Google Conspiring With Hillary Clinton

The internet search engine giant, Google— who most recently became the most valuable company in the world, according to Forbes—is being accused of burying internet searches regarding “Clinton body count” as well as the alleged number of murders connected to both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

According to InfoWars, Google is altering their algorithm in order to prevent internet surfers from perusing the popular term by not allowing the auto-complete in their searches.

However, if you were to search the same “Clinton body count” in other search engines like Yahoo or Bing, the phrase will auto-complete to the top result.

But on Google, stories and “hits” regarding the popular phrase are instead replaced with top results about car repair shops that have ‘Clinton’ in their titles.

Take a minute and try it for yourself.

The “Clinton body count” has become an extensive and comprehensive list of people tied to the Clintons who have all died in unusual and suspicious ways, beginning in the early 1990’s.

The apparent death toll has reached an astounding 50 people.

The most recent was Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Conrad Rich, who was the operations director for voter expansion, found murdered on July 10.

His death initially appeared like a robbery gone wrong, but his mother Mary Rich claims nothing was taken from her son, who was found with two shots in his back.

The mystery surrounding his death has sparked numerous and credible theories posted online, including that he was either on his way, or about to, speak to the FBI in the coming days from when he was shot.

It has also been suggested that Rich was the one who fed Wikileaks the 3,000 DNC emails – which unabashedly proved the DNC had favored Clinton over rival Bernie Sanders, and were relentlessly released at the start of the party’s convention last month.

Even Wikileaks’ Julian Assange hinted that Rich was a source.

The Daily Mail commented on this issue by saying:

“Rich’s death – along with four other deaths in recent weeks – reignited the old rumors that Hillary Clinton and her husband will stop at nothing when they want to silence someone who could stand in the way of their political ambition.


On the face of it, such speculation seems ludicrous, but that doesn’t stop the talk. And after decades in the national spotlight Bill and Hillary have amassed enough enemies who are more than happy to point to the number of Clinton associates who have died before their time.”

 Popular websites like,, and are some of the sites that follow the “Clinton body count”, even going back decades with comprehensive lists.

They document people who have supposedly killed themselves or have been murdered. Many have died in plane crashes.  Other deaths have been put down as natural causes.

It was Rich’s death that has reinvigorated these theories.

Although the political establishment dismisses such talk as just conspiracy theories run amuck—even the causalities which have since been proven to be suicides—the facts surrounding their deaths are undoubtedly suspicious.

Even more suspicious is why Clinton and Google are colluding to block searches from this subject.

Internet users are still able to search for ‘Clinton body count’ on Google, but the search does not auto-complete.

Is it likely that Hillary Clinton solicited Google and they obliged?