Hillary Clinton’s Speech Just Backfired In A Major Way

The last few weeks on the campaign trail have featured Hillary Clinton hurtling charges of racism at Donald Trump.

She kicked off the push with a major speech linking the GOP nominee to the “alt-right.”

But Hillary Clinton did not envision the move would boomerang back to her.

When Hillary began to smear Trump as a racist, it opened up a discussion on her own racist past.

Trump labeled her a bigot because as a typical Democrat, Hillary campaigns as if she is entitled to minorities’ votes, despite Democrat policies failing those communities.

CNN reports:

“Hillary Clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future,” Trump said at a campaign rally here, speaking to an overwhelmingly white audience of supporters in the deep-red state. “She doesn’t care what her policies have done to your communities. She has no remorse. She’s going to do nothing for Hispanics and African-Americans.”


Trump last week accused Clinton of “bigotry” — a term Clinton has occasionally invoked on the trail as well to criticize Trump — but ratcheted up that language Wednesday night. His prepared remarks, which the Trump campaign released ahead of his latest verbal assault, included the “bigot” accusation.

Trump’s move also honed attention on Hillary’s past.

Initially, many Black Lives Matter activists were cool to Hillary’s campaign because of her support for the 1994 Crime Bill, which they claim increased mass incarceration.

Hillary defended the crime bill by referring to black teenagers as “super-predators” who must be treated like dogs.

The Washington Post reports on her remarks:

“They are often the kinds of kids that are called ‘super-predators,'” Clinton said in 1996, at the height of anxiety during her husband’s administration about high rates of crime and violence. “No conscience, no empathy, we can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.”

Hillary is also a strong proponent of gun control, which would disarm minorities who wish to defend themselves.

Data shows the rate of concealed carry permits are increasing among minorities.

But Democrat policies have always hurt minorities, despite the fact the party has mined those communities for votes.

The War on Poverty has been a failure.

Democratic domination of education has led to failing schools and too many children left behind.

And Hillary is promising to double-down on this failure.

Do you think Hillary’s attack on Trump as a racist will backfire?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.

  • NWOBS9014

    Hillary came, She saw, She lost…

    • ladyhuckleberry

      We can only pray for this.

  • Ron Myers

    Most, not all Decocrats Vote “The party”, (ie0 “My father and grandfather, strong union members, voted Decocratic, and I will too.” Regardless of How much termoil and pain Hillary has and will cause, over the years.

    • Barb McFadden

      Then you are no better than Hillary if you won’t even change parties against a lying, possible murdering, thieving, immoral, no value, uncaring candidate.

      • Ron Myers

        Barb, I was just “relenting”, what I believe some or most of the “Liverals” are thinking in this election, I for one, do not like Hillary, and would not vote for her. I jope this “clears up my last post”.

        • Barb McFadden

          Then I apologize. It looked like you were voting democrat.

          • Ron Myers

            Thank you Barb, no apologies needed, but after that “tongue lashing I received, I thought I had better explain myself. I can see how I worded what I said, it miay have been taken the “wrong way”

          • Donaldo

            I read it that way also Barb !

          • ajareins

            It was in quotes ,,,,obvious to me what he meant

    • freethinker4

      Most people I know including my family are voting for Trump except for 1 Engineer and among them a few card carrying union members that vote republican every time. I read on the internet that a large majority of AFL-CIO members are with Trump along with the Border Patrol that is Union. Worry about the 14% educated conservative republicans that are endorsing or voting for Hitlary as I just seen that on face the nation along with republican senators and representatives. I can only hope the constituents of these servants reward them with no vote?

  • Snaps

    Not to mention that she is a “proud recipient” of the Margaret Sanger award from Planned Infanticide, who founded that slaughterhouse institution. Margaret Sanger’s publicly stated goal was to eliminate the Negro race, which she thought was an inferior race. She was a popular speaker to the Klu Klux Klan women’s groups.

    • ladyhuckleberry

      Have you ever worked with Black mothers from the inner city?? I have and some of them truly have benifited from being near the clinics set up near them when they couldn’t get to a hospital. Those same clinics provide birth control for teenage girls and boys along with valuable information. It it wasn’t for these clinics there’d be a lot more problems but as they are there they do have good points.

