Is Clinton’s Defeat The Final Nail In The Coffin For ObamaCare?

ObamaCare was the centerpiece of Barack Obama’s socialist transformation of America.

Democrats suffered tremendous losses in the 2010 and 2014 midterms, which handed Republicans control of both houses of Congress.

But the GOP needed to win the presidency, and Donald Trump just cemented the final victory that could put an end to ObamaCare.

During the campaign, Trump repeatedly pledged to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Many believed Trump’s strength on the issue helped push him over the top after it was revealed that ObamaCare premiums would increase on average by 22% in 2017.

The day after the election, Mitch McConnell pledged to move quickly on repealing ObamaCare.

Politico reports:

“It’s pretty high on our agenda as you know,” the Kentucky Republican said on Wednesday. “I would be shocked if we didn’t move forward and keep our commitment to the American people.”


McConnell would not explicitly commit to using budget reconciliation to repeal the healthcare law, though it’s the likely path for Republicans to repeal the law, as they have only a narrow Senate majority next year.

The GOP has long promised to repeal ObamaCare.

The party won landslide victories in the 2010 and 2014 midterms based almost solely on their opposition to Obama’s healthcare takeover.

And many conservatives believe the 2012 election was lost when the Establishment foisted Mitt Romney — the man who invented ObamaCare — on the party as their nominee.

Nominating Romney removed the debate about ObamaCare from the campaign, and Romney was left running a largely substance-free campaign that failed on Election Day.

The left senses danger.

And Democrats are preparing an all-out war to protect ObamaCare.

Politico also reports:

“We’ve got the battle of our lifetime ahead of us,” Ron Pollack, executive director of advocacy group Families USA, said the day after Donald Trump was elected on a pledge to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which is now the law that covers 22 million people. “We’re going to have a huge number of organizations from all across the country that will participate in this effort.”


But their options are limited. They have enough votes to block a total repeal of the law on Day One of a Trump administration. But they can’t block Republicans from passing targeted legislation in the coming months, and Trump — like Obama before him — can pick up a pen as early as Jan. 20 and use executive powers to block, change, or put on hold key elements of the massive six-year-old legislation.

But Republicans have the votes to overcome the Democrats’ opposition.

ObamaCare was passed using the parliamentary procedure called reconciliation.

That method only required 51 votes and avoided a Republican filibuster.

And last year, the GOP gave a preview of how they intend to repeal the law when they used reconciliation to send an ObamaCare repeal bill to Obama’s desk.

That bill was vetoed.

Now President Trump will very likely have the chance to correct and sign a repeal of ObamaCare into the law.

Do you agree that ObamaCare will be repealed?

Let us know in the comment section.

  • David Stewart

    Perhaps a retiree shouldn’t have an opinion on this matter, but I’ve always felt that a government’s duress in economic matters was just wrong. Social security, tho it works, is horribly expensive to administer, and that is when the politicians DON’T loot it.

    • Anvil6

      Unfortunately, “LOOTED” is the VERY DEFINITION of ‘social security’. The money ISN’T there, just like ‘what-used-to-be-your’ money that you gave to the bank ISN’T REALLY AT THE BANK (unless MAYBE you put in your safe-deposit box).

  • cathylovesyou

    Obamacare. The President won’t go away, within 4 months or sooner after Trump takes over he’ll be blasting the Republicans, Democrats in Congress will filler buster everything and Trump will have to stay strong against the Rhino’s.

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    I don’t think it will get repealed. Paul Ryan AND Mitch McConnell are both 2 faced RHINO’S

  • Christopher Vaughn

    Trump said one of first things he will do is get the Oblundercare repealed. McConnell said on TV he is onboard with that 🙂

  • Anvil6

    The Unaffordable Careless Act is imploding, just as it’s architects intended. Skyrocketing premiums, skyrocketing deductibles, insurance companies refusing to provide policies in some markets/states, more limited choice of care providers, etc.
    What IS left, for those who can afford it, is what USED to be called “major medical coverage” – the VERY plan Obama pilloried as “unacceptable” – but at a MUCH higher price and deductible.

  • JWPerlsen

    I think it will be repealed AND I think the new president will work very hard to put a better plan in its place. A plan that both Conservatives and Liberals will approve of.

  • arizonapatriot

    End the filibuster first, then proceed with everything else. That can be done, right?