Here’s How Obama Plans To Stay A Political Influence After Leaving The White House

Soon to be former President Barack Obama recently came out in an interview claiming he would act as a vocal interference during Trump’s presidency.

During an interview with the typically progressive news organization CNN, Obama claimed he would use what he had learned in his eight years as President and continue to be an active political influence, particularly when concerned with President-Elect Donald Trump.

The Daily Caller reports:

I’m not sticking around by the virtue of the Constitution and because I believe in the wisdom that George Washington showed that at a certain point you make room for new voices and fresh legs,” Obama said.

He went on to say, “Now that doesn’t mean that if a year from now or year and a half from now or two years from now there is an issue of such a moment–such import that isn’t just a debate about a particular tax bill or a particular policy but it goes to some foundational issues about our democracy I might just weigh in. I’m still a citizen. And that carries with it duties and obligations.”

Obama went on to say he essentially wanted to encourage Democrats – especially Millennials – to speak out against conservative values and Trump himself.

He also added he would not spend every day speaking out against Trump, or any other ex- president he disagreed with.

The Daily Caller reports:

Obama, however, added that he will not be giving his views on a day-to-day basis citing tradition of ex-presidents and believing that doing otherwise would hold back the next generation of Democratic voices he is looking to “shine a spotlight on.”

“That’s where I can be helpful. Shine a spotlight on all the great work that’s been done by all the wonderful young Americans who will help lead the way in the future,” he said.

Of much concern is the fact that soon to be former President Obama believes he can offer advice to Trump, when both have polar political views.

Obama is currently trying to establish a legacy for himself after his failure as a President for two terms.

Part of his legacy must be related to his future participation in political science and establishing a role for himself now that he and his political party have been taken out of major positions of power.

Almost certainly Obama will find issues to speak out against in the future as Donald Trump and the Republican Majority Senate act to undo all the damage Obama has inflicted during his two terms.

From the disaster that is ObamaCare, to creating total disarray in the Middle East and allowing terrorists to take refuge in America, there is much work for Donald Trump to undo, and not many will question what Obama will say when Trump successfully does what he was unable to do: Make America Great Again.

What are your thoughts?

Do you believe Obama has any right to speak out against Trump or be a political commentator after his Presidency?

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  • Countrysunrise

    Since Obama said he won’t be speaking out against any President, that means he should SHUT UP NOW when it comes to President-Elect Trump!!! He will be installed as President in a few days from now, and every day there are announcements of people who are going in his Cabinet, as well as other news. That has nothing to do with Obama, and he has no say in what President-Elect Trump does with his office. If he wants a war, on the other hand, President-Elect Trump has taken down 2 dynasties. You would be chump change to him.

  • fatmababy105

    No class at all.. Disgusting.