Good News: California Governor Agrees With Michael Moore’s Prediction

Michael Moore, the famously liberal filmmaker known for Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine, recently admitted on Bill Maher’s show, Real Time, that he believes that Donald Trump will beat Hillary Clinton in the general election.  Moore even has a 5-point message on his website detailing how and why he feels Trump’s win is an almost certainty.

California’s Democratic Governor Jerry Brown reportedly said that the presidential election is looking very grim and that he’s “very uncertain,” while also acknowledging that Hillary Clinton should be deeply concerned.

When Brown arrived at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, he said about recent national polls conducted that the race between Donald Trump and Clinton is, “very tight, very tight.”

Brown continued in his logical thinking — when he was asked directly if he was nervous about the polling numbers, he said, “of course!”  Brown proceeded to explain, “You think she isn’t? It’s very uncertain at this point and very threatening.  Full alert, I would say.”

Hillary’s own campaign manager, Robby Mook, was also nervous about the most recent polling numbers when he wrote in a fundraising email, “Poll after poll is showing that Trump has been eating away at our lead, and after his convention, he’s erased it entirely.”

The most recent CNN/ORC poll found that Clinton is trailing Trump by 5 percent, which also includes the Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

It’s quite obvious that the Democrat Party is terrified.  They thought they had this locked up in an airtight bag.

Mook echoed this fear by warning the rest of the campaign that the next few weeks are critical and said, “with the polls leaning in the wrong direction, your contribution has never been more critical.”

Jerry Brown continued in his grief and frustration by saying that the GOP convention was “boisterous, bitter, and hostile.”

Clearly, a majority of the country disagrees with Brown’s assessment because the polling numbers sing a very different tune.

What’s even worse for the DNC is that a CNN/ORC poll released Monday showed that Clinton trailed by an 11-point margin, with people thinking Trump would better handle the economy, which is the most important issue of this election.  They also thought that Trump would respond to terrorist attacks by an identical margin.

To add fuel to the ongoing Democrat fire, Bernie Sanders supporters are reportedly furious at Sanders for selling out to his party and caving in.  They refuse to vote for Hillary — a vote for Trump — or it’s a vote for the Green or Libertarian Parties, which is also a vote for Trump.

Brown finished while crying, “this business of the hatred and the extreme passion and intensity reflects deep fissures in the American people.”

The Democrats are scared, and that’s a good sign.

  • Eleanor Cummings

    Jerry Brown was a loser governor back in the 70’s and sure hasn’t improved since. He has the Californians so down trodden now. Brown can’t even control paid-for protesters against Trump’s freedom of speech. Californians are tired of having their CIVIL RIGHTS being violated, killers coming into their state and being protected from prosecution in “sanctuary ” cities, gun free areas where people are sitting ducks for radicals (San Bernardino), taxes on everything Brown can come up with to keep the people from “keeping” too much” of their wages …. in plain simple words …. they want a government that has the People’s welfare in mind and not professional politicians with just their own bank accounts in mind … funded by the taxpayers! They want California to be like it USED to be!! They want their FREEDOMS back!!! THAT’S the reason Californians are boarding the Trump !!

  • Holy Joe

    The majority of the MSM and the RINO’s in Congress are working hard against Donald Trump to elect their natural enemy the grotesque and famously dedicated eternal liar, upon every subject ever raised – Mrs. Clinton. Her election will be the death of America and the continuation of our Muslim President Obama’s sell out for cash & considerations for the benefit of the Imams and Ayatollahs. The election of the Clinton woman will be the end of America and the Constitution. She is all for her own financial gain. Study her financial shenanigans with the Clinton Foundation, based in Canada to avoid U.S. Law and Taxes. See where her vast amounts of money come from – she sells political influence for personal gains on the International Clinton Market.