Hillary Clinton Just Made a Mistake She Can’t Come Back From

Hillary Clinton lost her presidential campaign in 2016, and she’s still not over it.

During her campaign, Clinton smeared true-blooded Americans who voted for change in this country.

But while traveling the world on her latest vacation, Clinton interviewed with an Indian news firm—and what she had to say will make your blood boil.

Hillary Clinton targeted those who voted for President Trump.

In her message, Clinton claimed that the “optimistic, diverse and dynamic” individuals were the ones who voted for her.

Clinton also wrongly claimed that those who stood behind President Trump were against women and minority voting rights—despite the party’s avid support of the Constitution.

The Daily Caller reported:

Speaking in India on Monday, Clinton bragged that the parts of America that voted for her were thriving economically and optimistic about the future. The parts that didn’t are cultural backwaters and too negative about the years ahead.

“Look at the map of the United States,” Clinton told her Indian audience. “There’s all the red in the middle where Trump won. Now I win the coasts, I win Illinois, Minnesota, places like that. But what the map doesn’t show you is that I won the places that represent two-thirds of America’s gross domestic product.”

“So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward, and his whole campaign ‘Make America Great Again’ was looking backwards,” she continued. “‘You know, you didn’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women, you know, getting jobs, you don’t want to, you know, see that Indian-American succeeding more than you are–whatever your problem is, I’m going to solve it.’”

Hillary Clinton, who claimed to run on a platform of inclusion and equality, just singled out the majority of Americans by inadvertently calling them racist and sexist.

Clearly, she is only furthering the divide in this country.

The Daily Caller continued:

It’s also no mystery why America is riven with polarization and distrust of the other side.

A 2013 poll shows that only one-third of Americans trust their fellow citizens, down from half in 1972. It’s unlikely that number has increased in the last five years. Low-trust societies aren’t known for their stability and unity, even though we are lectured every day that “diversity is our strength.”

Those who express skepticism against that mantra join the deplorables who need to be silenced.

Hillary herself may no longer be relevant, but her resentment is.

Trump isn’t going away anytime soon — expect more naked contempt for middle Americans from our moral superiors.

Do you believe Hillary Clinton’s political career needs to come to an end?

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  • Kathy Gibbons

    Every time she opens her mouth she steps in it big time and it is her own doing.
    she should get out of her own way. She is VERY BITTER !!

  • McCollough Vicki

    I sures in hell do!!!!! That EVIL, TROUBLE-MAKING, LYING WITCH/BITCH should have ended a LONG time ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pat Cross

    that whiny old bitch should have broken her neck, and not her wrist, in India

    • larry herring

      Why aren’t her & that fellon slick willy in prison

  • Bob Everett

    I simply do not understand why media continues to give this old has-been bitch a platform. She is old and not very interesting news. Personally, I hope she has a very painful remainder of his misbegotten life.

    • DrRisk

      The media are all whores and lieberal suckophants. They cannot comprehend that HilLIARy LOST the election. They think if they keep giving her an unearned public forum they can make their utopian lieberal dream come true. They are not rational. They will not listen and cannot be persuaded. It’s is no different than trying to talk someone out of being a Roman Catholic or an Orthodox Jew—not going to happen.

  • Bob Everett

    I simply do not understand why media continues to give this old has-been bitch a platform. She is old and not very interesting news. Personally

  • Bucks County Dudebear

    Hillary Clinton is a lying – deceiving – hypocrite, who is and always has been in the “Political Game” for only herself. Yes, her ultimate goal has been to be the first female president of this country – she has made and cultivated many enemies during her 30 plus year run, claiming her mission was always for the women’s movement, when in reality her mission is for “one woman’s” movement – her own. Her emphasis has always been for ” me – myself – and I ” while she has convinced many women they will be rewarded – but they must “put her first”. Her rise to the power and position she has attained is completely based and built on the fact that she was a “President’s wife” – a deceiving – lying – perverted President at that. Just consider and think about who and where Hillary would be if her name was Hillary Smith or Hillary Jones. She has used her position, as an “enabler of her husband” to further her own notoriety, keeping herself in the limelight – creating the aura that she is important – in her mind, she literally had “crowned herself” with the presidential “seal of approval” thinking she could do whatever she needed to, and get away with any and all of her deceiving – lying – corrupt – schemes to attain her ultimate goal .

    • Ann Dawson Snyder

      I have not witness any other statement as well as yours about Hillary !! Thank you.

