Hillary Clinton Is Back Under Fire For Benghazi

Hillary Clinton is once again the subject of an intense search for information regarding one of the most devastating overseas losses in modern history.

Following the September 11th Benghazi attacks in 2012, Clinton received major backlash for her lack of support of the soldiers involved and was the subject of intense scrutiny due to evidence she knew about the attack beforehand.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had the power to save many lives that day and did not. Now, her actions from 2012 are bringing her back under fire, as a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch is determined to see she is held responsible.

The search for State Department emails regarding the attack was back in full swing this week, as the lawsuit is initiating extra search efforts.

The Daily Caller reported:

Washington D.C. District Court Judge Amit Mehta, an Obama appointee, ordered State to search the accounts of Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan, Clinton’s top aides at the State Department, in response to a lawsuit filed by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Mehta said that the State Department did not do enough to search for all emails it has on its computer systems regarding the Benghazi attacks, which left four Americans dead.

The State Department reviewed the 30,000-plus emails that Clinton returned to the agency in Dec. 2014. It has also searched emails that Abedin, Mills and Sullivan sent and received on personal accounts.

Previously, private email servers were searched to gain information about the fateful events of that day.

But the State Department dismissed looking at one very important server they had access to the entire time: the state.gov email server.

Judge Mehta initiated the intense search, and while he was unsure in the potential results, he remained diligent in his efforts to find evidence against Clinton.

The Daily Caller continued:

Mehta said that the State Department “has offered no assurance” that the records it has received so far from Clinton and the trio of aides “constitute the entirely of Secretary Clinton’s emails during the time period relevant to Plaintiff’s FOIA request.”

Judicial Watch, which has pursued several lawsuits related to Clinton emails despite her election loss, celebrated Mehta’s order.

Though Judicial Watch celebrated the court’s pursuit, they were still concerned certain individuals in the government were not diligent enough in their efforts to bring Hillary Clinton’s crimes to attention.

The Daily Caller reported:

“This major court ruling may finally result in more answers about the Benghazi scandal — and Hillary Clinton’s involvement in it — as we approach the attack’s fifth anniversary,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said in a statement.

“It is remarkable that we had to battle both the Obama and Trump administrations to break through the State Department’s Benghazi stonewall. Why are Secretary Tillerson and Attorney General Sessions wasting taxpayer dollars protecting Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration?”

Do you think evidence against Hillary Clinton may be found in the State Department’s own email server?

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  • Hey You

    Evidently, the information that HRC is dead is too optomistic.

  • SouthernPatriot

    Judicial Watch, the ACLJ, and others are working on behalf of justice and the American people. The FBI told Jay Sekulo that they had no information and yet when Sekulo filed a FOIA request with Homeland Security he received hundreds of pages with huge areas blacked out which was talking points involving the FBI and AG. All these Obama administration officials are crooks and liars and many of those bureaucrats now form the Deep State which is giving President Trump so much trouble.

    • MichaelB

      Did the media invent the term, “Deep State?”

    • Nancy

      Agree. Tillerson and Sessions better get off their ‘duffs’ and INVESTIGATE. What’s wrong with Sessions? I’m totally wondering if he’s on the left, no pair of you know what. Wish JW could do all these investigations and Tom Fitton would definitely get to the truth. It’s out there every day and I just can’t believe why the Trump Administration isn’t doing a damn thing. I wonder about everyone in our Government, don’t trust any of them. We need to dissolve the whole bunch of them and start over with people who will do their jobs!!

  • MichaelB

    It’s about effin time! Many people have been prosecuted for less. It’s already positive that she lied to the public initially, while, at the same time, she emailed her daughter that it was not caused by a video. I guess that her campaign for POTUS got in the way of investigating her thoroughly sooner.

  • MichaelB

    “It is remarkable that we had to battle both the Obama and Trump administrations to break through the State Department’s Benghazi stonewall. Why are Secretary Tillerson and Attorney General Sessions wasting taxpayer dollars protecting Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration?” WTF is that about??

  • Louis Brzoska

    Hell yes I do.

  • J Bryan Jensen

    Yes, lets get Hillary indicted, tried, convicted for causing american lives to be lost due to her failure to send help at Benghazi. Now!!!!

  • dltaylor51

    Hildabeast and Barry both need to fry over this one,they are just as guilty of murdering those people as if they put a gun to their heads and pulled the trigger.

