It’s Time To Get Rid Of Megyn Kelly

Conservatives everywhere are furious with Megyn Kelly’s recent antics. The anchor is in a contract year for her show The Kelly File on Fox News. Fox News leaked that Kelly’s actively negotiating an annual salary just north of $20 million.

Fox News viewers are angry with Kelly over her recent heated debate involving Newt Gingrich on her show recently.

Kelly claimed during her debate:

“Donald Trump is a sexual predator.”

Gingrich quickly interrupted:

“He’s not a sexual predator!  You could not defend that statement!  I’m sick and tired of people like you!  Using language that’s inflammatory that’s not true.”

Kelly responded:

“Excuse me, Mr. Speaker, you don’t know that that’s not true or not.”

Gingrich correctly stated:

“When you used those words, you took a position.  I think that is exactly the bias people are upset by… you are fascinated with sex and you don’t care about public policy!  That’s what I get out of watching you tonight.”

Gingrich may have just spawned a petition amongst Fox News viewers and Trump supporters to prevent Megyn Kelly’s contract renewal by the conglomerate news giant.

After all, Gingrich is right, she is biased.  She’s been accused by peers of being anti-Trump.

Even Trump congratulated Newt in his retort to Kelly’s accusations by tweeting.

“By the way, congratulations Newt on last night.  That was amazing.”

And then he followed that tweet up with, “We don’t play games Newt?  We don’t play games.”

So how did we get to this point where Megyn Kelly’s viewers are abandoning Fox News’ most promising rising star?

You can find the earliest record going back to August 6, 2015, when during the Republican Party presidential debate, Kelly attacked Trump’s temperament, insinuating that a man with that “volatility” isn’t capable of being president.

Trump was displeased by her attacks and this began a very contentious relationship.

Kelly wouldn’t apologize for the comment, calling it “good journalism.”

Her reception post-debate was met with a petition of over 37,000 signatures to remove her from Fox News.

Following the pressure of losing her job, she decided to clear the air and sit down with Trump for a one-hour primetime special. This attempt was met with mixed reviews but overall, it seemed like it was water under the bridge.

Then she attacked Sean Hannity following the first presidential debate between Hillary and Trump.  While talking to Trump, viewers heard her criticize Hannity by saying he wasn’t a real journalist.

Hannity responded later that she was a Hillary supporter.

And isn’t she, though?  She must be.

Between attacking Trump on multiple levels and alienating his supporters with gross accusations, why is Fox News keeping her around?

It’s time to start a new petition and it needs to happen before they renegotiate Kelly’s contract.



17 thoughts on “It’s Time To Get Rid Of Megyn Kelly

    1. larry p

      I was a fan of MK and admired her ability to stand on even ground with anyone she interviewed. A very intelligent woman. A major player in news broadcasting. BUT she has shown another side lately. Almost like she wants to hand the presidency to Hillary. She does not appear to be fair and ballanced when it comes to DT. MK, please change or go to MSNBC where they will love you no matter how bias you may decide to become.

  1. SCOTT

    Her kind of journalism is the exact kind they spew over at CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, HLN, and of course, the big three main stream media outlets of NBC, CBS, and ABC whom also spew this kind of journalism. Megyn Kelly has proven to be a loser and giving her that kind of a payday will only bring FOX NEWS down, in ratings, respect, and in fair and balanced journalism. Megyn Kelly is not fair or balanced. Her fairness, or lack of it, is becoming more and more obvious every show she does. Her lack of balance is due to the ‘big head’ she now carries around. The sad part of this self destruction by Ms. Kelly is that I very much enjoyed her during her tenure on her two hour afternoon show, America Live with
    Megyn Kelly. So, needless to say, I was very much looking forward to her new primetime show following Bill O’Reilly. She started out very strong in my opinion and I watched faithfully each and every evening. Then things started to change. First it was her hairstyles, then her involvement in other Fox News events or,
    interviews that required her to provide a slew of guest hosts, by other Fox News anchors and reporters, to host her own show. Then Vanity Fair magazine did a piece on her and placed her on the cover. O’Reilly is considering retirement soon and Ms. Kelly has been declared the queen of Fox and the outlandish pay raise, to north of $20 million. This is why we have the ‘BIG HEADED’ Megyn Kelly, who quite honestly has outgrown The Fox News Channel. Give her a renegotiated long term contract, with a pay raise to $20+ million, and no one at Fox will be able to control her. The problem with this is that Fox News has so much talent that would jump at an opportunity to host their own primetime show at half the amount Ms. Kelly is demanding. My point to all this is, Fox News needs to let her go and replace her with one of their other quality anchors or, reporters, who will report news and interview guests, with respect and in a fair and balanced, journalistic approach. Good riddance Megyn Kelly and I hope you’ll be able to get your ‘BIG Head’ through the Fox News Channel’s exit door.