      • Bucks County Dudebear

        Hello, Ann Dawson Snyder Thank you for your response and consideration of my statement. As a US Air Force Viet Nam Era Veteran, Hillary Clinton really upsets / disgusts me to no end. I can personally attest that while going thru Air Force basic training 50+ years ago – every day our superiors literally pounded into our heads every day ” We will never – ever leave you behind ” – Every day I think about those guys fighting on that embassy rooftop in Benghazi in September, 2012, approximately 7 weeks before the Presidential election. I am 100% sure that the last thing on their minds – as they fought those terrorists – ” Help must be coming – They will never leave us behind ” – as they took their last breaths and died fighting . I get emotional thinking about their dedication and service to our country . Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama let those brave Americans die in Benghazi just so Obama would be reelected, and they both deserve to be held accountable for their disgusting behavior and disservice to the American people, our constitution, and this country .

        • Angelika G

          BASED on the BENGHAZI tragedy, he SHOULDN’T have been RE-elected as HE should have been IMPEACHED along with this “SORRY EXCUSE” of a “woman”-Secretary of State who also made $6 BILLION of TAX payers money DISAPPEAR from the State Department…..His RE-election was a FRAUD as he told former Russian President Medvedev months BEFORE the election that he would “win” it, a clear ADMISSION that it was all RIGGED, just as Hillary “thought” that it was all RIGGED in her FAVOR, but FAILED in it’s OUTCOME and now the WHOLE world is to BLAME except for HER…..!!! I can only hope that her TRUE husband, SATAN, will meet her in person soon…..!!!!

      • April J. Barnes

        You must be deaf and blind.

  • Hal Slusher

    When the hell is she going to go hide in the deep woods.

    • Allan Scott

      Ya mean when in the hell is she going to disappear – for good!

  • David Lozano

    Hillary is evil and cannot be trusted and the
    followers should go with her, 2020 is
    coming around she should be let it known
    that she’ll never be President

  • G mcgowen

    The Satanic Lesbian has had her time on this earth to destroy all that is good. It is time for Satan himself to call her home to receive her just reward. Her putrid existence has the destructive force of a super nova. No one or country is safe from her.

  • Bruce Walters

    Hillary is an albatross around the necks of the American people. No matter how hard she tried to steal the election, she couldn’t pull it off. When she tried to enlist the Russians to help her, and they didn’t deliver, she placed the collusion in our Presidents lap. Now she’s taking her sour grapes routine on the road, further embarrassing herself and the DNC. We are tired of Hillary’s constant pissing and moaning, her poor pitiful me routine is starting to wear on people’s nerves. It’s starting to seem like she had a nervous breakdown, and she’s not over it yet. And she wants to be President?

  • James D. Gerhardson

    I find it impossible to comprehend just how STUPID the organizations are, that will actually HIRE this HAS-BEEN to speak,,,,,she is rattling her rusty cage no matter who she addresses! Along with the BIG ZERO, Horrendous Holder, Slick Willy, the former AG, Comey, McCabe, and all of the other CROOKS that have held offices of TRUST,,,,these people were ALL in offices that were supposed to be STERLING examples that were leading America in a right and just manner! WHAT A FARCE!!! They should ALL remember that they are not only answerable to America,,,,THEY ARE ALL ANSWERABLE TO THEIR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN!!! SUCH A LEGACY!!!!???

  • ray

    hillary needs to be in prison for treason no ? about it .

  • April J. Barnes

    Would someone please tell her to shut up? She is embarrassing herself with all of her whining.

  • Russell Smith

    I should be quite clear that Hillary can do whatever the fuck she wants and nobody will do a damn thing about it. Sad as it may be.

  • Beverly Newsome

    From my view of CNN, they seem to think that if there is no news, they can make news up. They must all be imbeciles there to keep reporting untruths about Americans, America and the overall choice for President. If they are still thinking Trump’s dropping out, he is the best thing since peanut butter for us. It is a disgrace to the American people to think we would watch them. Obama is a disgrace after all the items he did to our people, our Constitution and rules of law. He tried to turn us into a socialist-communist country, he did black-room deals with our enemies.

  • Beverly Newsome

    Hillary is a virus that just won’t go away. She is embarrassing herself, her family and her party. She is the most corrupt criminal in American History and her daughter is following in Mama;s footsteps. Chelsea would be better off keeping her mouth shut. Suck it up, Buttercup, Your mother is a criminal and needs to be put in prison1

  • Angelika G

    Her “political” career…??? Did she EVER have ONE…???? WHO on earth has ANY career as a CORRUPT CRIMINAL….???