Hillary Clinton Social Media Manager Tweets At NRA: “F**k Off.”

Following the Orlando shooting by a radical Islamic terrorist, Hillary Clinton’s Social Media manager for her presidential campaign tweeted at the NRA, telling them to “F**k off.”

Emmy Bengston, Hillary’s social media manager, tweeted in response to the NRA’s editorial written by their executive director of the NRA’s lobbying arm.

The editorial in USAToday was headlined as “Gun laws don’t deter terrorists,” which Bengston and Clinton obviously disagree with.

“They are desperate to create the illusion that they’re doing something to protect us because their policies can’t and won’t keep us safe,” Cox wrote.

“This transparent head-fake should scare every American, because it will do nothing to prevent the next attack,” he added.

Conservative talk show host Dana Loesch injected herself into the conversation and sharply responded to Bengston, tweeting: “So, you’re saying gun laws deter terrorists?”

Dana wasn’t the only one. A slew of internet trolls attacked the Clinton staffer for her apparent lack of common sense with her “F**k off” tweet.

“No thanks I prefer my women to actually look like women,” one twitter user stated, mocking Bengston’s cropped haircut.

Never to shy away from pretending to be a victim, Bengston responded by tweeting back: “So I got [retweeted] by Dana Loesch after 49 LGBT people were murdered by homophobic and now this is happening,” Bengston said referring to the above tweet.

Dana Loesch remained unapologetic: ‘Not very classy to attack innocent Americans,’ she wrote to Bengtson, echoing something that Cox had said in his op-ed.


“Law-abiding gun owners are tired of being blamed for the acts of madmen and terrorist.”


The Clinton campaign has yet to respond or apologize to gun owners for Bengston’s remarks.



4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Social Media Manager Tweets At NRA: “F**k Off.”

  1. American

    F-off you b itch terrorists loving scumbag who supports lying Trash like Hillary owned and operated by Islam that is Hillary,.

    1. Matthew V. Brown

      Oh, no, no, no….she actually might enjoy that, and I’m not inclined to do ANYTHING she might enjoy…

  2. Matthew V. Brown

    As usual, all “sweetness and light” from a Hillary supporter. The only thing that scares me more than Hillary are the people who support Hillary. Interestingly, it was a MUSLIM homophobe that was responsible for the carnage at the gay nightclub in Orlando. Of course, Hillary appears to be unconcerned about Muslim immigration from Syria.

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