IRS Sued For Hindering Private Clinton Investigation

The Daily Caller News Foundation and the Cause of Action Institute has filed a joint suit against the Internal Revenue Service. The suit is in regards to the IRS’ hesitation to release documents that may be crucial to incriminating Hillary Clinton and her Foundation.

Attorneys from the two organizations have asked a federal judge to order the IRS to release said documentation, as the documentation should have been made readily available under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Daily Caller reports:

In a suit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, TheDCNF and CofA asked that federal tax agency officials be ordered to produce “records relating to the Clinton Foundation’s application for tax-exempt status, materials relating to and submitted in support of that application, and any updates to the application and supporting materials.”

The documents were in reference to the Clinton Foundation’s tax exemption status, and most importantly, with details as to why the Foundation was granted the special privilege.

The suit was filed after the agency refused to release the documentation in August of 2016, when the Freedom of Information Act was actually filed.

The IRS then closed the case without offering The Daily Caller News Foundation or the Cause of Action Institute a chance to amend their request.

The excuse given by the IRS was that the information was available through “routine agency procedures”, and because they feared the release of the documentation might violate section 6103 of the Federal Tax Code, which protects the privacy of private tax returns.

The request for information was refiled and amended, regardless of the IRS and their bureaucratic schemes.

The Daily Caller reports:

The DCNF appealed the IRS actions by arguing “that the FOIA precluded closure of the remainder of the request, that the IRS was required to search for responsive records before invoking any possible exemptions to disclosure, and that, in any event, the records in question were not protected from disclosure by Section 6103 of the Internal Revenue Code,” according to the suit.

The appeal also noted the IRS ignored its own protocol when denying the request, which typically gives the organization filing the suit a chance to clarify their request.

The second appeal was also denied by the IRS, as well as any other requests for information involving the Clinton family.

The Daily Caller reports:

Similarly, on Sept. 28, 2016, CofA submitted an IRS Form 4506-A on behalf of TheDCNF seeking copies of “all Clinton Foundation Form 1023s, determination letters, and updated determination letters.” Form 1023 is the application for tax exemption, while determination letters describe the IRS decision on the application. To date, however, the IRS has not responded to the CofA, nor has it produced any of the requested documents.

The Clinton family and Foundation seem to work well beyond their tax exemption status frequently, and the fact that the IRS is denying information involving the investigation into the matter leads one to think they are deliberately hindering the investigation all together.

The Daily Caller reports:

“When a news organization files an open records request, agencies have an obligation to act.  Our lawsuit compels the IRS to follow the law and search for any responsive records,” Valvo said.


Neil Patel, president of TheDCNF, said “the IRS is not exempt from the federal law that requires agency officials to search records for responsive documents and to give a requester a chance to modify a request for closing the case, yet the IRS acted as if they don’t have to comply with those requirements.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation clarified their requests in a statement, claiming they wanted nothing more than the government organizations to follow protocol and allow them to view the documentation.

What are your thoughts?  Is the IRS hindering the private investigation?

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