Illegal Immigrant Criminals Allowed To Stay

The American Immigrant Council currently grants 1 in 3 incarcerated illegal immigrants amnesty convicted of felony charges alone. Day by day, many illegal immigrants convicted of felonies are being released into the public, and even more shockingly, allowed to stay in the United States freely.

The Boston Globe organization recently did a study on the matter, and found that nearly 30% of over 300 illegal criminals released were convicted of serious crimes, including rape and manslaughter.

Many are repeat offenders, and the issue is entirely related to the backlog of cases the Immigration Judicial Board has to deal with on a yearly basis, as well as the overcrowding of prisons in America.

According to national law, if an immigration judge rules against deportation of the criminal, said criminal may stay in the United States after serving a negligible amount of time in jail, as determined by an outside criminal court.

This lapse in criminal control is paralleled to the lapse in all control of illegal alien activity in the United States. As more and more people come over the borders, the rate of incarcerations and criminal activity increases significantly.

There are both national and state immigration courts that handle various levels of cases. The 273 immigration judges that reside nationally are appointed by the United States Attorney General directly.

Based on trends studied, those at the state level are more inclined to allow illegal immigrants to stay, partly due to the lack of cooperation between state and national government bureaucracies.

Such states as Oregon, which are viewed as “Sanctuary States”, allow a whopping 80 percent or more of their charged immigrants to stay. Other states such as Louisiana and Georgia are not as forgiving, with 90 percent or more illegal immigrants being deported after charged, as reported by the Daily Caller.

Overall, the reasons for their release are primarily due to lack of evidence to hold convictions, overcrowding of prisons, and the refusal of the immigrants’ home country to take them back.

Many of the cases involve drug and gang activity from cartel groups that come over the border. According to the Daily Caller, over 2,035 illegal immigrants from Mexico were allowed to stay in the United States after being charged in 2016.

Besides bureaucratic difficulties affecting the detainment of illegal alien criminals, there are simply too many cases to handle with such a system as the United States has in place now.

The immigration court is currently backlogged with over half a million cases, and over 57 percent of the convicts with cases being heard are allowed to stay in the United States indefinitely, the highest rate not seen since 1998.

So why the change? The issue is directly related to Obama’s foreign border policies and their after effects.

The Daily Caller reports:

“It isn’t a coincidence that judges are more lenient than they were two decades ago.’ Vaugh Claimed.’ She says Obama has made ‘deliberate’ policy changes ‘to give every illegal alien possible an opportunity to take advantage of the most generous due process possible and to give them every bite at the apple to try to win the right to stay in the United States.”

The issue is currently being investigated by the department of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, with reforms being made to help deport those that will not be incarcerated. No official plan has been confirmed to put these supposed reforms into action.

What are your thoughts? If an illegal immigrant serves time for their crimes, should they be allowed to stay in the country when released?

Should the immigrants’ home countries be held accountable for the convicts, even though they often refuse to import the criminals back home?

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