Here Is Another Social Experiment Obama Expects You To Pay For

In the latest social experiment of President Obama exploiting the tax dollars of hardworking Americans, the administration now approves the use of food stamps with online retailers such as Amazon and Safeway.

The new plan aims to bring healthier options to low-income Americans who may not have access within their communities to healthy food options by allowing their benefits to be used with online retailers.

However, it brings yet another opportunity for fraud and scamming of the system to be committed, and also raises security concerns when introducing a new online system for food stamp purchases.

Judicial Watch reported:

Food-stamp recipients can use their taxpayer-funded benefit to order online from retailers like Amazon under a new Obama administration initiative that aims to facilitate the shopping experience for rural and urban residents. It marks the latest of many costly experiments by the administration to expand the fraud-infested program, which has seen a record-high number of beneficiaries under President Obama. To eliminate the welfare stigma, the administration renamed food stamps Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the rolls swelled to an astounding 46.5 million in 2016. This cost American taxpayers and eye-popping $70 billion, according to government figures.

Another concern of the new program is monitoring the purchases of those using food stamps or SNAP benefits.  The program currently restricts purchases, for example, to purchase alcohol or tobacco, but introducing online retailers to the mix only adds many more challenges to an already deeply flawed system.

Critics cite many examples in recent years of SNAP benefits being sold for cash or traded for drugs and alcohol, so these new benefits could likely never end up used to purchase healthy foods for low-income families and children which the program claims to be designed for.

And it has also been reported that SNAP benefits have been given to illegal immigrants for years, with the complete knowledge of government officials, as well as being sold online for a profit on sites such as Facebook and Craigslist.

Judicial Watch reported:

It’s the last thing that an out-of-control government program, long plagued with fraud corruption, needs. Under the Obama expansion, SNAP has suffered a multitude of serious problems. Back in 2012, a federal investigation uncovered evidence that food-stamp recipients were using the benefit to buy drugs, weapons and other contraband from unscrupulous vendors. A year later Judicial Watch broke a story, based on testimony and other evidence provided by a whistleblower, about the U.S. government knowingly giving illegal immigrants food stamps for decades. That was followed by another disturbing scheme in which SNAP benefits were being sold online using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and e-commerce websites like Craigslist and eBay.

Another – very simple – flaw in the system is also the fact that many low-income families do not have access to the computers and smartphones needed to order products online.  Critics contend this fact would just increase the possibility of the benefits being illegally sold or traded.

Even the USDA acknowledges that “online payment presents technical and security challenges that will need to be examined and fully addressed…”

The ability for participants in the SNAP program to make online purchases can only add to the problems plagued by the system.

Online transactions will prove to be harder to monitor and regulate than in-store purchases, and the cases of fraud and scamming of benefits can only skyrocket with this addition to the program.

It will also undoubtedly bring more government regulation of online commerce, and increase taxes for consumers to pay for the changes that will need to be made to the current SNAP program to adapt it for online transactions.

This appears to be yet another final push by Obama to transform America and secure his “legacy” on the way out the door – by taking away more money and more security that every-day Americans work so hard for.



One thought on “Here Is Another Social Experiment Obama Expects You To Pay For

  1. Eleanor

    Not surprising. Will deny SNAP to deserving AMERICAN seniors, veterans, and disabled, But give it freely to ILLEGALS and allow for Online purchases. SNAP will not pay for a hot meal from a deli, but will allow the SNAP to be sold on the street for drugs. As a senior, I do not qualify for stamps, and do not need them, but so many seniors have to choose between food and medicines, it is unthinkable that those so underserving use them to glorify their lifestyles. Obama has no idea how middle class or poverty level families live. So glad to say goodbye to his sorry ass, His mouth will continue to damn Trump, but he has no legal say about anything Trump does, Thank God for that.

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