      • freethinker4

        Maybe if we had a government that looked out for all our people in this nation by making sure people have access to a decent paying Job and didn’t cater to the 1% that have no Patriotism what so ever or any sense of Nationalism we wouldn’t need such an organisation. This country should be a lot better than it is

        • ladyhuckleberry

          I agree with what you’re saying but as a product of the Great State of Louisiana it’s truly heartbreaking to see the people stay in an area where they find so much and are afraid to venture out of it. Those that judge em as being crazy have no clue as to the reasons why they don’t move. It’s all some have ever known and what they’ve been thru they pass on and it becomes a vicious cycle. Those who get out realize of why others stay behind without judgement. Neither the leader of this Country nor the blonde bimbo running for the job care not for those who choose to stay behind or others that live in areas such as the Great State of Louisiana because they feel they’re beyond and above others. Granted it happens all over this Country but it’s only certain areas that become targets. The people who stay behind aren’t bad people but there are those who are. Until I tell people where I’m from they accept me on their terms and even when I say I’m from there’s those who still accept me and then there’s those that have reservations. It hurts like hell but we’re all human. I just wish that all people would come together and accept people for who they are and not where they came from. In the coming days unity is going to be more and more important because the day will come when some will become a part of the Rapture and some will be left behind. It’s just time for acceptance and not shunning one another.

  • Donnie Buchanan

    Democrats started the KKK, introduced and fought to keep ‘Jim Crow Laws’, fought against integration, and if anyone is smart enough to google this they will see it’s true. So why would they vote for Killery. Margaret Sanger put Planned Parenthood in or near to black communities to deliberately target black births also. This is something that democrats fight to fund.

  • Wilbor Gavin

    This is something unusual for a republican candidate, instead of cowering like a wussie being bullied by the school house bully, when attacked, and breaking open like a 12 gauge shotgun, like Obola does in a Muslim royalty, meeting. Trump researches his opposition, and hits back at the progressive, Marxist with their own history and, the history of their Marxist party,. Unprecedented for a republican Presidental candidate to have a set.
    Go trump 2016.

  • Bobseeks

    Shillary offers nothing to anyone but the elitist government oppressors who want to bring us ALL to heel under the jackboots of government thugs. She serves nothing but power and seeks nothing but power.

  • John

    Hilary is a lying piece of crap. Just look at her record from pre Arkansas to now!!! Those of us old enough to remember do and you younger folks need to read and get educated.

  • Thomas

    Hillary is a hard core communist with Stalinist dreams of ruling America.

  • drbhelthi

    Having followed Hillary Rodham´s political involvement since 1974 and the Clinton duo since 1976, I tend to think that neither she nor her legal husband are “racists”. Why? Both crave power and money, neither of which reflects racism, but rather psychopathy. My impression is that neither of the Clinton duo care enough about either race to qualify as “racists.” Their manipulation of humanity is of such a nature that both would more readily qualify, generally, as anti-human. Mrs. Clinton identified with the CIA in her treason against the US and Nixon in 1974. Both have dientified with the CIA/GHWBush since Mr. Clinton administered the Mena airport leg of cocaine smuggling during his governorship of Arkansas. Both have enlarged in criminality with the CIA/Bush organization, and George W. Bush said that they were like family. Former USAF Colonel, L. Fletcher Prouty defined the CIA in his semi-autobiography, “The Secret Team the CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World.” Reading colonel Prouty´s book assists one to understand why both Clintons have been shielded from criminal charges continuously since 1975, and why the Chief, FBI recently declined to perform his duty in the Clinton illegal-computer-server, farcical hearing.

  • generalJed

    Don’t forget, the Democrat party IS the Party of the KKK . One of Hillary’s mentors was Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, whom she idolized. She also wrote a thesis on another of her idols, Saul Alinsky, who worshiped the Devil, and devoted “Rules for Radicals” to his name, Lucifer. Pope Benedict XVI called the Democrat Party, “The Party of Death”. They are responsible for over 60 million aborted babies and countless lives of the mothers, just so they could get rid of American kids and replace them with immigrants from despotic countries who know nothing about our Constitution or traditions. That was what the “Great Society” legislation and Roe vs. Wade was all about!

