George H.W. Bush Voting For Hillary Is A Good Thing And Here’s Why

On Tuesday, Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend, former Maryland lieutenant governor and daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, posted a photo of herself and the former president George H.W. Bush together on Facebook.

The caption on the photo read, “The President told me he’s voting for Hillary!!”

Now, this might be a case of “he said, she said”, because when asked about Townsend’s post, Bush Sr. spokesman Jim McGrath replied in an email saying.

“The vote President Bush will cast as a private citizen in some 50 days will be just that: a private vote cast in some 50 days.  He is not commenting on the presidential race in the interim.”

McGrath neither confirmed nor denied the endorsement.

Now, if Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is lying about it, it would be an audacious move, but it’s highly unlikely considering the Bush camp would have emphatically denied it if that was the case.

However, is it surprising to learn the former Republican president endorsed the Democratic nominee for president?

Yes. Hillary’s husband dethroned George H.W. Bush in his re-election bid in 1992. But on the other hand, Donald Trump trounced Bush’s son, Jeb, in the primaries this election.

In fact, many former GOP officials from both Bush administrations have announced their support for Clinton over Trump, like former commerce secretary Carlos Gutierrez and national security adviser Brent Scowcroft.

But Donald Trump’s appeal amongst his passionate supporters has always been the fact that he’s a political outsider, and a majority of Americans are enraged by this “do-nothing” establishment government who ignores the people.

This frustration about our government is evident by the popularity of Trump and former Democratic nominee hopeful, Bernie Sanders, before his Party overthrew him.  We are in the midst of a “political revolution” – which is a saying Sanders coined and repeated about a million times during his campaign.

Bush Sr. would rather vote for a candidate who has few political philosophies in line with his than the other candidate who has many.  Why?  Because Trump is an outsider and the United States government is mostly familial. And familial takes precedence.

Imagine if Hillary Clinton had beaten Barack Obama in the primaries and continued on to win the presidency in 2008 through 2016.  That would mean that four presidents in a row—28 straight years—would have all been from just two separate families.

And imagine if Jeb Bush had beaten every one of his opponents in the Republican primary, and then won the election this November?

The Clintons and Bushes are political royalty and it’s infuriated the American people.

Even the woman who posted the picture of Bush Sr. is a Kennedy, the epitome of political royalty in America. The Kennedy’s are as close to Britain’s “royal family” that we have.

Ben Shapiro of the Dailywire also noted:

“But the H.W. Bush apparent decision, reported by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, should come as no surprise…


… To be fair, Trump clubbed Jeb! like a baby seal and the Bush family specifically during the debates; that had to draw some ire from the family.


But for George H.W. Bush, the deciding factor was likely attitudinal: Trump just doesn’t belong.  The Clintons, by dint of two decades in the White House spotlight, do.”

But it’s not just “attitudinal”, as Shapiro mentions, it’s also a dictator, czar-like obsession to bury the American people’s power of choice – the exact opposite of what our Founding Fathers intended.

For this very reason, Republican voters should not be too concerned by Bush Sr.’s “endorsement” for Hillary Clinton.  In fact, this may even drive more Republican voters towards Trump.

And Trump shouldn’t even be concerned by any endorsements from any current or former officials who served in the federal government anyway.

It doesn’t seem like he minds or cares either way.

Americans are sick of this familial reign of leaders.  That’s Trump’s appeal.

What do you think of the familial reign of power in our government?

  • My country

    The Bush’s would have done well to have just kept their mouth shut . If there had ever been a chance for Jeb in the future they just lost it by showing the rest of America what some of us already knew !

    • sandra kirk

      Totally agree

    • bobbyboy3

      The good thing to come out of this. There will NEVER be another Bush on a GOP ticket again!

      Jeb, Jeb’s son, any on them … gone! Like a puff of smoke!

  • Perfick

    I remember George H. W. and his lying ways. “READ MY LIPS! NO NEW TAXES!” That was his mantra during the first election run. Then he bellied up to the Democrats and participated in the biggest tax increase in the history of the world. lt made me sick.

    • notanobamaliar

      I worked in the 1988 presidential campaign for George H w Bush and I got to meet him in person and shake his hand. When he stood up to Iraq I was very proud of him. When he jumped ship and went along with the Democrats in raising taxes after promising not to do this I felt betrayed. After finding out that he would even consider voting for Hillary Clinton knowing that she is a pathological liar, a crook and does not care one bit for the security of the United States if it gets in the way of her ruthless political ambitions tells me that he is a person that is not worthy of any respect or trust ever again. In life you are known by the company and friends that you keep and he is in very bad company. What a shame!

  • Lee Dutra

    He just insured his baby boy Jeb will never get the presidency. Bad move George. lol

  • coconuisse

    The RINOS are content with their second-tier status amongst the “power elite”. Therefore, their support for the first-tier person over an Un-tiered individual is entirely predictable. Party loyalty is obviously of secondary importance.

