Here’s How The Feds Are Illegally Creating A National Gun Owner Registry

Feds using NICS system to create backdoor registry in defiance of law

When the National Instant Criminal Background Check System was created in 1993 – with the support of the National Rifle Association – many other gun groups warned it would lead to the creation of a national registry of gun owners.

The NRA said that would never happen – because gun purchase records would be required by law to be deleted – and the government never breaks the law.

You can guess what was just revealed.

American Military News reports:

Auditors from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that the ATF failed to remove the names of law-abiding gun owners from its Multiple Sales (MS) database and another system called Access 2000…


… Arms dealers that have Federal Firearms Licenses (FFL) are required to report the names of customers who purchase multiple firearms at once to the ATF. Policies by the ATF dictate that the organization keep those names on file for two years. After the two year period has passed the ATF is required to remove all identifying information from the databases if the weapon in question has not been linked to any crimes. The ATF has failed to comply with this policy and only deleted the names from certain databases while allowing them to remain on other servers or hard drives.

A loophole in the policy allowed the database to be created. According to the policy any FFLs that go out of business are no longer subject to the ATFs requirements. Officials continued to delete the records of FFLs that were still in business but allowed the out-of-business FFL records to accumulate.

If that’s just what the government has discovered and admitted, imagine how bad the problem really is.

The government audit also comes on the heels of news reports that the Social Security and Veterans’ administrations are sending letters to thousands of seniors and disabled veterans, demanding they turn in their guns.

Under a new Obama Executive Order, seniors and disabled veterans who have named a fiduciary to handle their finances are also deemed mentally unfit to own a gun – despite no legal basis for the determination, nor any indication such persons pose a threat to anyone.

Social Security and VA recipients name a fiduciary for a variety of reasons, such as having a spouse who earns more money – or simply being bad at math.

The Obama Executive Order has drawn sharp criticism from usually liberal mental health professionals, who warn such a blanket gun ban violates the civil rights of peaceable people, and could discourage millions of Americans from meeting with a mental health professional.

With a secret registry of gun owners in one hand, and a legal precedent for disarming law-abiding Americans without due process of law, the Obama administration is ripe for a massive violation of Second Amendment rights as he leaves office in January.

  • raysmithson1

    Screw the Govt. people you are in for a big surprise when hillery gets in if you don’t vote for Trump,,, so practice bending over , if she had a dick , you sure will feel it real soon.

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      what makes you that she doesn’t ?

      • Bobby Hopkins

        u left out the word think but we get it.good comment.

  • Ollie Octopus

    Sooner or later there will be another revolution and you had better get hold of a gun somehow. Even the libs have a limit on how far you can push them.

  • bzzoff

    A Police Officer I know were having a few drinks the other day and the conversation turned to something similar to this. Then the question was posed to him ‘If he thought Hilary could instigate another Civil War’? Without skipping a beat he affirmed that this is a very possible future happening and he hesitated and started to say something else…then Retreated his conversation…like he was about to reveal Secret/Need To Know Information from the near past! The talk continued…but he strayed from saying anything else. He admitted they get Twix from D.O.J. and other Fed Agencies…..

    I am more than familiar with that. I am also ex-D.O.J. But I remember getting that stuff DOWNLINK back in the late ’70’s/early ’80’s talking about Terrorist activity yet to come. They were correct but too early in their scheduling the prediction. But it happened.

    Like said BELOW, if ppl don’t remove their heads from DARK PLACES and WAKE-UP, vote for Trump and START VOICING their wishes to their Congressmen & Senators…..we are going to be in TROUBLE!

    AND…’s happening RIGHT NOW~~~~~~~~~~~!