Hillary Clinton Made a Ridiculous Claim About Her Future

Hillary Clinton made a strange claim during an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

Clinton claimed she was “with the resistance”, but made few comments on what she was even resisting.

Now liberals are taking lead from Clinton and claiming they are also “with the resistance”, but what are they even resisting?

In the interview, Clinton spoke about her loss and avoiding the political spotlight as a result.

The Washington Post reports:

Hillary Clinton, failed presidential candidate, figures she has nothing left to live for so she’s tossing aside dignity and jumping deep off the political end.

This is the new Clinton — the even angrier Clinton, apparently. The one who’s outright abandoning all pretense of going quietly into that good night and hanging with the family, laying down the political sword for a life of, say, writing and speaking on motivational and inspirational matters.

She claimed that her fall from political favor was a “gift” of sorts, so that now she can devote her time to activism and being a “part of the resistance”.

Breitbart reports:

During an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said, “I’m now back to being an activist citizen, and part of the resistance.”

Clinton also included a snide comment in her interview about trying to help those “who clearly didn’t vote” for her.

Breitbart reports:

Hillary said, “I can’t be anything other than who I am, and I’ve spent decades learning about what it would take to move our country forward, including people who clearly didn’t vote for me.

Clinton then went on in her interview to discuss artificial intelligence and robotic technological advances, and how she was focused on promoting such “hard topics”.

She also mentioned how she feared the economy would soon fall into shambles, even though the economy is making a comeback after President Trump’s efforts.

Breitbart reports:

“….To try to make sure that we dealt with a lot of these hard issues that are right around the corner, like robotics and artificial intelligence…..things that are really going to be upending the economy, for the vast majority of Americans, to say nothing of the rest of the world. So, I’m now back to being an activist citizen, and part of the resistance.”

Ultimately, Clinton seems to just be making more excuses in attempt to bring herself back into the political spotlight, but it appears her efforts are focused on being an annoyance rather than an activist.

Do you think Hillary Clinton can actually achieve a political comeback after her embarrassing loss?

What do you think she is “resisting”.

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Cynic from the Midwest

    She is a freakin’ train wreck. A lousy LOSER, liar, murderous inept pile of garbage with a serial rapist husband. She is actively resisting:
    1. The American democratic process.
    2. Increased jobs and prosperity for Americans.
    3. Safe borders and lower crime in cities.
    4. A foreign policy where terrorism is defeated and the USA is respected.
    5. Getting off of that horrible fiasco called Obamacare.
    6. the will of the American people.

    She is irrelevant, ridiculous, and like Obama, doomed to be tossed in the dustbin of history. She’s offensive and useless.

    • jreg9304

      Show us a democrat that isn’t offensive!! The only one in recent history was John F Kennedy, which was a godsend in a controversial time here in America and a damn shame he was assasinated.

      Johnson was pathetic as President, though not as bad as his ancestor. whom was impeached..

  • Michael Davis

    “…including people who didn’t vote for me.” Well, Hildebeast, that would be the MAJORITY of our nation!! Why isn’t this bitch in prison?

  • Howard A Milor Jr.

    I guess she thinks people still believe her! Actually she can’t stand not being in the light put her in prison to maybe shut her up!!

  • George

    She is resisting the truth the country did not want her as president.

  • Rap Scallion

    AS USUAL……Mrs Clinton talks, moves her mouth, but nothing ….. NOTHING …. comes out! No intelligent sound, no message of truth, healing, compromise, cooperation! Only the constant harangue of resisting the current administration. She really proves one thing she was rejected many times by the American electorate…..because she is a huge lying gas bag filled with lies, hate and venom!

  • Gary Smith

    She is an idiot who belongs in Gitmo with Obama and her husband

    • Evan

      You are soooo right on that!
      Wish we could make that happen and soon!

  • Mr Washy

    She can’t be anyone other than who she is, a deeply corrupt person resisting the laws of and the will of the American people.

  • Ken V

    I hope that old hag has another stroke and dies. It sure as Heck would be no great loss.

  • Broos