Hillary Clinton’s Dismal Foreign Policy Record

In 2009, Hillary Clinton vowed to American citizens to move the country in a new direction with “smart” foreign policies designed to make the United States more secure and the world more peaceful.

But that’s not what happened.

Since Clinton took office in 2009 as Secretary of State, terrorism-related deaths have more than tripled; battle deaths from conflict have more than tripled; and refugees and internally displaced persons almost doubled to 60 million people.

And despite the enormous American sacrifices of blood and treasure in Afghanistan and Iraq, these two nations still remain among the most dangerous places on earth, infested with radical Islamic terrorists who continue to threaten U.S. citizens and national security.

The U.S. State Department’s 2016 annual report on terrorism lists 59 foreign terrorist organizations that threaten U.S. citizens and security — a growth of 34 percent since its 2009 report.

A private firm that collects and disseminates up-to-date global terrorist activity currently ranks the Islamic State (which evolved from al Qaeda in Iraq) and the Taliban among the most dangerous terror groups.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations and State Department Inspector General officially confirmed Secretary Clinton used an unauthorized, unsecure, private computer system to store official government communications, some containing sensitive, classified information, possibly exposing U.S. state secrets to skilled foreign cyber-thieves engaged in espionage.

The 2016 Freedom House report on global and press freedom shows that global freedom declined for the 10th consecutive year and that press freedom is at its lowest point in 12 years.

And who could forget how Hillary Clinton handled the Benghazi attack, or the fact that she provided weapons to terrorist organizations?

It turns out Clinton’s “smart” foreign policy wasn’t so smart after all.  It was a total disaster.

On top of her disastrous foreign policy, Hillary Clinton supports amnesty for the millions of people living in the United States illegally, and she has stated her support for a mass entrance of refugees – including those coming from terrorist countries.

Clinton has said that, as President, she would expand Muslim migration by importing an additional 65,000 Syrian refugees into the United States during the course of a single fiscal year.

She has made no indication she would limit her proposed Syrian refugee program to one year either.

It has been estimated that Clinton could permanently resettle roughly 214,000 Muslim migrants in her first year as President.  If she were to continue her Syrian refugee program throughout her presidency, she could potentially resettle as many as 856,000 during her first term alone, costing taxpayers $400 billion.

If Clinton were successful in passing a Gang of Eight-style immigration expansion bill, the U.S. could permanently resettle roughly 9.4 million migrants throughout the nation during her first term. This figure does not include the additional 11 million illegal immigrants already here to whom Clinton has promised amnesty and U.S. citizenship.

In addition, Hillary Clinton has vowed to close private immigrant detention centers where dangerous criminal aliens are held.

How could American citizens possibly feel safe in their homes?

Not only was Secretary Clinton’s foreign policy fraught with horrible decisions causing the loss of American lives and treasure overseas, her campaign promises include spending vast amounts of taxpayer money to support illegal immigrants, and allowing terrorists free range inside the borders of the U.S. to infiltrate where we sleep.

A Hillary Clinton presidency would no doubt put America and its people in grave danger.