IRS To Target 20 Million In Effort To Push ObamaCare

Over 20 million Americans either paid the penalty or took an exemption from ObamaCare last year, so now the Internal Revenue Service plans to use taxpayer information to harass them about enrolling in the socialized medicine program.

According to a fact sheet provided by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS):

For the first time this fall, we will conduct outreach to individuals and families who paid the fee for being uninsured, or claimed an exemption from that fee, for 2015. Young adults are overrepresented among those who paid the fee, and healthier individuals of all ages presumably are as well. 

HHS has already used the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) as a guinea pig to send advertisement materials to Massachusetts taxpayers who reported on their tax returns that they were without health coverage.

The Massachusetts DOR sent a mailing to approximately 115,000 residents, letting them know about the coverage available and where to get free, in-person help to get enrolled.

HHS has now announced it will “partner with IRS to conduct outreach to families that paid the fee or claimed an exemption for 2015.”

In other words, 20 million taxpayers will receive a threatening letter from the Internal Revenue Service “suggesting” they enroll in ObamaCare.

Congress is concerned about IRS use of protected taxpayer information and is demanding more details about exactly how the IRS plans to “reach out directly to individuals.”  Congress also wants to know how the Department of Health and Human Services will be involved in encouraging compliance with the individual mandate.

Another question that might be asked is how did the federal government get into the marketing and advertising business?  Taxpayers don’t expect their private information to be used for sales pitches on government programs.

ObamaCare is falling apart.  Barely half of the number of people signed up for coverage as expected, and now the co-op program is in trouble.

Health insurers have said they need more healthy young people to enroll in the exchanges to stabilize the pools.  The HHS fact sheet recently released specifically mentions that outreach will be focused on young adults.

HHS shows evidence that young adults are almost twice as likely as older consumers to enroll because they received a targeted marketing piece through email.

This new outreach program will harass people into buying by hammering them about the increased fees for going without health insurance and enticing them with information about financial assistance.

An email series will be set up on a schedule for young adults based on their “deadline sensitivity” and their age — especially those who are over 26 years old and no longer on their parents’ plan.

Then, they will receive an unnerving letter from the Internal Revenue Service.

HHS is partnering with hospitals, campuses, gay/lesbian groups, and even the ride service Lyft, to harass young adults wherever they go.  The groups supporting these marketing efforts to get young people on board include Planned Parenthood, Urban League, Families USA, National 4-H Council, Boys and Girls Club of America, Campus Pride, Generation Progress, HOPE  National Youth Advisory Council, YMCA, Islamic Relief, and United Way.

The Department of Health and Human Services has been quite busy using our tax money to market its socialized healthcare scheme.

But if ObamaCare fails, the behemoth would fall, and Obama and Hillary certainly wouldn’t want that to happen.