Here Are The Facts Behind Trump’s Immigration Order

Throughout his presidential campaign, Trump promised to reform immigration and protect the United States from potential immigration-related terrorist threats — and in just two weeks, he has done just that.

Liberals are outraged with Trump’s temporary pause in travel and are spreading misconceptions about the order.

Here are the facts you need to know regarding Trump’s most recent executive order involving immigration control:

1) The travel pause is NOT due to religious reasons.

Many liberals vocally attacked Trump’s plan, by accusing Trump’s plan of targeting Muslim- majority countries. The fact of the matter is the countries that were included in Trump’s immigration order were the countries from which the most terrorist activity has occurred lately.

The Conservative Tribune reported:

“Far from being a ban on all Muslims or Muslim countries, Trump’s order suspended visa entries into America for 90 days for individuals from six failed or marginal states (Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) and one of our nation’s chief enemies, Iran. These nations are all known to grow, harbor and support terrorists.”

2) Religiously persecuted refugees actually take first priority when the order is reconsidered.

Liberals are outraged at the plan, claiming Trump is discriminating against religious groups when, in fact, it actually puts persecuted individuals at the top of the priority list.

The Conservative Tribune reported:

“The order states that those individuals seeking asylum in the U.S. who are members of a minority religious group in their home country, and have faced persecution because of their religion, should be given priority status over others who aren’t a religious minority. While this, of course, would seem to favor Christians and Jews fleeing persecution in the Middle East and North Africa, it could also be applied to certain Islamic sects and other minority religious groups not necessarily derived from the three major monotheistic religions.”

3) Refugees from the United States will NOT automatically be deported.

In the first few hours of the order, progressives jumped at the chance to turn the order into something it was not- those who are legally in the United States with green cards and visas will remain.

Those individuals that originate from the countries that fell under the ban will have their visas and green cards reviewed, but that does not mean they will be automatically deported unless there is a safety concern.

4) Trump set in place a refugee program cap.

Though it is significantly lower than the one the Obama Administration had planned, President Trump’s Order planned to include a refugee cap at 50,000 individuals.

5) The pause in travel will only be in place for four months, though Syrian refugees (who have been proven to have dangerous ties to extremist groups) may be indefinitely blocked from entry.

One of the biggest misconceptions of the order is that it is a permanent one when, in fact, the order is a temporary one of only four months.

The Conservative Tribune reported:

“The order suspended for four months the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program in order for the application and adjudication processes to be reviewed and revamped. Meanwhile, Syrian refugees as a whole have been labeled as “detrimental” to the interests of the U.S. at the moment, thus their entry into the U.S. has been placed on hold until such time as the designation is changed, likely dependent upon the situation on the ground in the war-torn nation.”

Contrary to what the liberal media has proposed, there have been several terrorist attacks on American soil as a direct result of Syrian refugees.

The Conservative Tribune reported:

“Despite claims to the contrary from the media, there have been terrorist attacks committed in America by refugees, most notably the Boston Marathon bombing, but also a number of small attacks by Somali refugees in places like Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Ohio University.”

6) Trump is making this plan so as to prevent another attack like 9/11.

The immigration order is first and foremost being put into place to re-evaluate the system, in order to better protect the American people from foreign threats.

The Chicago Tribune reported:

Trump’s executive order cites the immigration and intelligence failures before Sept. 11, 2001, as well as smaller attacks on the homeland in the following years, as a major reason for reviewing and revamping the rules regarding who is and isn’t permitted entry or allowed to stay in the country.

What are your thoughts on Trump’s immigration control order?

Do you believe the system needed to be re-evaluated and reconstructed?

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One thought on “Here Are The Facts Behind Trump’s Immigration Order

  1. Jake319

    Certainly it should have been evaluated. The judicial branch had to rule against it as a order of constitutional rule. The judges let trump off the hook by ruling against the ban. Plus it ended the turmoil of the Americans just trying to get home to America.

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