  • annarose13

    All Hillary’s lies will backfire! I don’t believe there is ONE person, either party, that believes anything she says. As evil, untrusting traitor she is Democrats put up w/ it, they are terrified of losing the election & they will..

    • Sharon Bauerle

      Let’s all pray Isaiah 54:17 for Trump’s protection.

      • Martha Steward

        Amen and Amen.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    it doesn’t matter what she throws at trump , she has a million things to throw right back in her face , after 40 years of corruption in politics , i can see her flipping out in the debates already

    • Donaldo

      From what I hear lately, are you sure we are going to have a traditional debate?

      • ajareins

        Expound please?

        • Donaldo

          On the news Friday they said the upcoming debate may not be a head to head debate. They might have each one on individualy answer questions. .????

          • ajareins

            The little B is afraid to debate him and she doesn’t want to have to stand the whole time. She is too physically weak

      • Richard Bagenstose

        not sure of anything with these criminals in charge , and i don’t see a fair election coming either , the way i see it , there will be more fraud in this election then any other , it’s the only way hillary can win

  • Leah Lax

    Let Hillary’s Hunger Games Begin!

  • alpambuena

    Hillary has had over 30 years to solve and make progress in solving many of the social issues….and now comes out with more of the same democrat blabber…if her solutions are so great why hasn’t Hillary had Obama do them over the past 8 years???

  • Ed Martin

    Hillary is toast as soon Assange before the debates will release a bunch of new wiki leaks, documents and emails he says ‘will destroy her”. Google search it to see the soon big damage and it will give fuel to Trump in the debates a few days later after Assange releases in in time for the debates.

  • Bama Bill

    Hillary is “Owned” by Saudi Arabia, George Soros, and the super wealthy that pay her to get their way. About 200 million from the Saudi prince, and the same from Soros. He funds “MoveOn”, and about 2,000 liberal groups, so I can’t get an accurate dollar amount, but it is huge. Soros spent over 25 million on a failed attempt to keep Bush from being re-elected. The “Unions” are small change in comparison, but think about it. Pro sports, govt. employees, including postal workers, most of Chicago, L.A., New York, etc. She is “In it for the $$$$”!

  • Martha Steward

    Hillary has destroyed herself. She chose to lie time after time, and now her past is catching up to her.

  • ladyhuckleberry

    This demented bimbo wouldn’t have a clue about Life if the truth be known or at least part of it if that was even possible. In all of my life I’ve never seen the likes of this idiot to make any changes whether it be for somebody else or themself. I can only hope that she and her fellow cronies examine their own lives and leave decent people alone. None of them have the American People’s best in mind only to make our lives a continuing living nitemare. Isn’t time to give it up and get some help for what ails you??

  • Maria castro

    Why do you think they want the illegals? The blacks will not put up with the abuses of the liberals, and I have seen them in action. The ignorant illegals thank the “patroncitos” and lick their feet out of fear and out of the need. I have seen them in action. Example: A 12 year old spoiled liberal brag throws a bag of peanuts on the floor, in order to teach consideration and manners, the maid tells him nicely to please pick them up, the mother jumps like a harpy and tells the humble maid “listen Indian, my son is the king, and if you have to lick his boots you do so, otherwise get out of here immediately and I will make sure to report you, you know I know where to find you”. That is how the so called suburban liberal “bleeding hearts” wives treat their helpers, which they consider slaves. No wonder they claim they will not vote for Trump.

  • David Lofton

    Trump needs keep it up but make sure to back up what he is saying with hard cold facts which will always stop a snake in its tracks as when truth is shown backed by irrefutable fact in black and white the snake can only shed that skin of lies in defeat and slither off to recover so as to be able spew new ones.

  • Jim Crumpton

    Hillary has no idea what’s going on, she just reads from the teleprompter
    what her staff writes for her and not is said except to bash Trump just like all the Demos who are asked questions, They don’t answer it, they start
    with Trump.