“Free” Education Just Got A Whole Lot More Expensive

In order to secure an endorsement from Bernie Sanders for her nomination to the Democratic presidential ticket, Hillary Clinton agreed to add planks from the Socialist Party USA platform to the Democratic Party platform.

One of those planks was “free” education.

Clinton announced she would ensure families with annual incomes of up to $125,000 would pay no tuition at public colleges and universities. According to her campaign, a whopping 80 percent of families would qualify for the benefit when the plan would take full effect in 2021.

She then promptly announced that “students at community colleges will receive free tuition.”

American Patriot Daily previously reported:

The Education Welfare System

The free community college idea was Obama’s.

To any logical person, the idea of “free” education is preposterous.  The idea that anything is free if it comes from government is total hogwash.

But it seems Clinton’s friends suffered a moment of clarity when they realized a major problem with her promise of “free” education.

Those who own small, private colleges could be totally wiped out if public schools suddenly became “free.”

Women’s colleges, religiously affiliated institutions, and black colleges and universities rely on tuition.  If students were able to go elsewhere on the taxpayer’s dime, then it could devastate these small colleges.

Any logical person wouldn’t make taxpayers foot the bill for college, and if doing so meant killing small colleges, they would surely stop the madness.

But not Hillary Clinton.

She’s already made a deal with the devil.

Her supporters still want to support her bad decision, so what’s the logical solution?

How about more government handouts?

Clinton’s supporters are hinting that taxpayers foot the bill for even more government handouts to small, private colleges so they don’t go belly-up.

The only saving grace is that funding for this boondoggle would have to be approved by Congress –- but, unfortunately, it’s the same Congress that approved “Race to the Top” grants for the Common Core fiasco, so that’s not promising.

The Socialist Party USA and its “free” education scheme, now part of the Democratic Party platform, is literally like dousing a burning fire with gasoline.

The only difference is that the tinder for this fire just happens to be hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

  • tarheel

    Socialism is a wonderful thing…..until you run out of other people’s money. Maggie Thatcher.