Here’s Proof That Americans Don’t Need Immigrants To Take Their Jobs

Illegal immigration is out of control in this country.

President Trump is working to fix issues of violence and overpopulation caused by immigration.

And now liberals are losing one of their biggest fights for letting immigrants enter the country.

Unemployed Americans Fighting for Their Jobs

Immigration is leading to a lack of jobs for American citizens.

But not for long.

Arguments that immigrants need to do jobs not filled by American workers have been a topic of much debate.

A recent report proved that this is fake news.

The Center for Immigration Studies released a report entitled, “There are No Jobs Americans Won’t Do.”

The report claims that immigrants hold 6 of every 474 jobs.

It clearly states the loss of these jobs is still affecting unemployed Americans.

Americans still need these jobs, but they are advertised as not wanted or low pay.

The False Reports Leading to These Claims

Some reports say that Americans don’t want to put in hard work.

In research out of  New York, thirty farmers said they had to hire immigrants, their reason was that the Americans were too “unreliable.”

The study done by Cornell Farmworker Program is one-sided.

It focused on richer areas of the country where farm work is not common.

However, it is a key economic factor for those in the Midwest.

But not so much for states where the research took place, like New York.

The Midwest is also the primary area to where illegal immigrants flock.

False reports fueled liberal claims that Americans didn’t want the jobs.

Americans who need jobs are willing to do hard work despite the claims these reports make.

These random surveys are supporting the idea that Americans do not want to do hard labor, but most are hardworking.

Why Americans Need These Jobs

Americans who are near the poverty level feel the impact of illegal immigration.

Those with less education often compete for jobs.

Often, lower-income Americans lose jobs because employers pay immigrants “under the table” for less pay.

This is leading to higher unemployment.

President Trump has been fighting immigration since he began his presidency, as previously reported by American Patriot Daily.

President Trump has pushed for border control, but the fight is not over yet.

Trump wants to have the Border wall built to keep them out.

He initially wanted Mexico to pay for the wall but has decided the funds will come from taxpayers.

Despite fights from Democrats, funding for the wall is in sight.

Americans are pushing to build the Border wall to keep immigrants out. Read more about it on Conservative Revival.

Do you believe that immigrants are taking jobs that rightfully belong to Americans?

Do you think that Americans are willing to take these jobs if they need employment?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



35 thoughts on “Here’s Proof That Americans Don’t Need Immigrants To Take Their Jobs

  1. tes d'aless

    the illegals come here and send money back home and that means this country doesn’t see it – the illegals come from countries where they don’t control stealing, rapes or murders – do we want this in America????? vote for Trump if you are a True American

  2. agrneydgrl

    If TRUMP wants help with money for the wall why not place a fee on the money these people send back to mexico. They say these.people pay taxes but i know of two that will only work for cash.

    1. Columbusboy

      AWESOME IDEA!! Fees on the MILLIONS of dollars sent by ILLEGAL ALIENS to their home countries! SUPER!! DO IT! This is money that should have gone to pay taxes, and to fuel jobs in THIS country!

  3. Just Saying

    We need a national ID program, carefully controlled to prevent forgery, and required for any employment in the U.S. with heavy penalties for anyone employing anyone who does not have a national ID. No, Americans aren’t willing to do some of these jobs for below minimum wage. Employers have been getting away with paying illegals starvation wages for decades because there is inadequate enforcement of existing laws regarding employment of illegals.

    1. Libs R Loons

      Obama even offered businesses a $3,000 tax credit for each illegal they hired instead of a legal US citizen, effectively bypassing congress and the laws on the books to implement his “hope and change”.

  4. Broos

    Do you believe that immigrants are taking jobs that rightfully belong to Americans?
    Do you think that Americans are willing to take these jobs if they need employment?
    But, 0f CUR$E !

  5. HDMania

    This situation is the worse in the constructions trades..illegals do subpar work and the builders dont mind..they figure a way around subpar work and in the end the new homeowner loses..

    1. Teresa Galipeau

      People hire illegals because they pay them less they get paid under the table so they don’t have to pay SS no benefits so they keep that money in their pockets. These people that hire illegals should be fined as much as possible and go to jail for 10 years for every illegal they hired

  6. Libs R Loons

    Heaven has strict immigration policies.
    Hell has open borders.

    Thankfully for liberals, they’re going to a place where their “open borders” fantasies are realized. ;-D

  7. DrRandlJSpear

    I still find it very interesting that the early founding of this nation not only allowed “aliens” the early colonists actually advertised in foreign nations asking them to come in; the big difference is that way back then they were NEEDED to help create our nation built on a cosmopolitan of differences which were also the basis of a missionary outreach. Now, we seem to be too introspective to give a rip about helping others; we have reached the pinnacle of success to become a global superpower and no longer “need” the help of others with their diversities; the very basis behind the words on the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired…” . I am reminded of the Biblical mantra: “To whom much is given, much is required.” Our nation reached its current global supremacy because it was built upon the paradigm of helping others. I pity the fool who turns his/her back on others during a time of need.

