Illegal Immigrants Get Standing Ovation At DNC For Breaking The Law

If there’s a recurring theme at the Democratic National Convention, it’s lawlessness.

One fact is certain: illegal immigrants are breaking federal immigration laws.

And whether it’s supporting the radical anti-cop and black supremacy organization, Black Lives Matter, or supporting illegal immigration and allowing an unlimited number of lawbreakers to stay in the United States, the Democrat Party doesn’t care.

Maybe the elites in the Democrat Party believe they can pander to this crowd of people and they will be rewarded on election day, even if it’s at the expense of the American people.

That might explain why when two illegal immigrants, a mother and her daughter, walked onto the stage at the Democratic National Convention, they were applauded during their speech for flaunting the fact that they broke the law.

They even told everyone in attendance and the viewers watching from home that they supported Hillary Clinton.

On most days I’m scared that at any moment my mom and my dad will be forced to leave. Hillary Clinton told me that she would do everything she could to help us. She told me that I didn’t have to do the worrying, because she would do the worrying for me, and all of us.”

Of course, Hillary Clinton is pulling a trick out of her old playbook to pander and exploit children as a reason to support her.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that someone who spends their career in politics likely doesn’t genuinely care — they’re just seeking votes.

But truth be told, the fact that lawbreakers and cop haters support Hillary Clinton isn’t surprising.  They’ve joined the right club, given Hillary’s long history of corruption and scandal.

If Democrats actually cared about immigration and helping people, they would bring legal immigrants onto the stage and celebrate their hard work and respect for the law.

Obviously that hasn’t happened — and likely won’t — because the Democrats and Hillary Clinton want to continue the Obama administration’s goal of “fundamentally transforming” America by flooding the country with people who have no intention of accepting America’s culture and values.

Besides, if you can help yourself and you’re not a “victim,” then why would the Democrats want to “save” you?  They know they can’t win over your vote.

But the most revealing fact was that nobody in the audience seemed to care at all that the rule of law had been shredded, disrespected, and tossed to the side as meaningless.

Instead, the audience revealed what most conservatives in America already know:  that the liberals and radical leftists in the Democrat Party and media are hell-bent on ruining this country.

They’ll do whatever it takes to do it.

And if it harms the hardworking American citizen, then so be it.

This is a clear distinction from Donald Trump and the Republican Party, who have made it a clear point to stand up for a return to law and order.

Trump has pledged to build a wall, cut off the spigot of illegal immigration, and deport those who are here illegally.

America will decide which course to take this November.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

  • Roger Lange

    we should deport Hillary

  • driver

    See judicial watch..their investigations found (with proof and pics) homeland security, through a contractor named g5s, is presently taking 80% of all illegals crossing the border straight to arizona where your tax money buys them a ticket to anywhere they want to go in papers, no id, and border patrol is powerless in trying to stop it…americs is in serious trouble and the only ones to blame is our present govt..wake up people..

    • Jake319

      Lol…..your nuts. Why would a government by a ticket for anybody? The profit prisons are grabbing up your tax money. Arresting illegals at a cost of $3800 a month. Where is your outrage over that? Sorry to disturbed you can go back to your AM hate broadcast now.

      • driver

        Well jake, not no hate broadcast..there were actual congressional hearings about what i posted..homeland security and border patrol both testified about it..a little research you can find it but you are not going to locate it easily, as the govt doesnt want you to see it, especially when your president and his hopeful successor are doing such a great job, and with the elections and all..i merely pointed you to the easiest place to see the info, which was obtained (most of which) through the freedom of information act, the rest through onsite investigations…the govt isnt buying a thing..your tax dollars are..

  • driver

    Go to pbs newshour rundown, the story is there concrrning the govt releasing illegals INTO this country, and they dont even know how many..i may be nuts, but congressionsl hearings, pbs, washington post, surely they arent sll nuts too..