Illegal Immigrants Claim Fear Of Their Country To Gain Asylum

12-7-16-crRecent reports said that Border Patrol along the U.S.-Mexican border had become daycare professionals because they were being forced to take care of illegal immigrants’ young children.

To turn a blind eye to what is clearly a problem along the border is liberal propaganda designed to deceive millions that all is kosher down there.

Now it seems as though the process of coming across the border for illegal immigrants has become much simpler because phrases, what they’re calling “magic words”, are being used to gain entry into the states.

Roughly 10 percent of illegal immigrants are now saying they “fear their home country” which was a program initially intended to be a humanitarian lifeline, but is now becoming a common phrase to gain a foothold into the U.S.

The Obama administration policy has enticed illegal immigrants to exploit this loophole and the Border Patrol chief says it’s a complete “fail in policy.”

The Washington Times reported:

“In 2010, less than 1 percent of those at the border were requesting asylum from the agents or officers who nabbed them.

Now it’s 9 percent, according to statistics the Immigration Reform Law Institute pried loose from the government through an open-records request and provided to The Washington Times.


The migrants are being coached by friends and family or smugglers, who collect thousands of dollars per person for their efforts, on the “magic words” to say to get put on the asylum track, border officials say.


‘We know that they’re coaching individuals on specifically what to say when they come here, that they just rattle off and they memorize the magic words that they need to say so that they’ll fall within the statute of credible fear,’ Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan told the Senate Homeland Security Committee in a hearing last week.


Most recently thousands of Haitians who have been living in South America since a 2010 earthquake in their home country have swarmed northward, claiming asylum when they reach California.  They were arriving at a rate of more than 100 a day.”

While Central Americans continue to use this loophole, the Obama administration has yet to enforce or even suggest any changes.

An agency spokesman, Daniel Hetlage, said that the “U.S. Customs & Border Protection has not sought legislative or policy changes in regard to credible fear claims.” And asylum is a political protection granted to foreigners who are already inside the U.S. It is different from the refugee process because they are still living outside of the country.

Anyone showing up at the border is to be asked a series of questions to find out if they were being unfairly treated in their home country, and if they claim they fear returning, they are put on the asylum track, which involves interviews and hearings to evaluate their claim.

Most of those who are claiming asylum will eventually be rejected, and are supposed to be deported.

However, because of a 2009 Obama administration policy change, Homeland Security no longer holds them while their cases are pending, which makes it easy for them to disappear into our country.

The Washington Times reported:

“Congressional Republicans say the 2009 policy change runs contrary to the intent of the law.  A Trump administration could quickly reverse the policy, which analysts said could go a long way toward stemming the flow.


Mexico’s major drug trafficking cartels, which also control most of the human smuggling routes along the border, have learned how to game the U.S. system, boosting the smugglers’ success rate and enticing new business — and along the way earning more cash for themselves. 


‘This is money and support that they would not be receiving if the Obama administration actually enforced our immigration laws,’ he said.


The numbers show just how quickly the cartels have figured things out.

In 2012, border officials recorded just 8,147 illegal immigrants asking for asylum.

That grew to 28,793 in 2014, and through the first 10 months of 2016 it had reached a staggering 46,628, according to the statistics provided to IRLI.


‘That’s being exploited,’ Chief Morgan told Congress. ‘It’s been going well beyond the original intent of the purpose of credible fear.’”

Now it’s up to President-elect Trump to reverse the Obama administration’s 2009 policy change – so we can make it clear that “magic words” for asylum will no longer benefit the illegal immigrants’ foothold in the U.S.