House GOP May Use Lame Duck Session To Pass This Massive Strike At Obama’s Powers

REINS Act would revolutionize Washington by destroying the regulatory state

Barack Obama plans to use the final five months of his Presidency to ram through a tidal wave of radical regulations.

And Republicans may pull the ‘REINS’ on him.

Specifically, they may finally pass the REINS Act – a revolutionary reform that shuts down D.C.’s regulatory regime.

Barack Obama, and past Presidents, have used the unaccountable powers of regulatory agencies to literally replace Congress with their own set of laws.

Regulations have the force of law, but are written and enforced by the President’s appointees in Executive agencies.

But the REINS Act eliminates that.

Under the REINS Act, all major federal regulations cannot be enacted unless they are passed by both the House and Senate as stand-alone, recorded votes.

It must then be signed by the President.

In other words, if it’s going to be enforced as a law, it has to be passed as a law.

No more regulation without representation.

No more control over Americans by unelected bureaucrats.

Obama has used regulations to enact by decree a bill environmentalists have spent 40 years trying to pass in Congress.

Liberals have been trying to amend the 1974 Clean Water Act to expand the definition of “water” to include virtually all private property.

The idea was so extreme and such a massive violation of private property rights, even Nancy Pelosi refused to bring it up for a vote.

So Obama ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to take out its pen and rewrite the law on its own.

And now, Congress may act.

A memo distributed to House Republicans last week outline Congress’ lame duck agenda.

Among the items listed was striking back at any lame duck Obama Executive Orders and stripping the government of its power to issue some lame duck regulations.

Passing the REINS Act would be a massive step in that direction.

Sponsored by Indiana Congressman Todd Young in the House and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul in the Senate, the bill has already passed in the House and awaits a vote in the Senate.

Mitch McConnell could strike directly at the heart of D.C. unchecked power by calling a vote on the REINS Act, before the election.

The House says they want to take action against Obama’s plan to ram through the most toxic parts of his agenda through out-the-door regulations.

The REINS Act would stop him.



8 thoughts on “House GOP May Use Lame Duck Session To Pass This Massive Strike At Obama’s Powers

  1. David Stewart

    Fat chance of reining in the Kenyan; morning Dembooster news (all networks) mentioned Obongo and Mitch having a lovefest over Congressional budget; Mr. Spineless just can’t tell a primitive No!

  2. Anthony Guastella

    A wonderful law and long over due. The unelected bureaucrats ruin lives at their discretion. evil does not begin to describe these awful people.

  3. Ektor

    Obama’s going to agree to this law? Hardly. This law is being put in place to stop Trump, if he should win. If Congress wants to be important again, they should grow a pair and stop Obama and the left with other measures they could enact. But it is way late in the game. Grade for Congress since the 2014 elections…E+.

  4. R. Ledet

    Why does anyone believe the Republicans, all of a sudden, have the balls to do anything to stop Obama ? They haven’t for the last 7 1/2 years !

  5. way2confused

    not a chance this will pass under Obama the tyrant. It is the only way he can destroy the country without the help of congress.

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