Hillary’s Pay-To-Play Scandal Heats Up

Hillary’s deceitful actions in the pay-to-play scandal continue to run deep.

The Associated Press released a stunning report which revealed more than half of the donors who met with Hillary while she served as Secretary of State were donors to the Clinton Foundation.

And as American Patriot Daily previously reported, Hillary Clinton Just Admitted To Committing Perjury  while everyone thought the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scandal and email scandal were different, new information shows they may be related.

Hillary, realizing the AP’s report makes her look guilty, stated she would take “additional steps” to reduce any potential conflict of interest if she were to become president.

Bill Clinton, who sits on the Clinton Foundation’s board, issued a statement saying he would step down from the board, cease all fundraising, and no longer accept foreign or corporate donations if Hillary becomes president.

Folks at the DNC rushed to defend Hillary, insisting there is no evidence she broke the law, and she was simply doing “business as usual.”

However, as Politico reports, VP candidate Mike Pence isn’t buying it:

“The public has a right to know, because this — really and truly, this is exactly the kind of pay-to-play politics the American people are, are sick and tired of. But, frankly, it is just one more example of the way I do believe that the Clintons have been operating over the last 30 years,” Pence said.

And as The New York Post points out, recently released emails show individuals who “couldn’t get a meeting with the Secretary through official channels managed to get it with foundation help once they were donors. They paid, in other words, and they played.”

But just who was Hillary meeting with?

Breitbart reports:

Some of Clinton’s most influential visitors donated millions to the Clinton Foundation and to her and her husband’s political coffers. They are among scores of Clinton visitors and phone contacts in her official calendar turned over by the State Department to AP last year and in more-detailed planning schedules that so far have covered about half her four-year tenure. The AP sought Clinton’s calendar and schedules three years ago, but delays led the AP to sue the State Department last year in federal court for those materials and other records.

  1. Daniel Abraham, whose name also was included in emails released by the State Department as part of another lawsuit, is a Clinton fundraising bundler who was listed in Clinton’s planners for eight meetings with her at various times. A billionaire behind the Slim-Fast diet and founder of the Center for Middle East Peace, Abraham told the AP last year his talks with Clinton concerned Mideast issues.

As Hillary’s scandalous past continues to be revealed, there’s no telling what else will be uncovered.

Do you think Hillary is guilty of pay-to-play? Or was she simply “doing her job?”

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