If You’re White And In Milwaukee, You Need To Leave

Prominent, award-winning reporter Tim Poole has a message for whites in Milwaukee: “Leave.”

Tim Poole gained notice for his Occupy Wall Street protests in Chicago.

Poole stated that even though he’s not strictly white (he’s half Korean), he still felt in danger.

He posted a video to his YouTube page to inform fans he was pulling out.

“For those that are perceived white, it is just not safe to be here… that’s why I’m deciding to leave.”

Poole also admitted he became frightened for his personal safety after seeing an 18-year-old white kid get “shot in the neck.”

Rioters have taken to burning buildings and attacking police after a black police officer shot 23-year-old Sylville Smith on Saturday.

Smith has a string of charges dating back to 2011, including a shooting last year and intimidating a witness.

The gun Smith was brandishing was stolen, according to CNN, along with 500 rounds of ammunition.

Poole stated that “upon arriving [in Milwaukee] one of the first things we hear is the crowd getting angry, saying ‘what are these white people doing here?'”

From Breitbart:

Pool insisted he understood the anger of the crowd. “These locals are angry and they’re angry for a reason,” he said. “But things started to get really tense later in the night when people started screaming ‘f**k white people,’ ‘white people suck,’” Pool said before describing several incidents where rioters were angrily egging on their fellows to attack both white people and reporters.


The young reporter went on to stress that it “isn’t every protester” actively calling for such violence but he is still leaving the city.  “For those that are perceivably white, it is just not safe to be here. And that’s why I’m deciding to leave,” he said.

 Poole is among several journalists covering the unfolding events in Milwaukee.

Jim Dalrymple II, a reporter from Buzzfeed, tweeted that he was chased by a group of men in an SUV on his way back to his hotel.

He tweeted he was unaware who the men were but an armed security guard had to safely escort him from the car to the hotel.

“For those asking, I’m fine. But not going to lie, I’m a bit shaken up from when they started rushing the car. Not sure where that was going,” Dalrymple tweeted.

A man interviewed by the New York Times stated:

“It’s about the portrayal of the black community by white media,” said Keyon Jackson-Malone, a community advocate who lives in North Milwaukee and hosts a black talk radio show. “Our stories get mixed.”

Of the protesters who were hostile toward the news media, he added, “They probably just didn’t want them there because of how it’s usually portrayed.”

Several other media outlets have reported police officers targeted with bricks, rocks and other hard objects, and several buildings have been burned due to the riots.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has activated the National Guard and has asked for “continued peace and prayer.”

  • tarheel

    Maybe the black community should be careful of what it wishes for. A friend of mine was in South Africa several years ago and was approached by a gentleman looking for work. He seemed very intelligent, well educated, and spoke very good English, however was desperate for work….anything. As she was curious and asked why. His response was after apartheid, all the whites were run out…there was no more work. Now I understand apartheid, however in this country, don’t bite the hand that feeds you.