Has Donald Trump Finally Shut Down The Press With His Latest Play?

The mainstream media has finally met their match and are left speechless on how to respond.

After enjoying an 8-year run with Obama ruling the country, the media became overconfident thinking they ran the show and dictated newsworthy stories.

But then Donald Trump entered the picture.

Shell-shocked and still licking their wounds from their humiliating Election Day defeat, the mainstream media is in total disarray and continues to be outsmarted by President Trump.

The truth is, nowhere in history has the media experienced a President like Donald Trump.

Since the beginning of his campaign, Trump has made it abundantly clear he was in charge, and he would not be controlled by the media.

Trump spent his days as a candidate outsmarting the media.

Like the time he promised to put the birther issue to rest, and called a major press conference, but first showcased his medal-of-honor endorsements.

While the mainstream media attempts to portray Trump as an “out of control” President, it appears Donald Trump’s strategy is finally paying off.

And as it turns out, the mainstream media can’t keep up with Trump’s tactics.

In fact, The Washington Post admitted they’ve had to put two people per day “tag-teaming” news from the White House, because Trump is so unpredictable.

Publications like Politico have been forced to dedicate someone to simply taking screenshots of Trump’s tweets, just in case he says something or edits a word.

Never before has a President had the ability to control the media, dictating what the news story will be, and not letting the media craft the pitch.

The Washington Post reports:

 “It’s the demands of the beat,” says Bumiller. “It is completely unpredictable, as you’ve seen, and it’s relentless and we’re also in uncharted territory. We’ve never covered this kind of a president before.” To properly shadow this kind of a president, the New York Times puts two people per day on White House coverage, the better to ensure that there’s someone on the beat from 6 a.m. till midnight. Those folks have what’s called a “duty week” — seven days of breaking-news coverage of Team Trump — after which they rotate into less of a spot-news role and focus on enterprise reporting on the White House.


The Post has a similar approach, with two people per day tag-teaming the news from the White House. One is generally at the White House itself, while the other occupies the so-called “hot seat” in The Post’s newsroom.


At Politico, Trump’s presidency has saddled the breaking-news desk with considerable responsibilities, including taking screen shots. Just in case Trump decides to delete or edit tweets — say, to clear up spelling problems — that desk is charged with taking pictures of each one, according to Karey Van Hall, Politico’s managing editor for news. What no one can predict, however, is what those tweets may target.”

But Trump hasn’t just outlasted the media, he’s called out shady news organizations like CNN and renamed them “fake news”, completely damaging their credibility.

And as American Patriot Daily previously reported, Trump has even shut out these “fake news” outlets from attending his press briefings.

It looks like the mainstream media is in for a rough 4 years, at minimum.

Do you think Donald Trump’s endurance will finally outlast and outsmart the mainstream media?

Do you agree with the way President Trump has handled the press so far during his presidency?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



9 thoughts on “Has Donald Trump Finally Shut Down The Press With His Latest Play?

  1. dave3200 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Trump needs to continue what he’s doing. If he relents, the media will attack and gain control.

  2. jim jones

    Trump needs to know that he insulted millions of us who voted for him when he put Pruitt in charge of our EPA, the bastard sill thinks the earth is flat.


    The media has always been used to control and indoctrinate those who are gullible enough to let them do so.(that would be a very large percentage of the population, many of whom are already under a cloud of drugs ) The high paid idiiots on TV are all communist pushing for their own destruction, all for the dollar and title.

  4. Stephen Franklin

    I’m proud of him and his tactics. It appears, it’s still early in his presidency, but he will most certainly prevail. Most Republicans have learned not to go against him, The public won’t stand for it. I bet he puts a bunch of bleeding heart liberals (liars and thieves) out of business at election time. They need to go anyway. If you don’t agree, I don’t care.

  5. Stephen Clayton

    Trump is doing well with his social media communications and I approve. I also like reading the comments and find that a number of liberals are reading his comments, which I think is great. Hopefully over the years, Trump may be able to convert a few. However, I suggest that he let at least one of his communications advisers review his communications to make sure that content, spelling and grammar are checked. We don’t need to give the fake news media more ammo for criticizing him.

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