Here’s The Latest Reason Why You Need To Boycott The New York Times

The New York Times just hit a new low.

Besides their vehement disrespect of President Trump, the newspaper frequently promotes violent behavior against conservative groups.

Their latest move just solidifies this behavior and proves they will go to any lengths to get their point across.

The New York Times recently hired a left-wing extremist whose tweets are both anti-police and racist.

Sarah Jeong is an activist-turned-journalist whose racist and feminist remarks on Twitter are outrageous, yet fully accepted by members of the New York Times team.

The Times recently issued a statement protecting Jeong and standing by her hire.

And Donald Trump just called them out for it.

The New York Times is hiring a person of like mind—This is a person that probably thinks exactly like them,” Trump claimed during an interview with Breitbart News.

Donald Trump, Jr. also pointed out the double standard that Jeong is allowed to make racist comments without repercussions just because she is of an Asian ethnicity.

“Imagine she said the same thing about Hispanics, imagine she said that same thing about black people, people would be losing their minds, it would be outrage … it’s no different than any other form of racism,” he said.

 It’s ridiculous, it makes no sense to any rational person,” he said. “This is a narrative that the far left will push, and that’s ok and they’ll continue those attacks, and, again, I’m happy to let them keep doing that.”

He also claimed that the left would keep piling on the double standards and that this would not sit well with white people.

Trump, Jr. also claimed he was proud of the efforts his father was making to stand up against bigotry in the media world and for fighting for those who cannot.

That doesn’t work anymore, the difference is they don’t play by rules, there is no honor code on the other side, they do what it takes to win,” he said. “We don’t fight the same way and I think we have to.”

Trump, Jr. continued in his rant against Jeong, later claiming that Democrats such as her were propping up Neo-socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

It doesn’t have to be fact-based, they find someone moderately attractive, they gave them a soapbox, the media builds them up to be the greatest thing since sliced bread,” he said, pointing out that they did the same thing with former President Barack Obama.

Regardless of her political affiliations, Jeong has led a hateful campaign against both the honorable police force and the white populace.

Any of her comments made against individuals or groups should be enough to fire her in and of itself — but not according to the New York Times.

Do you believe Jeong should be fired?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



11 thoughts on “Here’s The Latest Reason Why You Need To Boycott The New York Times

  1. samnigromd

    The NFL and NCAA would require Sarah Jeong, just hired by the New York Times, to be fired forever as well as those supervising who ignored her words and hired her. Hatred and bigotry are unacceptable even against “white males”, of whom there are more hurting, impoverished down-and-outers than in any other group (She takes pleasure in that there are likely 20 million struggling-to-survive “white males”–About 10 percent of every subculture is in trouble). Sarah Jeong makes the NYT to be blatantly prejudiced, admittedly hateful, defiantly sexist and openly racist. And she brags about it showing she is stupid too. She does not know what “equality” is or even care–She thinks “white males” should not be treated equally. She is a criminally prejudiced, should be prosecuted and cannot be hired…Her words are not the juvenile imbecility of teenagers. She is a Harvard graduate–hateful, disturbing the peace and promoting terrorism. Almost every thing she has is because of “white men” who she wants more destroyed and deprived. Thus, she should not be allowed to use anything created or developed or made available by white men…and that includes her phone, her computer, her car, airplanes, her job, her pencils, the Constitution, and almost everything else including tampons and most medicines if she takes any. She stupidly loves victimism just as BlackLivesMatter who also should not be allowed to use anything that came from white males, which includes their freedom (one and a half million “white males” from the North died freeing four million slaves in the Civil War). Almost everything worthwhile in the world have been created and developed by “white males.” Her words are her abortionismo. She must be held accountable for her words and the New York Times must be held equally accountable for hiring a selfish racist self-righteous arrogant feminist. All must be fired and journalism must excommunicate her and those who hired her. Not to cancel and reject the New York Times is to collude in hateful bigotry…You will not miss a thing. Do not even go to stores which sell the New York Times. All web communication sites have articles of incorporation and guidelines for excluding the hateful…If they allow her access for her “slavery”,not “free”, speech, then they should be boycotted too. Harvard has some explaining to do also for graduating hatefilled, illogical, unhistorical, self-righteous, virtue-ignorant, undignified, crude, arrogant, inhuman fools who do not know the theogeocalculus of nature and nature’s God or basic Hippocratic Humanbeingness of how everyone should be treated.

  2. Michael Skok

    The main reason for boycotting the NY Times is that they are owned by a Mexican. It is a Mexican newspaper that hates us gringos.

  3. glenda lafont

    Harvard is lost. I would not spend a nickle sending my child there. Their
    reputation is horrible. Sophisticated elitists my ass.

  4. Bob

    Yes she and all like her should be fired. We should never trust her to write a grocery list much less for the media. She is a sick moron who spews hate. God bless America.

  5. gardeauxandrew

    Beware the anti-American democrats and their tool the bought out biased medias propaganda Lies and Fraudulent means of election!

  6. Clint St.jacques

    She wouldn’t be where she is without white people. We invented most modern stuff. Airplane? Auto?? Cellphone? Computer? The list goes on…

  7. Alleged-Comment

    I dumped the NYT a long time ago. Specifically for 2 treasonous actions they did against this country.

    And they were clearly TREASONOUS. They are not your friends, but either brain-dead communist or dead-brain communist. One or the other.

  8. MarcJ

    The French gave me a special refugee from communism visa back in 1957 permitting me to stay and work there. I spent 5 years waiting for the US immigrant visa and finally arrived here in 1962. My father (two PhD’s in Economics from Austria and Italy) was sentenced to forced labor for 25 years by the communist judges in former Yugoslavia. My wetting was performed by US agents over 4 years when finally I was given a conditional immigrant visa – and was interviewed by the FBI for the next 3 years. Finally I was given the permanent visa and in 1968 became US citizen. Todat Mexican drug runners have it much easier.

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