  • drbhelthi

    The activities of the CIA at Benghazi, its supplying armament to ISIS, Hillary Clinton´s role in directing terrorists to destroy the CIA compound, who made the decision to sacrifice Chris Stevens in order to distract from support to ISIS, and who directed Sec.State Clinton to cripple the intervention of US forces requires discovery. Once discovered, the leaders of the CIA subterfuge at Benghazi can be punished.

  • MarcJ

    Hillary Clinton (the wife of that
    impeached disbarred felon and serial rapist Bill) gave her “testimony” on the
    Benghazi murder cover-up. It was on a par with her grand jury testimony in
    connection with “the lost paperwork” showing her criminal acts while working in
    her Little Rock law office. She then had declared 145 times “I don’t recall”
    and “I don’t remember” in the course of that 2-hour “testimony” – that’s more
    than once every minute. The incriminating paperwork was held by her former
    lover Vince Foster in his White House office; a rather flimsily arranged “suicide”
    of Foster (murdered by two bullets in the back of his head) was accompanied by
    an illegal taking by the Hilary’s agents of those papers while breaking into
    Foster’s WH office. Years later that paperwork was “suddenly discovered” in
    Hillary’s bedroom and was burned. When some mildly disapproving Republicans
    asked her why the administration found it necessary to lie about that Benghazi
    affair for several months she answered: “What does it matter now?” Well – of
    all those limp-fisted RINO’s there was not a single one with courage to say:
    “It matters because you, Madam Secretary, lied to the American people while
    knowing full well the truth”! Also, she had embraced the grieving family
    members of those dead Americans – what do you want her to do more? Otherwise
    the Democrats in that committee gushed repeatedly about “our best Secretary of
    State ever”. After all, she took the responsibility for those 4 murdered
    Americans – didn’t she? However, she did not find it necessary to resign her
    position; in other words it was just empty posturing. That Benghazi murder by
    some out-of-control members of the Obama-installed Libyan jihadist government
    has now been whitewashed forever. The purpose of that Benghazi outpost was to
    channel ground-to-air missiles to the Al-Qaeda led Syrian jihadist rebels
    (Sunnis like Obama) via Turkey. But the fact remains that the “Arab Spring”
    program designed by Obama to bring Sunni jihadist governments to Muslim countries
    was delayed there for a while. No RINO asked her this question – what was the
    purpose of that Benghazi outpost? What is worse is that in 2016 that criminal is
    the Democrat candidate in the presidential elections. And of course the final
    aim of that Arab Spring program instituted by our Marxist Muslim President from
    Kenya B. Hussein Obama is still the destruction of Israel; his “agreement” with
    the Iran’s Ayatollah is just another step in that direction. There is an
    ongoing (and ongoing) FBI investigation of Hillary’s illegal use of her private
    e-mail terminal in conducting official Department of State correspondence
    including “top secret communications”; that “investigation” will be nullified
    by the Obama’s AG. One remembers how Obama saved his previous AG Holder from
    prison by such an illegal call. His new AG Lynch, being the FBI boss, will also
    have the chance to kill off that “investigation” – as advised by Bill Clinton’s
    illegal visit the other day. What did Bill promise her for a favorable ruling?
    A seat on the Supreme Court?

  • mpdMD1965

    Rotten Clinton is a blight pn humanity.?

  • Michael Heagney

    I believe that there is and was a coverup to hide stupid political moves that were done instead of military activities needed for safety.

  • Marialice Barone

    Many of us knew lies and inaction in reference to Ben Ghazi was simply a ruse to get Obama reelected. It was beyond crass and jaded. Many of us wish someone pay for the loss of 4 lives.

  • Well in my opinion maybe they are also complicated with this themselves and wish this information does not come out as they would also be indicted and prosecuted and jailed for the rest of their lives. Of course I may be wrong about this but what if this is true and they are just as corrupted as the liar and killer Hillary Clinton And just as crooked hiding behind their endorsements and job duties in the white house. Well I believe in justice for all whether you are a government politician or a common citizen like myself and believe that no one should be above any laws in the United States of America so if they are guilty then they will get a trial where their lawers can bring their case to a judge who is impartial to them to arrive at the truth and if found guilty be sentenced to prison or death as provided by the constitution of the United States of America.