Insane: Look Who Was Caught Protecting Illegals Now

President Trump has made it known criminal illegals are not welcome in America.

While many law enforcement officials and leaders are following his plan to secure America’s borders, not everyone has Trump’s back.

In fact, there are those in positions of power who are not only refusing to comply with President Trump’s immigration plan, they are openly partnering with illegals.

Taking matters into their own hands, many local law enforcement officials are refusing to report criminal illegals to the feds and therefore shielding them from deportation.

By refusing to report criminal illegals, these liberal law enforcement officials are endangering the lives of innocent Americans by allowing the illegals to stay undetected in America.

Regardless of one’s personal political views, the federal government depends on local law enforcement officers to do their jobs.

But not all are on board with the blatant defiance of President Trump.

Greg Champagne, President of the National Sheriffs’ Association, spoke out and said it’s “appalling” that rogue agents aren’t following the law.

Breitbart reported:

“Champagne said that the outrage over Trump’s immigration plan is “a case where it’s all about the messenger and not the message. The Obama administration deported 2.5 million illegal aliens during his last term. And you didn’t see the coverage. You didn’t see the uproar. You didn’t see all the gnashing of teeth that you see now.”

He added, “Let me be clear, there are no sheriffs out there that want to go round up kids from schools, and otherwise people who are law-abiding, who are doing what they’re supposed to be doing. But we have to bring a halt to the influx of illegal immigration at our southern border. It is a big burden on sheriffs, border sheriffs, state sheriffs on that border, and it’s time that we send a message that just, the law is going to be enforced, and to say that we’re not going to cooperate, or for a governor to ask his people not to cooperate with the federal government is appalling.”

But local law enforcement agencies aren’t the only ones shielding illegals.

Religious leaders have come together to create an “underground railroad” to hide illegals and protect them from being deported.

Not subject to the same rules, thanks to an Obama loophole, these leaders are setting up safe sanctuaries for illegals.

The Blaze reported:

“There’s some element of we’re entering into territory that I don’t know exactly what the consequences are,” he said about possibly breaking the law to harbor illegals, “but I think I know what the moral consequences are for me if we don’t act. Like this isn’t a moment to be standing idly by.”

Under a policy put in place by the Obama administration, federal agents will not enter a religious institution without approval, but these faith leaders believe that policy will be rescinded under President Trump. Their response is to prepare with safe houses for illegal aliens, which would fall under 4th Amendment protection, and require officials to obtain a warrant before entering.

Reverend Zach Hoover of L.A. Voice says that the network can currently house hundreds of illegals all over Southern California but believes they will be reaching into the thousands soon. “People will be moving into a place so that ICE can’t find them,” he explained, “so that they can stay with their family so that they can be with their husbands so that they can avoid being detained and deported.”

What are your thoughts about local law enforcement officers refusing to report illegals?

Do you agree religious leaders have the right to create “underground railroads” to hide illegals?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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