Here’s The Big Issue Democrats Are Avoiding This Election

Throughout the course of Donald Trump’s presidency, there have been many critical issues which he has overcome.

With midterm elections here, one pressing issue is on everyone’s mind.

Everyone except the Democrats — and for a reason.

Desperate Times

Republicans are facing opposition at every turn on one key issue.

A migrant caravan compiled of thousands of immigrants is coming our way.

They will be here before we know it.

And Democrats do not seem to care.

President Trump wants to open a dialogue with liberals to fix this immigration issue.

But Democrats have continued to remain silent.

The caravan has been the most pressing issue in the weeks before the election.

GOP candidates have been pressuring Democrats to act on the threat.

But Trump is the only one who has been acting.

A Pivotal Election

The results of this election are crucial.

The current political climate is in upheaval.

And it is all thanks to the Democrats and their refusal to compromise.

The Republican National Committee has pushed Democrats to respond.

RNC spokesman Steve Guest stated:

From their open border policies to their calls to abolish ICE, the caravan is yet another reminder to voters that Democrats have put the sovereignty of our country in jeopardy with their extreme immigration views. Meanwhile, Republicans are protecting America by working to legally control our borders and keep dangerous criminals from entering our country,”

But their silence will be noted during the midterm elections.

And the support is behind Trump to halt the migrant caravan.

Executive Director for the Center of Immigration Studies, Matt Krikorian, said:

The caravan is a godsend for Republican candidates. You know the idea that Soros or Chuck Schumer dreamed this up is nuts. Why would they do that? I mean they’re not idiots. Because even middle of the road people even people who aren’t particularly hawkish on immigration don’t think it’s right that thousands of people should be swarming across our borders,”

What Will This Mean for the Elections?

To undermine Trump, Democrats have done the opposite.

American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp stated:

You have to kind of wonder because you know the idea that fact that people got together on a corner Guatemala and decided ‘hey look I’ll leave the three o’clock on Tuesday and start walking together.’ You must wonder who the people are who came up with this idea. What they were thinking? Because if they’re trying to hurt President Trump, obviously just the opposite is happening,

More people are rallying behind Trump now more than ever.

But the migrant caravan is a hot button issue.

Read more about it on Conservative Revival.

Having thousands of immigrants flooding the nation will prove dangerous.

And Trump is ready to tackle this issue.

The midterm elections may prove divisive for the country, but one thing is certain.

Trump will keep the best interests of the nation at heart — and that means keeping citizens safe. Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.