Hillary ‘Will Die a Death of a Thousand Cuts’: One Dem’s Plan to Save the Democratic Party


Dick Harpootlian, the former chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, recently gave MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki his assessment of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the negative affect it is having on the Democratic party.

Harpootlian compared Hillary’s ‘baggage’ as it relates to all of her scandals — financial and otherwise — to Vice President Joe Biden’s ‘pristine’ financial records. In his opinion, if Biden were to run for president, it would give Democrats the strongest chance to keep the White House in 2016.

As Harpootlian told Kornacki:

I think Hillary comes into the race, as she did in ’08 with all kinds of baggage… There’s going to be distractions, we saw just this week with the Wall Street Journal about payments money raised to the foundation and speeches given, prior to her becoming secretary of state…


It’s that kind of record and those kinds of distractions that will keep her off-balance and the Democratic party off-balance throughout the Clinton campaign…


I think it’s very important to understand, she will die a death of a thousand cuts, as I said some time ago while Biden can focus the voters on him and on what he proposes to do…

Joe Biden is an inspirational figure. He gives a great speech… Bill Clinton had that. Barack Obama had that. Even George W. Bush has that. Hillary Clinton does not have the ability to inspire people.

You can hear the exchange here:

Dick Harpootlian on MSNBC

Do you agree with Dick Harpootlian’s assessment on Hillary that, “She ain’t got it”?