How Far Did Obama Go To Silence One Of Hillary’s Rivals?

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks continue to release damaging information about Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and the news media’s efforts to rig the election.

And recently it came out that Ecuador cut off Assange’s access to the internet.

But did they act on their own?

There are new allegations the Ecuadorian government was acting on behalf of the Obama administration.

Many feared Assange – who is currently residing in the Ecuadorian embassy in London – was dead after he dropped out of contact.

WikiLeaks later confirmed he had only lost internet access and Ecuador had blocked him from using the internet.

Many assumed the Obama administration was feverishly working to silence Assange since he was releasing information damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Those beliefs were given validity when WikiLeaks declared Secretary of State John Kerry had pressured the Ecuadorian government to silence Assange.

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa – who has said Hillary Clinton would be his choice for President – may well have been amendable to the idea of cutting off Assange’s internet access.

His government responded to the charges made by WikiLeaks, merely asserting Assange’s right to asylum.

But he did not deny Secretary Kerry had pressured his government to muzzle Assange.

The New York Times reports:

“Questions to the Ecuadorean Embassy on Tuesday were met with a polite reference to the mission’s website and to a brief statement.


“In view of recent speculations, the government of Ecuador reaffirms the validity of the asylum granted four years ago to Julian Assange,” the statement said. “We also ratify that the protection given by the Ecuadorean state will continue while the circumstances that led to the granting of asylum remain.”


There was no mention of internet access.”

Critics contend the Obama administration has already used extra-legal pressure on political opponents.

The IRS targeted tea party groups for harassment.

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio are both Republicans who found themselves under the threat of criminal prosecution by Barak Obama’s Department of Justice.

So no one would be surprised if Secretary Kerry brought the full pressure of the United States government down on Ecuador to stop Julian Assange from publishing more information harmful to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.



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    Portents of the globalist vision for individual Liberty permissions granted to compliant subjects.

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