINO crazy man McCain are both trying to be demented Democrats by opposing common sense measures proposed by President Trump. The enemy is not just the opposing party and their sycophants in the MSM, but also some within the Republican Party.

    • JoAnn Graham

      If the Republicans had ANY sense, they would THROW RINO traitors like McCain, Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan OUT of the Party. Tell them to start registering as what they ARE–Democrats in sheep’s clothing!

  • Kurt

    Nothing is going to happen to these people. Holder was found in contempt of congress. What happened to him? Absolutely nothing. The House Intelligence Committee can investigate all they want, but no matter what they find, nothing will happen.

    • Eldjr

      The contempt-of-Congress situation happened under a colluding AG.

      • Kurt

        The vote was 255-67, with 17 Democrats voting in support of a criminal contempt resolution, which authorized Republican leaders to seek criminal charges against Holder. Holder was the AG. No criminal charges were ever brought against Holder.

        • Eldjr

          Right. So who was going to actually bring the criminal charges?

          • Kurt

            Sorry, I see your point

          • Eldjr

            We’re good, mate 😉

        • JoAnn Graham

          That’s because the GUTLESS Republicans refused to file those charges and dropped the ball. AGAIN.

    • Richard Haley

      That’s why it TRULY is a SWAMP of self serving sycophants.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    just another one of the keyan clowns scum bags doing what the clown ordered him to do ,oboma never did anything personally so he would not take the fall for it , but his loyal clowns would fall on the sword for him

    • Richard Haley

      I gave you an up but I really think Rhodes went far beyond anything that the Obummer could think of. Everything, and I mean everything I have ever read or heard on Rhodes leads me to believe he is one of the most despicable people that ever served in a public capacity.

      • Richard Bagenstose

        oboma gave them the blue print and they were free do do it any way they seen fit, but oboma gave them the go ahead, witch makes him guilty

    • Gary Smith

      Well said

  • JoAnn Graham

    OBAMA betrayed Americans in the WORST WAY, in EVERY way he could! Why would anybody be surprised that his aides would do the same? He HIRED them for that purpose, after all! His entire administration was full of corrupt criminals, because those are the ONLY people that nasty little sociopath and corrupt criminal HIMSELF would hire!

  • FL_Stingray

    Obama and all who do his dirty work are scum

    • Gary Smith

      Send them to Gitmo

  • Mo

    What else is new about the obutthead administration. He committed TREASON on a daily basis by not abiding by his oath of office as well as hundreds of illegal executive orders to change the laws of our Counrty by bypassing Congress because he didn’t agree with them. The entire administration was full of TRAITORS, with he being the leader of the gang. He moved his people into strategic positions once Hillary was defeated in an attempt to overthrow the newly elected Trump and his impending administration because he believed he should have been elected to a third term or just declared King of America.

    He envisioned himself as the one who could change America into the greatest Islamic State in the world, with himself as the chief Profit. He and the thing he calls his wife both have said many times during his original campaign that they were very disappointed in the shape of our Country and that they HATED AMERICA. From his first day in office he did nothing but try to insight a Race War and a War on Law enforcement in our Nation. He started importing Muslims who could not be investigated for what their actual beliefs are, if they were the supposed peaceful Muslims as he stated or if they were members of ISIS or some other Radical Islamic Group, to serve as his own personal Islamic Army to destroy America from within.

    Our Government has been infiltrated by members of the Muslim Brotherhood to further carry out his intensions to change America into an Islamic State. President Trump should immediately purge our government of each and every obutthead appointee of person that was hired by his administration or the leaks will continue until they are able to destroy the Trump Aministration. The Political Eletetist in our Country want to change our Country into their personal petry dish to play with and control.

  • Sandra Roberts

    Obamas Idea of FULL DISCLOSURE was never about disclosing what he was doing to HELP America because he did nothing in that area. His Idea of Full Disclosure was to disclose what ever he thought would take down America and it’s people