Hillary Clinton Still Playing The Blame Game

A week after her defeat for a bid at the White House, Hillary Clinton is still placing blame on anyone — and everyone — but herself.

After an arrogance-fueled campaign – in which the power-hungry candidate thought no one would cross her in her attempts to continue the Clinton family political dynasty – Clinton and her supporters were shocked to learn of her loss.

In a recent phone conversation with some of her campaign donors, Clinton continued to blame FBI Director James Comey for her defeat.

Many Americans were outraged when the FBI Director announced last summer that no criminal charges would be filed against Clinton for her reckless email scandal.

After new emails emerged on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, who is the estranged husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin, many thought justice would finally be served when the FBI reopened the investigation just weeks before the election.

Although Director Comey, again, found no cause to indict Clinton, Hillary claims putting the spotlight back on her email scandal was the nail in the coffin for her presidential campaign.

But was reopening the FBI investigation really what led Clinton to defeat?  Or were there other reasons at play?

Newsmax reports on comments made by pollster John Zogby explaining that Clinton’s character — and not the FBI — was the real reason for the results on election night.

“Had she been trustworthy at the very beginning and the polls had shown that she was trustworthy, then maybe there would not have been a private email server at home in the sense that there are two different sets of rules that we play by,” Zogby said Monday to Bill Tucker on “America Talks Live.”


“Column A are the rules that covers everybody else and Column B are the rules that only cover the Clintons which essentially are no rules at all. Had there not been that, there would’ve been no Comey.


“Had there not been Comey, there wouldn’t have been questions. It’s a cycle and the fact of the matter is the blame goes right back to her. She is the one who created the atmosphere of doubt and mistrust.”

Bill and Hillary Clinton have the arrogance to think that whatever they do, they will get away with it — and get their way — in the end.

Following Trump’s historic victory, Clinton supporters and liberal social justice warriors spent days claiming they would never recover from the trauma of Donald Trump’s victory. They claimed Hillary’s loss was unjust, unfair, and unacceptable.

But as the dust clears, we are learning there was much more than the FBI investigation that led to Hillary’s demise.

And like John Zogby, many are now telling Clinton she has only to look in the mirror to see why she was not elected to the highest office in the land.

Over the course of the last week, the real reasons for Hillary’s defeat have emerged.  Director Comey may have put a microscope on Hillary by exposing her deceitful character, but the American people were starting to wise up on their own.

Hillary was not found to be trustworthy or honest in many pre- and post-election polls.  Her high-dollar speeches to big business, her Wall Street pals, her pay-to-play deals with the Clinton Foundation, and the countless claims of rape and sexual assaults by her husband — and the threats she made to his victims — all stacked the deck in the end for her defeat.

Americans have spoken by voting for change with the election of Donald Trump.

Hillary’s supporters — apparently needing therapy and mounting countless protests — should be thankful the Clinton Dynasty will not be able to hold the country in shackles for years to come.

And Hillary should do some inner reflection before she continues to blame everyone else for her loss.

  • HittingTheTarget

    No one can seriously believe that she would take responsibility for the loss of the election. She’s a liar, a blame the other guy kind of person, with an ego the size of ….hmmm… The White House? I’m sure she’s blamed Trump, the deplorable Republicans & conservatives, those millennials that her staff refers to as “fuc*ing dumb” people, and probably blamed most of her staff, Bill, his victims, George W. Bush, Reagan, the Obamas….anyone except her lying, conniving, untrustworthy self. If she had any scruples at all, the first poll that showed that nearly 70% of the population thinks she can’t be trusted, she’d have shut her campaign down, got out of politics and started on some serious soul searching.
    You bet she’s blaming everyone but herself.

  • George

    That is the MO of the Democrats, if they do not get their way, it is someone else fault not theirs.

  • Marcus_T

    Indeed !

  • drbhelthi

    Western World news media, 96% of which is controlled by 6 Jewish corporations, presented Trump as a demon and Clinton as an angel, supporting Clinton for the US Presidency.
    Clinton distracts from her fraud and the Jewish news media fraud, attempting to gain sympathy, thus support for Judaism´s plan to torpedo Trump, whom Jewish leadership does not control. Certainly, B. Netanyahu shows a smiley face to Trump, while “his” news media expressed his genuine motive by conducting a defamation campaign against Trump. Obvously, Hitlary Clinton continues to be the stooge of Judaism´s elite, and the treasonists in the Pentagon who pledge 1st allegiance to the 1948 land-grant, “Israel” instead of the US of A.


    Mrs. Clinton was the worst person I ever saw running for President. Her crowds were poor, speechs bad. She could not hold a candle to Bill.
    She said that Mr. Trump did not have the temperment to be President, but the night she lost she threw things cursed an showed she did not have the temperment to be President.
    I thank God she lost.

  • Anvil6

    The “blame game” is what Hillary DOES. She can’t help it. It’s in her DNA.

  • jim jones

    Blame your own sleezie, criminal, perverted ass.