  • jim

    Royalty in Washington is anti-thetical to the values of America. We need to stop the dynastic corruption in both Whitehouse and congress and return the country to the American people.

  • John N Poulos

    Tratior to the party….

  • Dick

    Since the Bush family caused ALL the problems the country now has, JUST ASK OBAMA, DIDN’T HE SAY EVERYTHING WAS BUSH’S FAULT? This will push people to vote for Trump. (sarcasm)

    • arlenejohnson

      It’s not who votes; it’s who counts the votes especially with voting machines that are provably manipulable.

  • MaryLou93063

    As far as I am concerned the Bush Family are traitors-

  • arlenejohnson

    Every president the United States has ever had is related to royal families. Mostly this is the British royal family, but Martin Van Buren was related to the Dutch royal family. George Washington’s portrait hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in London, England. I have seen it with my own two eyes.

    Moreover, Obama is related to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. See
    Bush and Cheney are 9th cousins once removed, and Obama is 11th cousin to Bush. Dick Cheney and Obama are 8th cousins according to Lynne Cheney, Dick Cheney’s wife. Hear it at the 2:30 time frame. 9:58

    That’s why he never rescinded anything that Bush did.


    Arlene Johnson
    To access my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.

  • John Galt

    Well, it just goes to show you the Democrats were right when they constantly harped that Bush was a dumb as s.

  • mizbehaves

    Isn’t it about time we started looking toward ourselves for whom we should vote? What do we want for this country, for now and future generations? And of the candidates for whom we can vote, which one offers us the better chance of getting it? What we would like to see for the country may or may not be what the Bushes see.

  • Karma

    He said she who gives a rats @$$ who bush, (who was also proven as immoral/corrupt in his starting of wars with countrys/people who had no or very little involvement in the sole reason we went to war, as known beforehand by bush, ) votes for ?..dirty rats usually live in nests together..too bad for us is that the nest is the white house (oh massabama isnt that racist ? *white house* maybe missmassabama can chsnge its name) a bunch of trash in a can, garbage covering garbage..

  • daveveselenak

    They are part of the two-headed, one totalitarian oligarchy NWO elitists – that simple, can’t loose control and stop the diabolical and larcenous gravy train they ride – first class! Justice for all really means “Just Us”, you sheeple don’t mean sh^t!

  • paradoc2

    You nailed it. Trump has had my vote all along once he came out on top in the primaries…I personally hoped for Rand to prevail but he’s too correct in his philosophy for what we currently have in the general population today, JMO.
    JHB , besides the ‘ruling family’ thing, seems a bit on the senile side of the ‘logic fence’ nowadays. Got to love him…but nevertheless you’d figure Jeb would don his ‘big boy pants’ and do the right thing.
    Trump / Pence in November if you are ready for a good change…the ‘fundamental’ type pretty much crapped the bed years ago…think?

  • Elaine Morris

    Jeb Bush’s Mommy told him not to run. He ignored her believing he actually had a chance because he is a “Bush.”

  • It’s just high time we the “People” had our choice of POTUS. All we have had is what we are “handed” by the Party. And all insiders are on someone’s payroll. This is the reason why the government no longer works. It’s been all about enriching the boy’s with the money…..instead of our people ….our middle class…..which is the true back bone of the county….You know you have heard how the middle class has been shrinking and shrinking over the years and how the gap between the lower income and the higher income is widening ? Yes it’s happened….just driving around you see the Gated Communities getting larger…..and the tract housing getting “larger” too…..Where has the middle class gone ? Drive around and you’ll see the empty plants and warehouses and Business Parks where they used to work are now closed. They moved to Mexico or China or SE Asia….The people in the gated communities work in the big towers downtown….The guys in the tract housing serve them in some capacity….servicing them meals or clothing or fixing their cars or selling products…mostly to each other….The fat cats have their own brother in laws to buy the large items from. So we mostly service products and buy/sell products made elsewhere now….very sad…..So we have a chance to take it back if we can…Before it comes down to another Boston Massacre and etc 1776 all over again….Do we want that ?

  • nickRay

    Trump’s wholesale abandonment by the Republican party establishment probably does help him with his base but that doesn’t help him get to the Oval Office. They’re too few to win. It does hurt him in the great suburban Republican heartland, where people have fond memories of Bush Senior and think John McCain is a war hero. And without those suburban Republicans and the indies they can sway, Trump is toast.

    That’s why it matters

  • jim jones

    The senile old fuck thinks jebbie should have gotten the nod.


    AS has been the belief of many for many years, they are all in the same bed together. If one thinks that any past president is not still active in running the white house they should ask themselves why Obama has purchased a home in DC? They’re all active in the conspiracy to achieve their one world order, no religion, no country, no nationality and especially no constitution.