Immigrant “Student” Flies Plane Into Downtown Connecticut Building

According to the New York Times, the survivor of a plane crash Tuesday night told the media the crash was “not an accident”.

Jordanian immigrant, Feras M. Freitekh, was piloting the plane and died in the crash.

The Daily Caller reports:

The plane reportedly took off from a small flight school in Hartford, and went down on East Hartford’s Main Street Tuesday afternoon. Freitekh’s passenger, a flight instructor, survived in the crash, and the East Hartford Fire Department noted he was taken to the hospital with “significant injuries.”

Freitekh was issued a student visa in 2012 so he could come to America to attend flight school. He was later given a private pilot’s license in May 2015, and was assigned the rights to fly small single-engine aircrafts.

Freitekh’s passenger and flight instructor, Arian Prevalla, survived the crash and told officials from The National Transportation Security Board’s it was not an accident.

Prevalla claims that Freitekh was “disgruntled” about wanting to become a pilot, and before the crash, the two had gotten into an argument in the cockpit of the small plane.

Fox News reports:

The official says the instructor told police there was an altercation in the cockpit during their training flight, and the instructor was unable to regain control of the plane from the student pilot. The plane crashed onto a busy road near jet-engine maker Pratt & Whitney’s headquarters.

The FBI has since been involved, due to their concern with the plane crashing next to Pratt and Whitney Aviation factory, which supplies aviation parts for the US military as well as to their regular business.

The Pratt and Whitney Company is a global aviation supplier. There is no known connection between their business and the crash at this time.

There was also no impact on services from the company, including those provided to the United States military.

The Daily Caller reports:

P&W spokesman confirmed in a statement, “it does not appear at this time that any Pratt & Whitney employees or contractors were involved. Additionally, there is no impact to our operation here in East Hartford other than restricted traffic flow to the facility’s main entrance on Main Street. We stand ready to assist local officials as needed.”

The plane crashed into a utility pole and electrical wires, causing it to erupt in what was described as a fireball. Several hundred people were without power for hours.

Freitekh’s motivations are unknown at this time, though it is known that shortly before the crash, the pilot told his passenger he “no longer wanted to fly the plane”.

Though the pilot was a Middle Eastern immigrant, it is not known if there were any terrorist connections as of yet, however the investigation is still ongoing.

What are your thoughts? Was this a potential terrorist attack? Or was it simply an outraged young man who wanted to be noticed by the world?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • HittingTheTarget

    First of all, stop click-baiting. Your headline states he flew the plane into a downtown building. He didn’t. Secondly, if this guy was a terrorist, he wasn’t very good at it, was he? And lastly, I think he was a typical a-hole who had a major temper tantrum over something he couldn’t have or do and while pitching his hissy fit managed to get himself killed, nearly killing others too. I’m sure Daesh will try & make him a martyr for their cause if the guy is Muslim. Don’t they always?

  • David Stewart

    My, these Arabs have a tough commencement exercise, don’t they? He passed!

  • Awake
  • Karma

    Oh no we dont have terrorists in america…obama and hillary saw to that already…what a joke

  • coconuisse

    Some wag will no doubt now offer an opinion that all Muslims should be forbidden from applying for a pilot’s license. What a politically correct opposition there will be to that? Oh, my!!!