Hillary Clinton Has A Major Problem The DOJ Has To Deal With

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign had many hurdles which led to her defeat by Trump.

Most famously, the use of a personal email account to send classified information led to months of liberally-biased investigations and Clinton’s eventual defeat in the general election.

Still unanswered, however, is how one piece of the puzzle may come back to haunt Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s right-hand woman, Huma Abedin and her husband, Anthony Weiner, have been at the center of scandal.

Weiner, a close friend of Hillary Clinton, received a 21-month long sentence in September 2017 for “sexting” a 15-year-old child.

During the course of the investigation into Weiner’s crimes, the New York Police Department and FBI lawfully raided his home and seized his laptop, among other things.

This proved to be especially troublesome for Clinton and her team, as this was nearing the end of her campaign for the presidency.

Weiner’s computer contained over 140,000 emails that were sent unsecured between himself and addresses such as clintonmail. com, clintonfoundation. com, and Blackberry devices owned by Clinton herself.

While Peter Strzok and the other Trump-hating Clinton campaign members were cooking up their Russian collusion narrative, the emails on Weiner’s laptop were dismissed as irrelevant in a last-ditch attempt to save face by Comey, investigators, and anti-Trump officials.

According to the Inspector General’s report, the “treasure trove” of emails spanned the entire length of Hillary Clinton’s terms as Secretary of State.

Even then-President Obama himself knew that the email was insecure, yet corresponded with her via an alias nonetheless.

The New York Police Department and FBI lawfully raided Weiner’s home and seized his laptop, among other things.

This proved to be especially troublesome for Clinton and her team, as this was nearing the end of her campaign for the presidency.

Despite the fact Comey had cleared her nearly two months before, Clinton had another huge problem to deal with—one that seems to be creeping up again.

A new report from the Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, may prove there was bias in this email investigation.

What started as an investigation into Anthony Weiner’s pedophilic behavior turned into a nightmare case which cost Clinton her presidential title and a mess the Department of Justice has to clean up.

Inspector General Horowitz is particularly concerned with two instances throughout the investigation which proved bias may be evident during the investigation.

The first instance involved two federal investigators who shared anti-Trump text messages, revealing a deep bias against the now-President and in favor of Clinton.

FBI agent Peter Strzok sent his co-worker and lover Lisa Page text messages claiming they would “stop” Trump.

Now, the Inspector General wants to know if Peter Strzok is pursuing the Russia probe more vigorously as a result of his bias.

The second instance comes from former FBI Director James Comey himself, and his inability to lead a case where he publicly announced he did not recommend any charges but later revealed he had found emails that could prove Clinton’s guilt.

While Comey didn’t technically provide any bias, he did choose to deviate from procedure in her case—a major red flag.

Horowitz claimed he lost confidence in these officials to provide a fair investigation as a result— especially those who deviated from protocol required to keep things fair.

Do you believe there was bias present in the investigation of Anthony Weiner and Clinton’s emails?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.


  • Richard Row

    The emails did not lose the election for Clinton. Clinton lost the election for Clinton.
    As my T-shirt says – Russia did not make me vote for Trump, Hillary did!

  • Luisa

    Crooked Hillary, is the Queen of lies, an the head everything in the government. She and Obama, probably owned the DOJ, FBI, IRS, State Department, perhaps other agencies, and this is why they were all covering for her. She probably has her own hired killers judging from the number of people opposing her or able to testify against her that have wound up suddenly dead.

    • John Boyer

      I think the Clinton’s hit men are working for the CIA. To many deaths that have happened like the 2 that were going to testify against her & they were on an airplane that crashed. I think obama may have the same connections probably recommended by the Clinton’s. Even a good hit man would have a hard time crashing an airplane they would need train I,g in a lot of fields & they usual l y just shoot people or some other simple but direct method. Airplanes would be a little to sophisticated for a simple killer for hire

  • usmcltc

    Of course, there was pro-bias for Hillary and anti-bias against Trump in the FBI and DOJ. Anyone with a pea brain can see this.

  • bob

    Hillary was informed about email protocol as 1 st lady. 2nd time as senator. 3rd time as sos. and still she could not comprehend. show her lack of intelligence or her willful attempt to hid her illegal activities, because all of her corresponds would have been recorded by the government servers. willing to bet all of her others are backed up somewhere..

    • John Boyer

      Hillary knew exactly what she was doing. She didn’t want records of some of her emails that’s why the personal server. Who is she trying to fool, all of us besides she lies a lot

      • Luisa

        Thank you for sharing. LOVE.

    • John C

      She had to sign documents stating she was trained in what she could and couldn’t do and she understood the training. She signed those documents but ignored the law anyway.

  • John Boyer

    The entire obama administration was the most corrupt administration I have ever heard & or read about. This makes Nixon seem like a choir boy. There were so many rotten apples that the whole barrel needed thrown out. The libtard dumbocraps that elected This clown obama should hang their heads in shame. Even today there are so many of them that will argue with you trying to tell that he was a great President, When in fact he was the worst president ever. This should make Carter feel a lot better as he lost the distinction of being the worst in modern history. These lunatic libtards that still think he was a good President want to run our current President Trump down trying to say he is a liar & acts like Hitler. That’s how unhinged they truly are. Best thing is be prepared for these lunatics to go off the rails when President Trump wins reelection in 2020, I’m personally prepared for them to nut up in the coming midterms if the gop wins enough seats for a filibuster proof majority in the senate


    Of course there was bias. Anyone who believes otherwise is either naive, dumb, or or mentaly deficient. The American people know it as well. Although Horowitz knows all of this, he is employed by the FBI! His vanilla opinion is an attempt to save face. It’s not incorrect, but it does ignore the obvious. This is why an outside council needs to take a serious new look at the Clinton email case and perhaps the foundation (Clinton) case. It’s obvious to me that many more potential, actual crimes were commited by the democrat side of the aisle, at least as far back as “Uranium One”. Ya think?!

    • John C

      Uranium one would ensnare Bob Mueller in the crimes, that is why he should be the subject or target of a special Council investigation and not running one so that he can cover up evidence against he and his co-conspirators.

  • John C

    Weiner’s Laptop is the key. If what was on his laptop was exposed, Hillary and many others would go to jail, the Democrat party would fall as would most of the Democrat Politicians in D.C. and even some of the Republican Establishment would fall too.