Iran Just Announced New Technology That Trump Needs To Act On NOW

Hostile Iranian-Israeli relations have been going on for 70 years, but Israel has always been one of the United States closest allies despite the animosity and contention that existed between former President Obama and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

Obama made a disastrous nuclear deal with Iran that completely compromised the security of our ally, but now that he’s out of office, President Trump and Netanyahu can realign our relations and protect them from dangerous countries in the Middle East.

But Iran just announced a new technology which will not only compromise Israel’s safety, but the U.S. as well, and President Trump needs to address this issue immediately.

According to The Washington Times:

“Iran has deployed a new counter-drone weapon — a rifle-shaped jamming device that the regime says can electronically separate a remotely piloted aircraft from its command pilot and even reprogram it to turn on its owner.


The development could be significant for the future of drone warfare. Unmanned aerial vehicles are taking on larger roles in anti-U.S. planning by Iran and other belligerents.

The U.S. military routinely launches spy drones over the Persian Gulf as well as over Iraq and Syria.


Iran has tested and deployed suicide drones that it says can be launched against U.S. ships, which are targets of harassment by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ navy.

Gen. Joseph Votel, who heads U.S. Central Command and oversees Persian Gulf operations, said UAVs are among several weapons Iran deploys to try to menace shipping.


‘The way they affect us is they provide Iran with a layered capability where they can use their fast boats, they can use cruise missiles, they can use radars, they can use UAVs to potentially dominate specific areas,’ Gen. Votel told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday.


In Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State has become more proficient in reconfiguring off-the-shelf drones to spy on and attack U.S.-backed coalition forces.  The Islamic State, known as ISIL, ISIS, and Daesh, has affixed small bombs and accurately dropped them onto people and vehicles in and around Mosul, Iraq, according to its propaganda videos.


In Iraq and Syria, the U.S. military is constantly flying Predator and Reaper UAVs to hunt and bomb Islamic State terrorists, vehicles, and hideouts.


Iran is deeply involved in Iraq, where it is directing various Shiite militias by the thousands against the Islamic State with a wary eye on Americans who operate nearby as advisers to Iraqi regular forces.


Iran’s hand-held, drone-jamming tool could be turned against the U.S.


‘The device, which resembles a rifle, is capable of locking onto a drone and jamming its communications,’ says an analysis from the Army’s Foreign Military Studies Office at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.


Citing Iranian information, the analysis states: ‘Once the device locks onto a drone, its operator is no longer in control.  It is also reported that it has hacking capabilities, potentially rerouting a targeted drone.  Additionally, its hacking abilities may allow the device user to safely land a drone.’”

This is sort of reminiscent of when the United States secretly provided rocket launchers to Afghanistan to take down invading Russian helicopters.

Iran’s newest technology seems to have come out of nowhere, and Israel doesn’t have the answer, which means the United States needs to take the reigns in countering counter-drone jammers, because if not, there is no full transparency – which is the most dangerous part.

Now they can hide anything they want to.  Remember that catastrophic Iran-nuclear deal?

The Washington Times concluded:

“Gen. Votel told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the U.S. faces a ‘range of malign activities perpetrated by Iran and its proxies operating in the region.  It is my view that Iran poses the greatest long-term threat to stability for this part of the world.’


Asked by Sen. Deb Fischer, Nebraska Republican, if Iran’s behavior has ‘improved or has it worsened’ since the 2015 nuclear agreement negotiated by the Obama administration, Gen. Votel said: ‘I would describe it as destabilizing to the region.  It has not been helpful to anything that I can see going on across the region.’”

Hopefully, President Trump has an answer to this. He really wasn’t joking when he said he inherited a mess from Obama.

Thanks Obama.



One thought on “Iran Just Announced New Technology That Trump Needs To Act On NOW

  1. drbhelthi

    Former CIA agent Michael F. Scheuer, adjunct professor of Peace and Security Studies in Georgetown University, verified that “Israel” is a parasite rather than a “friend”. Israel´s leadership parasites on the USA, costs taxpayers many billions of dollars annually for which only spying and subterfuge is returned. Dr. Alan Sabrosky of the Army War College determined that the Israeli MOSSAD conducted 9-11, verified by several articles on veteranstoday com, and by wikileaks. Books by former MOSSAD agents Ari Ben-Menashe and Victor Ostrovsky reveal the sinister details of the israeli spy and assassination agency, MOSSAD. Ben-Menashe documented how George H. W. Bush used Judaism´s MOSSAD to conduct the “October Surprise of 1980,” which amounted to treason, a coup détat against president Jimmy Carter and Americans. (Profits of War Inside the Secret
    U.S. – Israeli Arms Network,” p. 75.)

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