Here’s Why “A Day Without A Woman” Was Just Another Liberal Cry For Attention

Women across the country participated in a protest where they wanted men to see what it would be like if women were not in their lives.

The protest, known as “A Day Without A Woman,” was planned by the same organization that brought you the embarrassing “Women’s March on Washington.”

Their newest protest was a massive failure as well, due strongly to the fact that liberal women do not speak for all women, and seem to forget their political agendas do not fall into favor with everyone.

The “Day Without A Woman” protest was supposedly meant to prove to society it couldn’t function without women in it from day to day.

But as women across the country stayed home from work and avoided shopping for even groceries, the only thing that really changed was their attitude towards other women.

The protest was mostly a failure due to the lack of support by most of the population.

Liberals cried that women across the country needed to join together in solidarity and fight to be noticed.

The Daily Caller reported:

These women have declared themselves the self-appointed spokespeople for all things female. The problem is they don’t represent all females, particularly females who voted in the last election.


How ironic would that be — a day without being lectured to about “hate” by a group that has their day off organized by a woman with ties to – what many would call – hateful actors and organizations. Unfortunately, their day off only seems to be a day off from actual work, like their jobs and taking care of their kids.


However, on behalf of the majority of intelligent, independent women who voted in the last election — and not for the woman running — we would welcome a day off from the noise.

But the protesters seemed to ignore the fact that the general population of women in this country actually voted for Donald Trump, all while a woman was running for president for the first time.

The Daily Caller reported:

Donald Trump won 53% of white women at a time when a white woman was running to become the first female President. Let that sink in.


Simply put, Hillary Clinton was running to make history as the first female president and the majority of her gender and race said, “No thanks, we’re with him.”

And, certainly, liberals tend to have the mindset that if you aren’t with them, you are against them – the spew of hate that erupts from progressive women is aimed directly at the women who do not support their political agenda.

The most obvious example of the division of women’s rights and morals in the United States can be seen with the horrendous act of abortion and the reliance on Planned Parenthood which liberals seem to favor so much.

The Daily Caller News reported:

We don’t want to be lectured on how Planned Parenthood helps women because if you throw away the talking points you will find that they exist to perform abortions. Not one single mammogram is performed by them, and Planned Parenthood’s own employees admit they don’t even provide prenatal services.


These women love to remind you how strong and independent they are, so surely they are independent enough to pay for their own birth control and abortions. I’d be happy to have a day off from hearing about funding their uteruses.

Ultimately, the protest was just another liberal scheme with no results.

Nothing changed, and many women did not participate in the so-called protest at all.

“A Day Without A Woman” protest could arguably be successful in making a point, but it is difficult to make a point when 53% of the population does not agree with the same political views.

What are your thoughts?

Do you know anyone who participated in the protest?

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