It Looks Like This Is The Beginning Of The End For Hillary

Recently, the FBI released several documents pertaining to the investigations of Hillary Clinton and her many scandals.

In this particular instance, the documents released were related to her use of a private email server while she served as Secretary of Defense.

Not only was the use of a private email server by such a high-level official completely unsanctioned, it was also a security matter of the utmost importance.

In the beginning of 2015, the FBI started their investigation into Clinton’s dealings on her private server.

By the summer of 2015, FBI Director James Comey decided to drop the case, due to “lack of evidence”.

Now, the FBI is making a stand against Clinton and her corrupt ways.

Between information released via the anti-secrecy organization, WikiLeaks, and documents made public by the FBI, the case against Clinton is stronger than ever.

This begs the question, is it finally enough to indict the woman and put her behind bars?

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a legal analyst for Fox News, seems to believe so.

He recently told Fox News he believes the information released most recently is the “smoking gun” in the Clinton case.

The Daily Caller reported:

“You’re absolutely correct,” Napolitano responded. “This is the smoking gun if ever there was one.”


“This ramps up the case for her prosecution to the point where, ironically, it may also ramp up the case for President Obama to issue her a pardon and to take this off of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions’ desks.”

With current President Barack Obama leaving office in a matter of days, now is the perfect time to press a case against Clinton and her acts of treason.

Judge Andrew Napolitano also brought up the question as to why the FBI director silenced the case in the first place.

The Daily Caller reported:

“The questions arise, why weren’t they released?” Dobbs first asked Napolitano. “Why did the FBI director have such a struggle — a hamlet act — that persisted over a number of months?”


“This evidence, makes it clear, his last judgment on the matter of prosecution was utterly in error, does it not?”

While he doesn’t directly answer his own question, speculations that Clinton manipulated the FBI have emerged in the media ever since Director Comey’s announcement was made public.

But one thing is certain – with Donald Trump as the new president, Clinton’s political manipulations will come to a standstill.

What are your thoughts?

Is it finally time to press a case against Clinton, one that will definitely put her behind bars?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



14 thoughts on “It Looks Like This Is The Beginning Of The End For Hillary

  1. dave3200 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    This should be considered by the incoming Dept of Justice. Now is a very bad time to fool with it.

  2. Sharon Jeanguenat

    It definitely should be pursued. But, not until Trump is sworn in, & Obama disappears from the public eye, & can’t pardon her!

  3. Jeff Witt

    She cost the CIA all of their oversea spies. They are either dead or in hiding. We have exposed most of our secret weapons. Hillary sold us out and they got back at her by outing her and making it look like the Russian did it. CIA see’s Hillary as a security risk and with good reason.

    Obama has just sold Uranium to Iran. He might as well given them the BomB!


    Have we heard enough about the Clinton crimes? Their crimes are only a small piece of the conspiracy to destroy America and by now we should see they will never be held accountable. It’s all a joke and one they will laugh about forever. They have gotten away with crimes for years so why would anyone think or hope they will not get away with the recent scandal?

    1. Cimmie Depriest

      He has done so much damage these last few weeks. Can’t wait. He’s still going to be a thorn in our sides wants to keep agitating. We’re never going to get rid of him or his transvestite (wife?)

  5. 1936benz

    If its up to Congress, Schrillery will NEVER be indicted – she and Billy-Bob have too much dirt on everyone inside the beltway – and elsewhere. They have built an entire career and livelihood around criminal enterprises and corruption, and have protected their actions with blackmail and shakedowns. When a new up-and-coming Senator comes to town, they immediately start collecting dirt on him/her. If there isn’t any to collect, they shovel some into the newbee’s life. It’s amazing how much mileage they can get from a $1,000-an-hour, Washington, D.C. hooker unleashed on the new, fresh-faced, naive politician during an innocuous-appearing “cocktail party”. And besides the honey-trap, there’s always drugs or some other vice (and everyone has one or two, and the longer they’ve been in Washington, the deeper the excrement they’re in). If they don’t have dirt on someone, then they have dirt on his/her boss and mentor, who very quickly gives them a trip to the woodshed should they stray from the house rules. This goes for Repubs as well as Dems, and for everyone in leadership positions in every department – it’s not simply out of incompetence (although there’s a lot of that, too) that the Republicans haven’t raised hell about the lack of an indictment, and any investigation is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, a dog-and-pony show for public consumption. All of this is also one reason EVERYONE up there is terrified of Donald Trump – and that is why the Republicans who have come out in support of him are at the state level, while the power-brokers in Washington are running scared, and are looking for any way out of this mess, even if means giving Satan incarnate – Schrillery – a “Get-Out-of-Jail-Free” pass.

    1. IWannablike...

      Absolutely my dream come true- to see Billary and Existential Willy, Co-Dons of the Clinton Crime Family behind bars to end their reign of terror. Both have been anathema to our political system for almost 40 years, and a black-eye to good Americans everywhere. The investigation of these cretins should be revisited concerning her Dept. of State service and corruption concerning the Global Initiative/Foundation pay to play activities. I’m also hoping that everyone who voted for Pres. Elect Trump will take the time to send letters/email to their representatives in DC to hold Congressional hearings looking into the Comey/Lynch/Clinton relationship. Even though the Clintons operate like well organized mob, all it took was turning one witness to bring down Gotti- the Teflon Don. They have deep pockets and will undoubtedly have the best sleazy Washington lawyers, but the US Treasury has deeper pockets. The lawyers will likely be the only winners, but it would be nice to know that we chipped away at their ill-gotten gains for a few million dollars. I would love to be in the courtroom when the judge sentences Slick Willy when the judge says, “Mr. Clinton, your sentence IS 25 years, you do understand what IS, IS now, don’t you?” Ahh, its nice to dream…I would probably settle for them to escape to a foreign country embassy, and be forced to live like Julian Assange.

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