Homeland Security Says Trump Too Mean To Muslims

The head of Homeland Security, Secretary Jeh Johnson, has condemned Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for the candidate’s rhetoric on the issue of Muslim extremism.

Secretary Johnson is parroting President Obama’s sentiment that acts of Islamic terrorism are the fault of the West for antagonizing Muslims.

WorldNetDaily.com reports:

Speaking at an elite Aspen Institute forum in Colorado, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson chastised Republican nominee Donald Trump without using the candidate’s name, decrying political rhetoric that “vilifies Muslims.”


“Overheated rhetoric that fans the flames of fear and prejudice has consequences,” he said at the four-day Aspen Security Forum, calling it “a setback to our homeland security efforts.”


The Colorado Springs Gazette reported Johnson said his agency has worked with American Muslims to improve intelligence efforts and get advanced warning of potential lone-wolf terrorist strikes. “There is very definitely a role for the public to play in this environment,” Johnson said, according to the paper. “The public can and has made a difference through vigilance and awareness.”

Donald Trump has built a reputation on his willingness to speak bluntly about the issue of Islamic terrorism. Most Americans agree that the issue is not made worse by blunt or aggressive rhetoric.

He has also suggested he will follow common-sense approaches to curtailing these acts of terrorism — such as temporarily ending immigration from Islamic countries rife with Radical Islam or known to be compromised by terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Democrats have sharply criticized Trump for his plan to block Muslim immigration.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration has continued to espouse a “gentle approach” to this deadly issue.

Clearly, DHS Secretary Johnson believes that the threat from Islamic terrorism will abate if the American people “make nice” and use friendly rhetoric. Johnson’s approach to rooting out the “few bad apples” is heavily invested in assistance from the Muslim communities in America.

A former DHS officer feels this is a big mistake.

However, the reality, according to former DHS officer Philip Haney, is that many mainstream Muslim groups in the United States have emphatically renounced the DHS signature motto of “See Something, Say Something” and its Countering Violent Extremism policy, claiming that the approach is biased and stigmatizes Muslims.

Haney would like Johnson to actually share with the public which — if any — Muslim Americans have stepped forward to assist law enforcement in the identification and neutralization of terrorists from within the Islamic community.

Groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) are all being touted as “outreach partners,” but Haney is quick to point out all three openly oppose Muslim cooperation with the FBI and law enforcement, and have been proven in court to serve as front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Without any real support from these groups, it is highly unlikely any Muslim-Americans will practice “See Something, Say Something” with regards to Islamic terrorists.

The Muslim Brotherhood and their allies in America have only the goal of establishing Sharia law in the United States — first in small communities, and eventually throughout the entire country.

One small town in the vicinity of Detroit is already experiencing the first phases of Sharia law as its (and the nation’s) first Muslim-majority city council starts to pass Sharia compliant laws and ordinances. Their town is now disturbed five times a day with loudspeaker blasts calling Muslims to pray, and the areas around the town’s many mosques have been declared alcohol-free zones.

In June, Officer Haney testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that the Obama Administration had altered, or outright deleted, more than 800 records related to the Muslim Brotherhood and their network in the U.S.

Sen. Ted Cruz confronted DHS Secretary Johnson over Haney’s testimony, but Johnson feigned total ignorance on the subject. Johnson is optimistic that ISIS and Islamic terrorism will soon cease to be a threat due to these new policies.



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