  2. Kathy H

    I was disappointed when she took Hannity’s time slot. I never could get into her as I always thought she was very arrogant and snooty. Time to let her go Fox – I turn the television to another station when she’s on!

  3. Bill Cash

    Kelly is another Hillary Clinton without the clout. She turned her back on those who were mistreated by Roger Ailes(the former CEO of FOX) and she will do anything, ANYTHING, to get her way. This is one woman who can definitely be placed in the “bitch” column. Is she worth 20 million to FOX??? Not from this side of the T V.

  4. notrig

    It seems to me that when Megyn had her long hair removed and she went to this “butch” haircut is when she changed. I told my wife at the time that I did not like her new doo. Soon after is when she asked Trump that famous first question at the debate. I know it sounds crazy but she went from one of my favorite people on Fox to my least favorite. We do not watch her anymore. She has really changed. I hope she leaves the station and someone new takes her time slot. This has been sad to watch. I wish her well…..but NOT at Fox.

  5. Frank Iovine

    Fox should fire her. She started the anti Female Trump movement at the first debate. She has always been self absorbed trying to increase her ratings my making herself the story rather then reporting the news of the day. I refuse to watch her. We watch the Fox News station & Fox Business News all day but will not watch her spout her bias. Stewart Varner & Shawn are the best!

  6. John_Eidsmoe

    Megyn Kelly represents modern journalism at its worst. Her focus is more on herself than on the guest; her goal is to make news rather than report news; she argues rather than interviews; she interrupts rather than listens; she states as fact what is at best only her opinion; she still believes the liberal nonsense she was taught in law school.
    Fox has a host of better talent: Monica Crowley and Dana Perrino, for example. Or bring back Greta Van Susteren!

  7. john b

    I really liked her up until recently, something changed her, it’s the power trip that destroys so many people. she don’t care, CNN will gladly give her what ever she wants. As for myself it doesn’t matter, if the devil Hillary wins I won’t be watching any of them. Actually now that I think about it, if Lucifer wins they’ll be shutting FOX down, along with most of the conservative radio programs. There won’t be another conservative shot for 60 years, mark my words, they’ll stack these swing states with illegals then give them the right to vote. Go for it Kelly, no one is listening.

  8. larry p

    What Megan Kelly did was irresponsible. To take an offence and turn it into what she did was done at a time in our nation when Hillary had every news media lying for her and ignoring her dishonesty. Megan,really? I have always admired your ability to stand on even ground with whoever you interviewed. Also how you are always so well prepared. It shows that you are one of the best. BUT to do what you did, when you did it, was irresponsible, and negligent. You must be able to work honestly, beyond your ‘feelings” and not be a puppet to help sway voters against a presidential candidate. I loved watching you, but when your show comes on, I turn it off. Please leave Fox. The far left has enough help. They are killing babies by the thousands a week, and some well into the 7th and 8th month. You need to realize your responsibility and be able to work past your feelings. Very disappointed that fox has not sent you to MSMBC, where you can vent your ‘feelings”. Fox, please save your 20 million. She is loosing viewers daily. She should apologize, and admit her wrong.

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