    1. Libs R Loons

      LMFAO… that an original line of guilt-tripping horsechit, or did the DNCC just email you that krap???

      1. DrRandlJSpear

        Judging by your inability to correspond in coherent English/grammar it appears that you are one of them. Therefore your compilation of words jump into the category of “The pot calling the kettle…”

    2. Columbusboy

      WE WANT LEGAL immigrants here, NOT criminal, ILLEGAL ALIENS!!! Get your story straight!. They come here for all the freebies, and you know it!

      1. DrRandlJSpear

        Dear BOY, how is it that you are able to state what I know? That sounds pretty presumptions on your part which is not untypical for a “boy” regardless of the city of reference.

    3. jamaier

      Doc, it’s useless to espouse true Christian and American morals to pseudo christians who base their beliefs along political lines

  8. dougtheavenger

    In my youth I cut and housed tobacco in the Bluegrass for twice the minimum wage. Today Mexicans do that for $8/hour. Vote Trump.

  9. Sean Rickmin

    We do NOT need illegal ALIENS any more than we need the nobambas and their hoards or the clintstones and their sicko bunch.We need the real AMERICANS to step up and fight the liberturd criminals.

  10. Jose

    With modern technology it is easier to get jobs done by machines so ILLEGALS are not really needed. Even citizens with some education cannot replace a macvhine. Illegals do not have (neither do citizens) the ability to do a job better than a machine
    once programmed to do that job.

  11. SparkysaysWHAT

    Can we be REAL here? The Genocide of 90% human life has been planned a long time ago. Should illegal immigrants be able to work, vote, get food stamps, etc all part of the plan to make this happen. We are invaded by 12.5+ Million Illegal Immigrants, they never plan to assimilate, they want us dead. So do the Elites, Illuminati, Deep State, Democrats, Liberals, Lefts, MSM, Social Media FACEBOOK founded by Rockefeller’s grandson, Twitter – one of the top investors Saudi Prince Alweed Bin Talal Bin Abduladazi blah blah blah, fancy that! We are being attacked from every angle, a lot of time and money has been spent then low a behold President Trump came in and blew their plans. Stop the Crime Deep State sinister take overview
    The biggest Treason in World History
    Qanon 10,000 sealed indictments
    History repeats
    Genocide S. Africa Western plan
    Past Genocides & Atrocities
    Soros Most EVIL man on earth
    Bill Gates Depopulation
    Bill eliminate human race to help making you healthier
    Agenda 2030 Depopulate as soon as possible
    DACA Crime rates
    Read the links seriously – this is the options Life or Death, you pick.

  12. Bama Bill

    I worked in the fields as a young man of 12. Planted, weeded, harvested, and cleaned and packed vegetables for $.35 an hour. I learned how to work, get to work on time, and stay late when needed. Those are some of the “Basic Skills” the college kids need to learn.

  13. HDMania

    Illegals bring the family here..mama gets on welfare and papa gets a job under the table..then they go out and buy a new truck..I could never afford one..then papa goes out and gets drunk and kills someone in the truck..they have no insurance and DMV doesnt seem to do anything..let me have no insurance and DMV is all over me..whats wrong with this picture ?

  14. jamaier

    less than 15% of Trumps employees at Mar-a-Lago are Americans, the rest are aliens, legal or otherwise

    The Mar-a-Lago club asked for 40 H-2B visas for servers and another 21 for cooks. The H-2B visa is for “temporary non-agricultural workers.”

    According to the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the employer filing for H-2B visas must demonstrate that there are “not enough U.S. workers who are able, willing, qualified, and available” and that the foreign workers “will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of similarly employed U.S. workers.”

    The resort made a similar request earlier this year, filing for 70 visas for restaurant staff as well as housekeepers in January.

    According to this week’s filing, the cooks would be paid at least $13.31 an hour and the servers would be paid at least $12.68 an hour.

    Sure, there are no Americans down there in South Florida who need those jobs

  15. Jack durham

    In the building trades illegals have killed off so many american contractors with cheap labor that we cant compete with. We pay workers comp and taxes out the wazoo. We have insurance like bonds on our jobs. The illegals pay none of that. They do a job for half what we have to do that same job. So we are branded as to high and people take the cheap bids in most cases. We need to run all illegals out of the country, they are destroying us from within. The government allows this on purpose. The nwo has an agenda to break us and overrun us with aliens just like Europe. Give trump some time and i believe he will get around to E verify and huge fines for employing illegals. Its our only hope. Just my opinion.

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