Hillary Clinton Suffered This Massive Humiliation

January 20th, 2017 was supposed to be Hillary Clinton’s biggest day.

And while she was on stage for the Inauguration of the 45th President, it wasn’t exactly in the role she – or anyone in the so-called “mainstream” media – had predicted.

During the presidential campaign, the media acted as if campaigning was but a mere formality and that Hillary’s victory as President was inevitable.

However, the voters had other ideas, and Donald Trump was elected as America’s next President.

And because Trump had questioned whether she should be in jail or not, exposed the Clintons as pay-for-play hucksters, and brought the women who had accused her husband of sexual misconduct to debates, many wondered if Hillary Clinton would actually attend the inauguration.

But, as the wife of a former President, she was invited – and had to sit through a humiliating experience where a man she attacked in the most personal of terms was administered the oath of office.

Clinton’s rhetoric throughout her campaign included calling Donald Trump dangerous and a threat to the country.

CNN reports:

“Hillary Clinton said Monday that Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, was the most dangerous presidential candidate in the history of the United States.


Clinton, in an interview with CBS News’ Charlie Rose, said Trump has “no self-discipline, no self-control, no sense of history, no understanding of the limits of the kind of power that any president should impose upon himself.”


After hitting Trump for advocating for a return to torture and killing the families of terrorists, Clinton said: “What he has laid out is the most dangerous, reckless approach to being president than I think we’ve ever seen.”


Rose, seemingly surprised by the comment, asked: “The most dangerous man ever to run for president of the United States?”


“I believe that,” Clinton said.


Clinton’s top campaign aides believe that the way to beat Trump in November is to not only stoke voters’ distrust of him, but to cast a vote for him as a vote for putting the United States in danger. The goal is to convince voters that Trump is unprepared and unfit for the job.”

But her campaign strategy failed in spectacular fashion, as voters judged Trump’s promises to put America First and bring back jobs as not dangerous at all and exactly the right course for America.

So Hillary Clinton was forced to sit there and watch someone she had lambasted as unfit for office, assume the Presidency.

Attending the inaugural may very well be Clinton’s final public political act.

Her future in electoral politics is over.

It ended when she was defeated by Donald Trump.

And having to sit through an inaugural address Hillary Clinton always assumed she’d be delivering was a humiliating end to her political career.



8 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Suffered This Massive Humiliation

  1. Susie Q


    1. Kevin Morrison

      Sad to say but the powers that got her as far as they did have no intention of dropping it and it is vital that we keep this information fresh in our minds and in the press. Otherwise it will be like so many other things and we will forget what happened today, only to repeat it in the future. If anything it needs to be in the press every single day for as many days as possible, so we dont forget and dont EVER make the mistake of letting another traitor like Obama (or Killary) hold office AGAIN!

      1. sunandfun

        VERY WELL PUT and I hope that America DOES remember what happened this past election. We dodged a bullet keeping Killory out of the Whitehouse. Let us NOT make the same mistake next time around.

  2. drbhelthi

    The six families that own 96% of western world media drove the media campaign that supported the California congress-persons who fraudulently vetted the
    Kenyan-born, citizen of Indonesia for the POTUS slot, supported Obama´s subterfuge for eight years, Hitlary Clinton´s subterfuge since 1974, the Clinton Crime Foundation, the DNC subterfuge, the fake news that Russia hacked the DNC, and the attempt to reverse the selection of Donald Trump for the presidency. The harrassment provided by their democratic pawns in congress to the Trump entourage suggests that they have not suspended their deceitful campaign of hate for Gentiles who are not their pawns. Searching the internet with: tapnewswire 96 , reveals the identity of these hate-mongers.

  3. Kevin Morrison

    The only reason everyone thought she would win was because the thought they had done a good enough job rigging the elections. When it all went sour, they blamed Russia in order to cover up their activities and put the blame on someone else. This is typical business as usual for democrats, it is how they got a Kenya born alien elected in the first place and they had every confidence that they had covered all the bases to cheat and get this wicked example of a woman who in any other context would be seen for what she truly is which is as a crime lord, elected POTUS! Now they have at least 4 years to figure out where they went wrong and do a better job cheating the system in 2020, so they can continue their dismantling of this country! Why are so many Americans so utterly stupid that they cannot see this?

  4. ReaperHD

    If the Clintons got close to the White House I hope that they were searched before they left as to make sure they didn’t steal anything from the WH as they did when they left the last time and had to bring the stolen objects back. The Clitons didn’t have the money to furnish the 3 mansions they owned so they stole everything that wasn’t nailed down in the White House to furnish them.

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