Hillary Clinton Responds To Bill’s Rape Allegations

Hillary Clinton used to claim rape victims have a “right to be believed.”

“I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault: Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed, and we’re with you,” Hillary’s website once read.

But after rape allegations resurfaced by Juanita Broaddrick, how did Hillary respond?

Her campaign deleted any reference to rape victims’ “right to be believed.”

Broaddrick has rarely discussed the rape due to the grim and graphic details.

No doubt the nature of the event was traumatic.

But with the rise of Hillary Clinton, who tried to silence Broaddrick, she feels the need to speak out about what kind of people the Clinton’s are.

In an interview, she recounts the event where Bill Clinton, then candidate for Arkansas Governor, pinned her down for a period of time.

She was relieved when she thought it was over and hoped he would leave the room.

Instead, she says, Bill turned to her and said, “I am going to do it again.”

And then he did.

The story begins when Broaddrick worked as a nursing home administrator and volunteered for Bill’s bid for governor.

Bill singled her out and filled her hopes of talking about the needs of the nursing homes and how to help the industry. That excited Broaddrick.

They set a meeting at a hotel coffee shop, only later to have Clinton request it be changed to Broaddrick’s hotel room.

“There are too many people [in the coffee shop]. It’s too crowded. There’s reporters and can we just meet in your room?” Clinton asked.


Shortly after Clinton entered the room, Bill advanced on her.


“He starts biting my lip..I told him ‘No'” she painfully recalls.

Clinton “forces me to down on the bed. And I just was very frightened, and I tried to get him away from me.”

Broaddrick took blame for the rape.

But all that changed in 1991 when she says she was at a meeting at the Riverfront Hotel in Little Rock and Clinton approached her.

Bill “immediately comes over to me with this gushing apology. Like ‘I’m sorry for what happened. I hope you can forgive me. I’m a family man now. I have a daughter. I’m a changed man. I would never do anything like that again.”

Broaddrick thought Bill was sincere. That is until he announced his run for president the following week.

“But I still have to thank him for that day because the blame then went off of me and on to him. And I knew it wasn’t my fault. I knew that I didn’t use good judgment, but I knew that the incident was no longer my fault,” Broaddrick concluded.

  • Gnowark

    Is the hitlery response only to remove her previously widely circulated “you have the right to be believed, and we’re with you” statement? I’m sure she’ll skate, again and again. (Doesn’t bode well if we let her into WH again).

  • Tim

    I can’t imagine how any sane woman can support Hillary. This is so perverted and yet it never gets the media attention it deserves or the outcry from the pro women’s groups that it deserves. Are so many women really that blind and duplicitous?

  • daquain

    The Democrat people are so stupid and lacking in any moral fiber that they will vote the Hillary bicth no matter what. She could admit to every wrong doing she has ever done and they would still vote for her.

    • sam carriage

      I talked to a woman Bernie supporter that is now voting for HilLIARy because Bernie told her too!?!. Seems all things he hated in HILL are NOW OK . and her AK friend said HILL has done so much for women there & they couldn’t understand why everyone hated HILL so much. They thought it must be they can’t stand a female in power. So yes they will vote for her no matter. Same reason women voted Slick Willy saying he was so cute. Someone needs to analyze their ads for sublimenal messages.

  • Jim Loller

    What a bunch of bullshit. You need to tell the truth or shut the hell up.

  • Evy

    For a long time Hillary said rape victims have a “right to be believed.” This She Devil didn’t mean the women her husband raped. Hell they don’t even care about the peons who have died in their name. The Clinton’s have no conscience and no principles. Don’t forget this She Devil also defended a child rapist and she laughed about it when she was a young lawyer. Hillary said the raped 12 year old sought out older men. Readers when you meet a supporter of Hillary’s tell them their vote for her would be a stupid vote.

  • government watchdog

    Hillary is the candidate for women. Women who cannot stand truth.

  • jim jones

    Break the grip of the perverted, slimy, criminally corrupt democratic mafia, vote Trump/Pence and make America Great Again!

  • arnapuck

    I do not understand how ANYONE with an ounce of brains can support little own vote for Hillary Clinton. My God, can’t they read? Can they think? In her umpty ump years on the public dole just what has she accomplished. What???? I am giving great odds on this one, I know who William Jefferson Clinton would not rape!!! HILLERY !! Like Yuck who would???