Is Hillary Clinton Laying The Groundwork For Another White House Run?

Americans thought they had seen the last of Hillary Clinton.

Her stunning loss to Donald Trump was her second failed White House bid, and many believed it was time for her to exit the stage.

But Hillary’s actions to delegitimize Trump’s victory are leading some to believe she is laying the groundwork for a 2020 rematch with the President-elect.

Throughout the campaign, Hillary and her allies in the press claimed Trump was destroying democracy by refusing to say whether he would accept the results of the race or not.

But after Trump decisively won the Electoral College, liberals immediately pushed for recounts in the pivotal states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein took up the cause and has filed a recount petition in Wisconsin, and is planning to do so in Michigan and Pennsylvania as well.

The Clinton team announced they, too, were joining the recount effort in Wisconsin, as well as in Michigan and Pennsylvania, if those efforts moved forward.

There is little hope of reversing the combined 100,000 vote margin Trump won in all three states, and many are questioning why the Clintons are engaging in what appears to be a lost cause.

Some pundits believe it is to delegitimize Trump’s victory and set up a third Clinton Presidential campaign in 2020.

Would Clinton run again in 2020?

During the Obama Presidency, the Democrats suffered historic down ballot losses.

The 2010, 2014, and 2016 midterms saw the Democrat bench eviscerated by the voters who punished the party for supporting Obama’s disastrous agenda.

While Democrats will try to cultivate new national figures, Vice President Joe Biden appears done with national politics, leaving the Democrats with few known political quantities.

The only figure with stature left is Hillary Clinton.

She could spin her meaningless popular vote victory over Trump – combined with using the recounts – to sow doubts about the legitimacy of her loss as a springboard for another campaign.

Many believe Clinton’s two failed campaigns ended her political career.

But if the Democrats are desperate enough in 2020, they may turn once again to Hillary as their standard bearer.

However, it’s unlikely Clinton will be given a clear field like she was in 2016.

She showed real vulnerability to a challenger on her left, and candidates better known than Bernie Sanders was at the start of his campaign would likely enter the race.

Do you think Hillary Clinton wants to run for President again in 2020?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.

  • Howard A Milor Jr.

    That is exactly why she needs to be tried and convicted for all her wrong doing, besides the fact she is a lying no good nasty scum bag!

    • nicholsda

      And that’s an insult to all the lying no good nasty scum bags. She sets a new standard of low.

  • SL

    We will never be rid of Hillary. She will keep resurfacing like a dead body in water. Plus they’re grooming their spawn to follow in their corrupt foot steps. The Clintons will never go away.

    • Rani

      I really believe the Clintons are done. They’ve been washed away like garbage and the people of this country are through with them for good. They had their time long ago and it’s over for them this time. The DNC is also finished and I doubt if they’ll be around in four years. The party has been ruined by the swamp rats who’ve been in Washington too long and have done nothing but run our country into the ground. It’s over for the Democrats and they have themselves to thank.

  • marina knife

    Doubt she will even be able to stand up by 2020 – plus she has missed ‘the wave’ completely … no way for her to keep up with the surges in reality that are happening – she is finished as a ‘sure bet’ public person – except for making trouble and her psych will burn her up in inside her own sheer obsession; that she ‘should have been and should be POTUS’. She’ll crash & burn … no big money will trust her – far too many mistakes – even right down to concede -then back tracking with recounts and couldn’t even talk to her supporters election night – she broke the link with her supporters permanently – which is why no one turned up to her tiny conferences – they are *not* going to return to her disloyalty and new kids won’t be looking towards her.and the generation she relied on will have matured in 2-4 years.

  • Rich Olmsted

    Deceased by 2018, natural causes

  • FSHNT21

    The wicked Witch absolutely will run again in 2020.
    The deal she cut with the DNC in 2007 when she agreed to bow out to allow them to run Barry Boy in exchange for them giving her the White House when Barry Boy was done and the DNC did their damndest to give it to her. In her twisted mind, she’s going to hold them to their promise.
    All the more reason to bring in a Special Prosecutor, free of Congressional and White House control, to investigate her and the Minton Ponzi Foundation, prosecute those involved to the highest levels and sentence them accordingly.
    Without political manipulation, she, and quite a few others will still be in prison for the 2012 election…

  • arnapuck

    I honestly thought that we would not have to look at that pumpkin head any longer.
    Lets hope and pray that justice will be done to the Cliton’s!!!

  • ReaperHD

    How many times do you have to HUMILIATE this HOSER and her FAMILY before they go away. I would think that they will be wrapped up in LEGAL CHARGES of PEDOPHILIA with the LOLLITA EXPRESS and FRAUD with their fake CHARITY.

  • jim jones

    Ding dong, the witch is dead!

  • prandn sbg

    Hillary for PRISON 2016/2017.
    If TRUMP keeps what appeared to be his campaign promise,
    we won’t have to deal with her again.

  • Rani

    Where does Hillary intend to run in 2020 – from jail? What doesn’t she get that she is done.

  • Ektor

    I wouldn’t be shocked to see it happen. But if the Communists are crazy enough to have another woman as their candidate, then I expect Mama Obama to run in 2020. She would be just as popular as Witch Hillary and it would give Obama another chance to destroy America. The RINOs would have to move to Mars because liberals would be calling them both racist and woman haters.