Hillary Clinton Could Be In Deep Trouble

Does Hillary Clinton have an enthusiasm problem?

Despite coming out of the Democrat convention with a lead in the polls, her campaign is having one heck of a hitch – and it could mean her support is much softer than the numbers indicate.

Hillary Clinton is having trouble drawing a crowd.

A recent stop in Cleveland was canceled because of lack of interest.

Fox 8 in Cleveland reports:

“Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine will no longer be visiting Cleveland on Sunday.


Clinton’s campaign tells Fox 8 that the event was canceled due to time constraints.

The pair will still be stopping in Youngstown on Saturday night before heading to Columbus on Sunday.


The Clinton-Kaine bus tour started Friday in Philadelphia after a rally at Temple University.”

This cancelation comes on the heels of an embarrassing crowd of around 200 for a campaign appearance in Pennsylvania.

A half-filled church awaited her at another campaign stop in Ohio.

She also drew a small crowd at a high school in Omaha, Nebraska where she campaigned with Warren Buffett.

While Hillary has a 4.4% lead in the current Real Clear Politics polling average, a chunk of her bounce in the polls comes from the Republicans who still refuse to accept Donald Trump as their party’s nominee.

A CBS News poll found Trump had the support of just 64% of conservatives.

Should these disaffected Republicans return to the Trump camp, the race will tighten up.

It’s happened before.

When establishment Republicans chastised Trump for his comments about the Judge in the Trump University case, his support among Republicans dropped and he fell behind Clinton.

Those same Republicans returned to the fold after the convention, and Trump surged to a lead in the polls.

Hillary’s inability to draw a crowd is likely to continue.

But do you think it will have any significant effect on the race?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

  • Marge Schimke

    Hillary will only get elected by FRAUD. Stuffed ballot boxes, rigged voting machines and dead people voting. Just like Obama in 2012.

    • Martha Steward

      Marge, you so right.

    • William Ingram

      How do you think Bill got elected?

  • Melvin Bennett

    Media manipulation and media distortion and outright meida lies is the ONLY way Shrillary and this wus she’s running with can win. (oh and maybe vote fraud)

  • Phil Esposito

    Compare these to Trump’s over filled events and that will show you who is going to win. Never believe the MSM’s polls, they’re rigged.

  • ezziesmom

    yea the truth comes out

  • Donnie Buchanan

    I can’t stand to see her picture (or Obozo) much less hear her speak. Only idiots want to hear LIES, LIES, and more LIES.

  • Jeff

    Marge, I agree. The Chicago style of voting will definitely play a huge role in this election. She absolutely stole California from Bernie with all kinds of different voter fraud schemes. Bernie should have won California by a large margin. I’m not a Bernie fan, but without a doubt he should have won California, hands down.

    I am a Conservative, but I have several Liberal friends. Only 2 were for Hillary, The other 12 were for Bernie. Even my Millennial son who was raised Conservative was for Bernie (yes, we had chats about his stupidity 🙂 ) However, the fact is that the number NOW show Bernie won, but he already conceded his defeat, so it’s a done deal.

    Face it, the Clinton’s have no boundaries when it come to getting what they want. Whether it be threats, intimidation, harm, or murder, they just don’t care. They have but one “moral”, win at all costs.