Is Comey Afraid Of Something He Did To Trump?

Former FBI Director James Comey acted strangely in the hours preceding his testimony.

He allegedly asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to be left alone with President Trump, due to an “inappropriate interaction” he claimed the two had in the Oval Office.

And while Comey is also claiming that President Trump was trying to intimidate him into dropping the investigation into Mike Flynn’s case, Comey seems to have some other motive to hide due to his strange behavior.

It was later found out that the aforementioned interaction was simply President Trump claiming Mike Flynn was a “good guy”, wishing him the best, and nothing more.

The information was found in a memo written by Comey himself shortly after their meeting.

But such strange behavior begs the question: Why did Comey ask to not be left alone with the President if nothing had happened?

It seems Comey may be afraid of something he either accused the President of, or something else incriminating he might have said himself.

President Trump, however, has little to do with the investigation other than having outside contacts on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Furthermore, any interaction or interference by the President would be highly controversial and potentially even incriminating itself – and President Trump knows that.

The Daily Caller reports:

Sessions, according to the Times, did not guarantee that Trump would not attempt to contact Comey while alone again.


Comey is scheduled to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday. He will testify in an open session at 10 a.m. before doing the same in a closed session that afternoon. It will be the first time that Comey has publicly spoken since he was fired by Trump in May. Trump is dining at the White House Tuesday night with two senators who are on the Senate Intelligence Committee and will question Comey — Sens. Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton.

Once more, it seems another liberal is simply attempting to cause drama for President Trump, who has consistently acted in the best interest of the United States and has no reason to be a threat to a former employee he had to let go due to his incompetence.

Do you believe Comey’s strange behavior is caused by his fear of something he did to Trump?

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