ISIS Terrorist Cashed U.S. Welfare Checks

Adnan Fazeli arrived in Maine in 2009 with his wife and three kids.

Fazeli and his family remained there for four years, receiving generous benefits from the United States government to help them get by.

This might not seem like a big deal until you learn that he saved those welfare benefits so he could journey to Lebanon in 2013 to fight – and ultimately die – for the radical Islamic terrorist group, ISIS.

This is just another example of the United States government inadvertently funding terrorism by letting Muslims of unknown origins into the country.

Now Maine Governor, Paul LePage, is calling for a sweeping reform of welfare recipients after learning of Fazeli and his journey back to Lebanon.  Apparently Fazeli “self-radicalized” while he resided in Maine in 2009 with his wife and three kids.

The ludicrous story of Fazeli’s actions was revealed in federal court documents, which were unsealed in early August.

The documents reported that from 2009 to 2013, Fazeli cashed in his welfare checks, and the government only cut him off when he left the country to make his trek to Lebanon to train under ISIS.

Since having learned that a man lived off the generosity of his state and the federal government, Gov. LePage is setting out to reform not just the welfare system but our dangerously inept refugee vetting process.

LePage said:

“If people need to eat, I’ll feed them.  But I want to keep Americans safe.


President Obama has completely failed to properly vet immigrants and thus protect American citizens. While the federal government fails to do its job, the states are left suffering the tragic consequences.


This is very embarrassing to the state of Maine, and I point the finger at the president and say, ‘How did this happen?’ If the federal government doesn’t do their job we don’t know what we’re getting.


Asylum seekers come here and we have to put them up, but the federal government is in control.  Once they get here I can’t do anything about it.  Obama says it’s my problem.”

How embarrassing is it that our Commander-in-Chief actually diverted the blame to the governor when he was the one who pledged to take in more Muslim refugees at the United Nations?

LePage also commented that the president’s immigration policies are “an utter failure and continue to jeopardize the safety of millions of Americans.”

He also cited the Boston Marathon bombers, who too lived off of welfare benefits before the tragic event in 2013.  He suggested that it is time for the states to step in and force change.

LePage said,

“I’m having (the Maine Department of Health and Human Services) look at our welfare rolls closer.  All the other states should look at the eligibility, too.”

And according to the FBI task force assigned to Fazeli’s case, he self-radicalized over the internet while he was in Maine, converting from a Shia to a Sunni, growing out his beard and becoming very religious.

And where and what exactly was his family doing during this time?

Fazeli eventually died fighting with ISIS in 2015.

At what point will governors have control over who is allowed into their state?

And why should the federal government supersede the state and force refugees upon them – and then also refuse to take ownership if something devastating happens?

They choose to avert the blame and consequences to the state – and that is truly disturbing.

What do you think the states should do?