Here’s How Liberals Handled Their Humiliating Defeat in Georgia

Democrats must be tired of losing at this point.

Once more, liberals lost an important election, despite their best efforts.

And now, they are placing the blame on everyone but themselves.

Democratic lawmakers and political operatives are venting their frustrations at losing by making some pretty incredulous excuses – even going so far as to blame their candidate himself, Democrat Jon Ossoff.

Many liberals were apparently upset that Jon Ossoff wasn’t harsh enough in his rhetoric against President Trump.

Others blame the Democratic Party, claiming it was too “distracted” and “lacking in authenticity” to be able to win.

NBC News reports:

Many were upset that Democrat Jon Ossoff blunted what was arguably his greatest asset — antipathy toward President Donald Trump — by going relatively easy on the president and avoiding controversy at all cost. Others, however, countered that Ossoff was a fine candidate who was the victim of a party that is too cautious and has lost its ability to connect with voters.


Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), one of the party’s rising stars, said Democrats have been distracted by the investigation in Trump’s alleged ties to Russia and need to focus more on making a concrete impact on voters’ lives.


Democrats also have an “authenticity” problem, he said, noting, “I think that there are a lot of people who look at the Democratic party and aren’t sure that we aren’t also captive by special interest — and that’s not true.”

Now supporting members of the Democratic Party are calling for their newest loss to be a “wake up call” and to stop focusing every effort on their 2016 election loss.

But what the Democratic Party still fails to realize is that they are too out of touch with what is best for America.

President Trump’s most notable campaign promise was to “Make America Great Again” – and he is doing so by focusing his efforts on what the people want and what is best for them.

Liberals are too out of touch with the common man to score a victory.

Their insufferable antics against the President are not only useless, but time consuming, and are interfering with their success in the government.

Until the political left can look past their own needs and wants, and focus on what the nation needs, they will not win.

What do you think is the reason liberals cannot win an election?

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  • George T Horvat

    “Barack Obama!” Eight years of trying to destroy our constitution and sucking up to the Globalists. There’s you reason you fricken Socialist Democrats! There’s your reason!

  • John Kane

    I know,it’s Russia,the F.B.I., the DNC,twitter, the weather,etc,etc,etc..


    The DC mafia is becoming so apparent that we the people are fighting back in the only way we can, the voting booth! We are fed up with the witch hunt against are elected President and vice President.

  • George T Horvat

    “IDIOTS are still out there walking around. These stupid so-called Democrats still don’t have a clue that most knowledgeable citizens have already figured it out that there is no longer a Democratic party. It’s laughably obvious that their party was taken over by The Socialist Party a long time ago. That’s the one and only “real” reason we don’t vote for their candidates. “WE JUST DON”T WANT TO BE SOCIALISTS!” I myself voted Democrat year after year until I saw the writing on the wall. Now I’m an conservative independent. People like Ryan, McCane and McConnell along with their ilk are the best reasons why I didn’t switch to being a Republican. Believe me; there are scumbags in both major parties.

    • Randy Fairbanks

      I agree…many democrats don’t have a clue that their party was hi-jacked by the liberal progressives some time ago. They continue to vote democratic because that’s what their parents always did.

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    What do you think is the reason liberals cannot win an election?
    Debby Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brizil, Chucky Schumer, Diane Finstein, the Florida Cowgirl with the hat and no cattle and the list of boaring insufferable Asswipes is endless and included REMOVAL of God from platform! So sez this once “Life Long Proud Vet and Union Officer” who claimes THE DNC is owned and operated by ACLU, AntiFa, BLM and George Soros!
    The party is NO MORE and should be identified as: THE NEW DNC because it shure as HELL ain’t my daddies and my DNC!

  • jamie cullina

    I attribute it to their shell shock at losing and a syndrome or mentality that refuses to
    accept reality. Unfortunately, no known panacea.

  • LetsJustVoidTheBillOfRights

    Author: What election was lost – House or Senate – and who won it? Poor reporting…