“It’s a Baby!” What Planned Parenthood Does on New Video Will Turn Your Stomach

pp video

New hidden camera footage showing a member of Planned Parenthood staff discussing how the company plans to avoid the legal ramifications if the public were to learn of their practice of selling fetal body parts and tissue has been released.

In the video, the undercover team from the Center for Medical Progress sits down with a PP employee in medical scrubs as she advises how all the Planned Parenthoods across the nation need to coordinate with one another in order to “make sure we’re all saying the same thing.”

In other words, they have to get their stories straight in case the public finds out what they’re doing.

Toward the end of the video, the team moves into a laboratory with members of the Planned Parenthood medical staff to go through petri dishes filled with torn up pieces of fetuses.

They are searching for “usable material.”

At one point the doctor declares, “It’s a baby.” Then later, another exclaims, “It’s another boy!”

See the video in its entirety here (WARNING: Footage near the end is graphic)