Ivanka Harasser Reaps What He Sows

Once Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton on November 8th, the shock from the Hillary supporters boiled into an animosity against not only President-elect Trump, but his family as well.

Sour leftists took to Amazon to leave crass and disturbing comments and reviews on Ivanka Trump’s clothing line which is listed on the site.

Now the tables have turned – but at least this time – the victim reaps what he sows.

Two JetBlue passengers were booted from a flight before Christmas for harassing Ivanka, her husband, and her three young children.

Ivanka and her family were preparing to fly from New York City to San Francisco when they were berated by two men who screamed at them, “Your father is ruining the country!”

The men were removed from the flight and placed on a different one.

JetBlue cited their reasoning for the removal of the men as “causing conflict on the aircraft” and that there could have been a “risk of escalation during flight”, instead of calling it what it was, straight up harassment.

In fact, “risk of escalation during flight” seems to imply no blame on either party.

Well it turns out that the two men are gay and married with a young child.

One husband shared the tiff on Twitter and even posted a picture of the Trumps.

Well it also turns out that one of them is professor Matthew Lasner of Hunter College who has a book on Amazon called “High Life: Condo Living in the Suburban Century” published by Yale University Press in 2012.

In all seriousness, that sounds like the worst idea for a book ever.

But you probably have a good idea by now of what happened next.

Trump supporters took to the comments and reviews like champs and littered the reviews with one stars and hilarious snarks.

Steven Waugh gave 1/5 stars and wrote:

“Not a very good read at all.  The author should spend more time researching, then harassing women and their children on an airplane.


The book should include a chapter on how to deal with bullies, and how to accept beliefs that are different than their own.


Overall not worth the paper that it is printed on, they should take a lesson from the author of “The Art of the Deal” if they would like to write good literary work.”

Dana Kirk also gave 1/5 stars and hilariously wrote:

“Inaccurate, out of date, anti suburban diatribe geared for a socialist country.”

Michael Schneck wrote:

“Not worth the time to open and start the read.  Go get a can of soup and read the label, better read.”

Leonard left a review that read:

“Read it, then yelled at it to get off the plane!”

Randy Kasal wrote:

“Suckiest book ever.  Thought I would get the good life. Instead, felt like horrible jet lag after needlessly yelling at my fellow Americans.  The book lacked substance. There should be half a star rating.”

The lesson here – don’t mess with the Trumps.

  • Countrysunrise

    I have no idea how old their child is, but they should put the shoe on the other foot. How would they feel if out of nowhere, someone started to berate them, or someone in their family, and they weren’t expecting it?? Especially on an airplane, or some other enclosed space, such as an elevator that was going express, and you had no way of getting off?? It would be not only a bit embarrassing, but pretty uncomfortable, because you wouldn’t want to cause a scene, unless you were some type of animal, or enjoyed fights!! I hope the airline flags your name somehow, so that maybe you won’t be able to fly their airline so easily next time. You really should know better – especially a man (woman?) with a degree. That’s really low, and even if it was Hillary sitting there, I would tell you to just not look at her, and sit down, grab a book, and enjoy the flight!! She paid for her ticket, just like you did!!

  • texexpatriate

    “[Gay] and married with a child.” In fact, two men cannot be genuinely married. They can go through a ceremony and then say they are married, but the word married when used about homosexuals in stories should be enclosed in quotation marks, indicating the misuse of the word. That somehow this pair got hold of a child to raise is a great shame.